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Investikudos Weekly Update: Nov 16-22 09

It's been an extremely busy week for Rob and Kristen. Heck, for all of us.

On Monday, New Moon officially premiered in Los Angeles. We made our personal thoughts on how that went down very clear, but we now understand external factors like time management (Kristen and Taylor had interviews before the premiere and were running late) and security might have been the issue with Rob and Kristen not posing together on the red carpet. Kristen also visited Conan O'Brien, before dazzling us on the red carpet.

The rest of the week was filled with TV appearances and such. Kristen and Taylor went to Knoxville on Tuesday, for a special charity screening of New Moon. On Wednesday Kristen appeared on the Today Show, Regis and Kelly and Jimmy Fallon, while Rob visited David Letterman.

All about those appearances here.

Thurday, it was Rob's turn to have a chat at the Today Show and Regis and Kelly.
Thursday night Rob and Kristen joined their cast mates at an New York screening of New Moon. Read all about it here.

Afterwards which they headed off to spend some time together away from their cast mates.

Friday was another day of TV-appearances. Rob visited the Ellen show while he also joined Kristen and Taylor on Jimmy Kimmel. Both were pre-recorded.

The weekend has been quiet so far, with reports of Rob and Kristen out to have dinner with friends and the possibility they'll both appear on the American Music Awards tonight, for which Twilight is nominated in the best Soundtrack category.

One thing we know for sure; New Moon is a huge hit, with a opening weekend gross of 142.8 million, by the looks of it. Read our personal review here.

The upcoming weeks look to be quiet, something we gladly embrace. Rob and Kristen have done their part in making New Moon a great success and now they deserve some quiet time together.

We congratulate Rob, Kristen, Taylor, Chris and the entire cast with the huge success of New Moon!

Finally, we'll finish up this weekly round with some new outtakes of Rob's Vanity fair spread.

We also recommend you to check out the compilation of interviews from the past few weeks.

Note: We own this blog. That's about all ;)


  1. I think we will not see them in the next weeks... (or months):/ Makes me a little bit sad, but also happy, because it means they will spend time together without paps following them around.
    Bronze, what do you think they will do, where do you think they going to rest?
    Allways love to read your opinion :)

  2. Some say they are still in NY @ the moment. Others say they could be back in L.A, which efficiency wise means they are definitely flying under the radar. Nonetheless, I am sure they'll spend T'giving with the families in L. A. and then make plans to head to London for a bit. I can't imagine Rob wanting to stay in L.A. all of his spare time and I am sure Kristen will gladly accompany him to London - say around Christmas indefinitely
    Also, if what Rob said @ the Ellen show - that he wants a house in L.A. - he might want to visit a realtor as well ;)

    Anyway, given the serious nature of their r'ship (and serious it is - no doubt ) they'll be spending quite some time together

  3. Thanks :)

    Saw some pics of Rob last night, in NY at celebrity gossip... Kristen, and who ever was having dinner with him, must have escaped trough another exit..
    Well let´s wait and see wath happens...

  4. Hey Bronze, check out this video! One more proof :D
    Here´s the link:

  5. Bronze,hi!What are you thinking of these two?Is Kristen gonna spend Christmas at London or no?I'm not sure about it.

  6. Thanksgiving in L.A. Christmas in London = my idea

  7. Hi Bronze
    Love your site! I have read it all from beginning to end and thought I'd drop in, say hi and share some thoughts.
    I came late to the twilight thing...only read the books a few months ago as I wondered why it was SO big. Then, wondering if I would want to see the movie (I liked the books but also like to keep my own pictures in my head, not corrupt them with Hollywood's version) I watched some clips on youtube....I was captivated by R and K - assuming they were together. Then discovered I was wrong, completely, apparently...I actually couldn't believe I could have been so wrong, and so then I was hooked on the mystery that is?was? (cause there is NO mystery anymore!) robsten.
    So, having absorbed it all, this is what I think might have happened...
    I think they were instantly attracted to each other - we all agree on that. I think she was with Michael, but I also think he was her first boyfriend, that it hadn't been serious for as long as their dating history might have implied and that it wasn't intense, but comfortable.
    I think the attraction between R and K is probably what started off the fighting with M during twilight filming. I think R was supportive of K during that time, and quite open about his infatuation with K to her, but also respectful. Ted says there was alot of 'angst' and 'holding each other' but that there was restraint - we know that we both want each other but we can't cross that line. I think this is what makes the movie SO mesmorising...because it wasn't all acting, alot of the feeling, the hunger/want/need was real and so far unrealised. So when they touched/kissed in a scene it was their only chance to actually do what they were wanting... (remember this is all just MHO). I think CH trells the truth when she says nothing happened during filming..I don't think she is just trying to cover her own butt ( I do think she is trying to self promote on their backs!). So, what happened after the fliming of twilight wrapped up?

