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Investikudos Weekly Update: Oct 26-Nov 1st 2009

Eclipse finished filming this week. One of the final scenes was the one where Bella tries to seduce Edward in his bedroom.

While OK magazine still claims Rob and Kristen broke up, Lainey Gossip actually debunked those rumors by breaking down a few things:

Read it here

Rob and Kristen supposedly keep close on planeride to L.A.

Kristen and Rob went back to L.A. on the 29th after which they spend the night together at the Chateau Marmont.

Grain of salt, but..

Days after Vanity Fair released an interview with Robert Pattinson in which he declared he was just "friends" with Kristen Stewart, the two spent the night together at Hollywood's famed Chateau Marmont on Oct. 29, has learned.

The next morning, a source tells Us they shared breakfast together from Noah's Bagels (a plain bagel with walnut cream cheese for him; a blueberry with butter for her). Around 8:30 a.m., they were taken directly to Hollywood's Deluxe Laboratories for a screening of New Moon.

"Rob wanted a cigarette so he went outside with Kristen for about 15 minutes," the source tells Us. "They were hugging, as Rob was smoking his cigarette and then he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He had his arm around her almost the whole time."

What did they think of New Moon (out Nov. 20)?

They gave it two thumbs up.

"They were really happy with the way it turned out and gave great feedback," the source tells Us.


More about the New Moon screening:

Rob enjoyed the sun in a courtyard. Kristen is standing next to him:

To compare the legs

More info:

Later that night Kristen jetted off to Sao Paolo, where she and Taylor will be attending a press conference and do some promotional interviews and photoshoots for New Moon.



Kristen arrived in Sao Paolo in an ocean of madness on Saturday October 31 but was gracious enough to take some photos with fans at her hotel.

Fan report, per Twitter:
this is the report from @gabiscalabrini via @foforks!!

I asked if she was enjoying in Brazil, and she replied "we just got here. Kristen's eyes are wonderful, but she is smaller than I imagined.

I said I was a fan of her and she extended her hand to me, but I gave a hug

When they raised, I and another girl started to call them to take a picture. Kristen turned and waved to us, calling us to
go over there. Then we went and talked to her. She was super friendly.

other people who seemed to be from the production, drinking coconut water.

More info:

Video of Kristen with fans:

Kristen and Taylor had dinner with lots of security last night.

Kristen is wearing 3 watches, supposedly because:
US time
Brazil Time
Japan time

Time difference between Sao Paolo - Tokyo = 11 hours.
Time difference between California - Tokyo = 16 hours.

For Mexico:
Time difference between Mexico city and Tokyo = 15 hours.

Rob left for Tokyo on the 31st as well, only to arrive there on the 1st (local time)


He's still wearing Kristen's Yankees cap. And her back-pack from when he 'stole' it after the Comicon weekend in July.

Arrival in Tokyo:

Rob and Chris Weitz will be attending promotional activities on November 3rd.

Other tidbits this week:

On Friday October 30, MTV had a Halloween special. Ulalume: Howling at New Moon, where they had the cast talk about their characters and the film, plus showed a new New Moon clip.

Ulalume promo:

New New Moon clip and more Ulalume clips:

Details on an Interview Rob did with OK Mexico in a New Moon Special.

Further more, the biggest treat of the week has to be a new Vanity fair shoot with Rob.

The cover is divine, as is the spread itself. (Kudos for cover go to

All photos together:

More pictures

More outtakes:

Rob also did an interview with Vanity Fair and Entertainment show Extra is claiming that Mr. Ransom actually cleared a few things up about his relationship with Kristen.

Click here for the interview and outtakes.

We think Rob basically laughs of the crappy rumours, but not necessailry the romance between him and Kristen. Kristen's quote in the interview was old. As fo the rest, we weren't expecting this big lovely announcement, but kind of disappointed VF lay the emphasis and Rob's quirkiness when in reality he's actually quite genuine and simply doesn't fot the standard Hollywood mold.

We're aware its context could be interpreted in many ways and this is our take.

More about Rob and Kristen's promotional work for New Moon as they happen. Check back for that! To check their schedule:
Rob and Kristen's New Moon Promotional Schedule

Note: We don't own the VF pictures, though we did compile them. Credit's where credit is due


  1. thanks bronze for the update. The AT board is acting up together with the uproar that the VF article thinks VF has been worried about the HB photo shoot and felt like a controversial article would sell more magazines...its a shame---but i believe the tv promos and the HB one would be better


  2. HB shoot = robsten. These photos are beautiful from VF I mean. But the interview is a mesh of copy paste with old CH/Kristen quotes.