  8. I can only go on what I see...
    In May, at MTV, they seem very comfortable and honest. The marriage stuff on the red is stressed (although we can't see M's reactions!) I think it hasn't gone any further yet here...then, photoshoot June, but we can't tell anything from that. Then, comic-con, July. OMG.
    The flirting is SO intense.
    I think (here we go!)-the time apart has made K realise this is what she wants. So she lets him know. She already knows he wants her, he has always made that clear. He is very, very pleased. I love the 'when you love someone' fanclip where at the 30 second mark he has to remind himself to breathe! (You can see him thinking...She wants ME, she wants ME!!...well, I can see him thinking that!).
    But for me, here is the proof that nothing has happened yet..
    When they stand up to walk off from the panel there is a photocall at the end of the stage. They have to pose together. Now, all that intense flirting is one thing, now straight of the back of it they have to touch each other.
    K is shy, she holds her arms across her body. R approaches her, and in a pantomime type movement, which says, ok –we both know this is gonna be weird – does a little spin and holds his arm out wide so she knows it is coming. I find this VERY telling. There is nothing comfortable about it.
    I haven’t seen video of what follows, but the photo is everywhere (and it must have been taken immediately after this) of all the cast together, 6 of them, with R and K in the middle, with a foot wide gap between them, but everyone else on either side standing in close and hugging. K, arms crossed…very uncomfortable and also very telling.

  9. So – after comic-con? Who can say? This is where we are in the dark…I can’t tell anything from the MTV stuff in early September. But then we have the mid-Sept VF shoot.
    I won’t rehash it all but my opinion is that either just before or just after this is when their relationship became physical (VERY VERY physical!). I would probably lean more towards before though, because I can’t see anyone kissing someone else just above their breast like he did, in public (although, probably they thought they had gotten away with it without being caught) if they hadn’t already been intimate together. Also, When K is behind R and they are crouched down, she has her hand inside the sleeve of his shirt...I do this to my husband, but never ever anyone else, this is more intimate than hand holding..although the hand stroking was also pretty hot!
    So, what about Michael? Where is he is September? Where was he all summer? Does anyone know?I do think this: (sorry!) it was cheating – technically things weren’t broken off for good with M. And this is why:

  10. Rome. October.
    It is hard to watch a lot of the crappy, and very long video from Rome. But, I think, it might have happened something like this:
    They are in Europe and M is there too. R and K have been together back in LA, M hasn’t been around at the time, but now he is. R is in love, he is jealous, he doesn’t want K anywhere near M. And I suspect they get very little time alone on this trip to talk at all. So by Rome he is breaking under the strain. He gives her an ultimatum – its him or me, decide. They are both upset (understatement!). We get to see them at the press conference (K in grey dress). We can see something is going on. They are both in their own little world’s, but not together-no bubble here. He is trying to ignore her. She touches him, he refuses to acknowledge it. They are trying to talk to each other through the answers to the press’ questions. It feels bad, even just watching, hearts are breaking (I know I sound melodramatic!). The red carpet follows. I think everyone’s version of the break-up with M in the car in right. When R arrives and tries to pull her in next to him for a photo she hestitates at first, because she is peaking, and also angry with him for forcing the break up on her at this moment. I think R says he loves her, not knowing she has made that move, because that is his first chance to speak to her and he is feeling so bad. Then she tells him what has gone down. The look (looks – because there are about 7 different emotions there!) on his face…

  11. Well – it says a lot.
    They separate for autographs etc. We see him nearly crying there on the carpet (he admits to this later). The photocall, He can’t wait for her to get to him, does a little dance, gives her a big smile, holds her close. They go straight in for the Q and A. I suspect they get a few seconds to share a few words and I suspect she is cranky, with him. She stomps onto stage, throws herself into the chair, doesn’t acknowledge the audience, speaks briefly to CH ( I think she says she can’t do this). Rob comes out. The MC is ‘poking’ K, “have you lost your mic? You haven’t said hello to everyone yet”. The MC starts asking K questions. CH tries to help her out by taking the spotlight, answering the questions for her ( I really like CH in this moment!). The MC isn’t having it – asks her if she is shy – she bites his head off “No I’m not shy” FU! I love it!
    Then Rob says he is like Edward because he thinks when you are with someone you should just be with that one person and that’s it ( I actually stop breathing at this point) THEN he says “And I feel guilty about it” (Now I exhale in one big gust! He just said WHAT?)
    “WHAT” you can hear K say (but you can’t see her)
    “Nothing” he mumbles…the Italians, confused, plough onwards with the next question…

  12. K has her head down. Hiding behind her microphone, the tension, the stress, the heartbreak is palpable. Very soon afterwards, she answers a question (how does it feel to be an actor?) with a vague, but very meaningful (I think she is speaking directly to R about how she feels about being with him): ”It feels like breathing, and sometimes it really hurts…” she can’t continue to speak, she is close to tears…
    I think this is them forgiving each other, slowly but surely, and very publically. I really feel for them so much in this moment, and yet, absurdly, am grateful (I think this makes me a sad/bad person probably) – but how else could we appreciate the depth of the emotion, the intensity?

    After this? I don’t know – the bookstore ‘glance’? I think it says ‘can you forgive me’ on both of their parts….

    I would really like to know from here what the story is with M…because to me it seems like R and K are completely together from here onwards. All those interviews in November, her possessive arm on his chair (screams HE”S MINE!), the furtive glances (they can’t help it!), the caressing arms in photocalls, the fumbling discussions of the ‘marriage proposals’, never dealt with as comfortably as they were back in May, now that they are meaningful.
    So, why did M go to Europe in December? And, why did it not cause any tension between R and K, like it had in October? Let you Summit conspiracy theories run wild now…

  13. It gets really confusing between here and April 2009.
    I didn’t really but into all the summit conspiracy stuff at first, but now I do, completely.
    It was really so obvious what happened in Rome – and everyone at Summit would have been watching closely – this was one of the first big outings for the movie, after comic-con {which also would have been closely monitored by Summit, and, equally as obvious- they were probably warned off each other then, in July, which may explain the gap between that and getting together in September (idle speculation)}.
    So I would say Summit came down HARD after Rome – for lots of reasons, firstly, R and K completely stuffed up the promotional opportunities in many ways: none of the sparkling banter, not even answering the questions with quotable quotes (with regards to the movie anyway!), establishing K as ‘sulky and rude’. Mostly though, allowing the personal stuff to all hang out. Think about it – this is a HUGE franchise, and R is the MAIN EVENT, the money spinner….do they want him painted as a)homewrecker, and b) (as noone, not even Summit, is privy to the timing of important developments in their relationship)indulging in a physical relationship with a minor? Also, there are the contractual obligations – NO relationships. And, they really need him to appear available for all those panting teen girls. So Rome was a big deal and Summit were all over it, I’m guessing, from October onwards, which is why M went to Europe. As to how everyone felt about it, or why everyone went along with it I really don’t know – I think you would have to actually really know R. K and M to understand. And the stuff with NK? I have NO idea – except she was clearly in Summit’s pocket in a big way, and played Lainey like a violin!

  14. I never meant to write this much! - but I am having fun, so I'll keep going...

  15. R went home for Christmas, stayed in London all January (did I read he bought a flat in Soho? But then sat in it, lonely? – I think I did). Some say Kristen went to London secretly in January. But, I also think I’ve read that M, K and ?NR went to Africa, and also about some scary incident on a boat (involving NR’s pee?-shudder!)? Was this January? I don’t know…maybe someone can help out with this stuff….just going on what I see body language-wise between R and K in December I find it hard to believe K went away in Jan on holidays with M (maybe I just prefer to believe the London version?). Maybe they were trying to play nice for Summit? Anyway…

    I have read on Ted’s site from someone in the know apparently that by Feb (oscar time) K had reconciled to the fact that it was all about R for her and noone else. That seems pretty clear in Japan. Something had changed, there is an increased level of comfort between R and K – but still the bubble! Gotta love the bubble! I know what it is – it’s confidence. Confidence in their relationship and each other…maybe they told Summit where to stick it?

    Maybe this is why instead of trying to control them Summit started to play with those around them, M and NK, maybe that explains NK, a victim of Summit too – not the villain we all like to believe she is ( not sure if I believe that actually – again, very idle speculation). I just CAN”T understand why M went along with it – glutton for punishment?cash?still desperately in love with K and hoping to pick up the pieces when the first opportunity arose? Whatever, March and April were just strange. But, I think, not for R and K – I think they were in their very, very beautiful, and, now, enhanced bubble. Because I think I have decided (and in a BIG aboutface, trust me) that I am buying into the E/M speculation. Not in a silly, girly, wouldn’t that be lovely way, but in a seriously considered way.

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  17. so - more to come later - but I have to take the kids to school...

  18. so, more to come, but right now I have to take the kids to school (sorry if this pops up twice - it's not really working well - this posting) maybe I have posted too much?

  19. No, blogger is difficult sometimes. Thanks for sharing all that though! :)

  20. Hey Amanda :) Really enjoyed reading your toughts.
    Glad to know I'm not the only mother in the world, ( just a little ) obssessed with the beautifull story of R/K ; I really love them.
    I also think that nothing happened during Twilight filming and that all started to get serious in Rome, and also am a bit confused by what happened between December 2008 and Tokyo( there they were for sure togheter). The marriage part is also possible: they are old souls, and soulmates I think, and the age does´t mean anything, because they are very mature for their years, and I think they know they are IT for eachother, so makes sense,(to me) they would do it.

  21. Hi everyone ; here´s a link to a very interesting thing I came across today :P

  22. Totally agree ;) Their relashionship is not new for sure! They´ve been together somewhere between October/08 and February/09.
    Maybe they were nervous because it was the first public aparition since the big summer separation, and maybe they had not been together in a while, and their feelings were at the surfice... ( sorry for mistakes, English is not my first language ):o

  23. January 09: Kristen was at the Adventureland showing of Sundance (with that hot red/black striped dress) and supposedly MA was there but he did not walk the red carpet with her. She was also @ the inauguration of Pres. Obama. Both events were late January. Then there are rumours she briefly visited a certain hunky Brit early January in London, but no proof was ever given. Some girl whose the GF of one of Rob's mates says she saw Kristen there and some shopkeeper apparently said the same. Ahain, no proof, just hearsay, but many people see this as very possible.

    That's why Aunt Nutley as we call her (Rob's aunt who always talks to English rag-mags) i wrong when she claims K met Pattz parents in Paris a few weeks ago. She didn't. She also met them @ R's birthday in May and before that. Perhaps in January too, but def. during the Twi-premieres last year.

    Thanks for sharing your POV's ladies, appreciate it :)

  24. Uhm..clarify? :) All I know is Kristen on a boat years ago for a family holiday 9where she's wearing a weed-leaf bikini...:P

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  26. Hi :)
    Here´s the link for the interview with Nikki Reed where she mentions the trip to africa but no dates... :(
    Also found this
    And this
    Sorry it is not much of a help..

  27. Ah, the Africa story (sorry, I try to ignore everything involving Ikki leech :P)

    The boat thing with the bikini is Costa Rica indeed and it was a family vacation. No Leech there

    The Botswana vacation probably occured in Dec 08, if it happened. I remember reading that Taylor got the news of being recast as Jacob and that Leech said somewhere she and K found out when in Botswana. Now, the official news of the recast (or cast again) came early Jan 09 but the cast would've known way before the official news came out. and Kristen spend NY-eve with Joan Jett in New York. Twi-promotion was done early December, so Africa - again if happened - occured between early Dec and Christmas. Not alot known about it though, it's still a bit of a mystery, that African holiday. My theory is, that if it happened it was there K realized she missed R (miles and miles away) and broke things off w/ MA. After that she spend Christmas with her family and NY-eve with JJ. Perhaps an Early Jan 09 flight to London, some time in between the reunion in LA for the Oscars (K didn't attend, but I doubt she and R didn't see each other the moment he was back in L.A.) for them to think about some stuff and then all flirty in Tokyo.

    "officiall├┐" - as in known to their surrounings" they've been together since NM filming in April. Personally, I think they'll be celebrating a one year anniversary in Jan-Feb. I know "phony pony" with MA in April and handholding w/ him in March makes it seem R and K weren't together, but I think it was for show. I think people would be surprised to realize how much R/K have been sacrificing and dealing with since this all started.

  28. I know. That's why the whole Africa story is still fuzzy. There's a quote on K's IMDB that refers to Botswana but no date, so it could have been before Twilight.

    As for their togetherness. MA could've been a bward, maybe not in the professional sense, but hanging around as a friend a little while longer, who knows. We know Summit had something to do with it, we also know they are very committed now, so may have been together longer than believed.

  29. If Rob is a (closeted) famewhore, he is hiding it well. He's so anti Hollywood it's almost impossible.

    Kristen and MA had a fight in Italy. If you watch the red carpet video it is obvious. No idea if they broke up, but they definitely had a fight.

    I think the basics are quite easily explained: Rob was crushing hard on K and K was crushing back and let herself get carried away witrh the flirting, especially at times when MA seemed to be MIA.

    Now before people start calling K a "ho" for liking R whilst being with MA: imagine meeting someone who totally knocks you down, making you feel these unfamiliar, brand new things. It's scary as hell to anticipate and act on that, especially with that guy and your current BF in close proximity.

    R/K becae instant friends, covering up the underlying feelings, IMO. Maybe MA allowed that because Kristen allowed the friendship between her and R to blossom. MA prob. didn't like it one bit and they may have had more than one fight about it.

    Its tough but very normal when you fall in love with someone else.

    The details of it all are fuzzy and mostly speculation, so we keep guessing and theorizing trying to make sense of it.

    In the end, the time span is quite short. They met two years ago and the visual peak (what we got to see) of their "chemistry" before they got together was a year ago.

    Timelines and theories switch and change. In the end the generics are probably quite simple: boy meets girl and falls for her. Girl has BF but likes boy. Boy and girl become friends, but there's always that underlying feeling of wanting more. Many obstacles in the way, personal ones, professional ones, until every hurdle is taken and they get together.

    Everyone has their motivations and ways of dealing. MA did, R/K did. maybe they aren't all innocent and cleancut and it's likely people got hurt badly. But in the end if you dont have to fight for something, it's usually not worth it.

    This is not a showmance. If it was, they'd be parading around.

  30. There's a photo at Robsessed(sorry,but i don't know how to copy the pic here that's why i referred that blog),in which Nikki almost touches Rob's crotch and she's all over him it's disguisting.I would never do that to a guy unless we were really,really really close.I guess the rumors about them hooking up last year were unfortunately true.But how Kristen got with him afterwards?She supposed being best friends with Nikki.Bronze,would you mind take a look and tell me what your opinion?I lose respect here for Rob.I thought he had better taste in girls.But if i remember he also had taken her at dinners with his friends and his family.Do you think it was more than a hook up?That's why they don't even speak to each other now?

  31. Thanks,Bronze!I hoped he never hooked up with that terrible girl.She makes me wanna puke.

  32. Amanda,i was not trying to attack your opinion with what i posted earlier.I was just wondering about things.As i mentioned,K has said many times that people overanalyze things and pics taken at a very specific moment.

    There's a video on you tube from the press conference in Munich.Some people commented at some point,that when a journalist asked them what was their favourite food,the minute Chris Weitz was talking Rob turned to Kristen and it seems to say to here "you".They think he said to here somehow that she's his favourite food.And i men"come on".Are we serious?Knowing that his words were going to be scrutinized and fans are watching every move and word,would he say such a thing in front of all these people and cameras?Of course later he said that the good about being Edward is that you can hung out with girls like Kristen.Sometimes i feel that Rob just can't hide.He's like a little child.He's trying to make her notice him(look at the Madrid video where he puts his chin on her shoulder.I was like whoa men,the boy just can't win.Kristen is more reserved and i understand that.But it's so sad for two so young people in love not to live their romance as they want.I know that if i couldn't grab my bg's hand when i wanted i would have gone mad.

  33. Kristen's more professional. Not more reserved. She actually initiates alot of the contact as well. R is just way more obvious ;)

    And maybe we're too much reading into things, but that's what we do. I know it's a bit nuts, but these two people - without wanting to damage their privacy - leave us with alot of professional moments where they look like they are in the infamous Bubble. We are all fascinated and yes, it's a little crazy but as long as we don't do them any harm, I don't think we do too bad :)

  34. The photos of him and that famewhore Nikki today have made a lot of people crazy.I think the pics are really personal and it's from Rob's drunken days.Maybe they're from her stolen laptop.I saw some others too at the lamb and lion blog.One is with Nikki,Anna Kentrik and Lizzy Pattinson.Nikki is touching Lizzy's breast and Anna is grabbing Nikki's boob.The photo is ridiculous.I don't find it even funny.There's another one with Asley grabbing Rob's arm on a night out in Vancouver.I never have seen this pic again and i think it's from this year,because her hair is short and last year she had it long.Many girls think that Rob maybe hooked up with Asley too at some point as did with Nikki,but he didn't want a relationship with her that's why she's so bitter.

    Bronze,what do you think of this?Do you think Rob isn't the sweet guy we all think,but some swallow kid who have slept with all his co stars?I understand he was drunk most of the time last year,but this?Please!It's a miracle that at least Nikki didn't put him into serious trouble with a baby,because he wasn't at the position to think with all this drinking at some point.But Asley,too?Do you think the rumors about her when he was at NY were true?I'm so gonna lose respect for him!This is a douche's attitude,hooking up with the whole world and saying that he can't find a gf.

  35. I've seen those pictures and I think people are highly exaggarating some stuff. 1) Liz Pattz is not and was never fond of NR and that picture doesn't show them as BFF's. It actually shows three girls having fun, acting rather immature (NR and AK especially but LP isn't exactly looking overjoyed. Just like R isn't looking happy to be dry humped by NR in the other picture.

    Ashley & Rob never hooked up. People enjoy putting a manwhore stamp on Rob, because it's so much juicier to believe that than to actually believe he is committed to Kristen.

    If he hooked up with anyone it was in 2008 and it was NR. And if that happened (I just believe it looked like that happened, but didn't - IMO) it was sex, nothing more.

    One thing I will say, is that the Twi-set was full of rampaging hormones and I wouldn't be surprised if they're been some promisicous behavour. There's a huge difference during NM and Eclipse filming.

    I've been called a Rob hater, which is surprising because I defend the guy like he is my (very hot ;) ) brother. I am not delusional, nor do I think he is an innocent puppy (ala Tay :P) whose never had sex before.

    Maybe he hooked up with NR. And Ashley. Heck, through in Rachelle and Anna and Camille and all the other women he's been linked to in the mix.

    You know why I don't believe any of it?


    She had a BF. A decent relationship until R came along. Now feelings or no feelings, no way no how would she want to throw away her r'ship and become a Pattz whore. No way.

    My fav. interview is the one with GQ magazine. Rob is so raw and slightly depressed. It's from dec 08 (in print March 09) and it's the time he was at a serious low. learning he didn't have real friends. Liz telling him some people (I think she meant NR) were not to be trusted. He wasn't at home, Summit was kicking him out of his apartment and the Twi promo time with K had ended.

    he was miserable and worse for wear and appearance a lot (drunk etc) and that's been his all time low in this whole Saga. People really need to look more closely at the way he was around NR and AG and KS.

    NR: he allowed he to be his friend in the crazy Hollyweird world but she wanted more. maybe he allowed that one or twice (sex, though I still say no way, I am allowing the theory) but she used him and betrayed him and KS.

    AG: I have not seen much closeness between them and if anything she is nowhere near his type. One or two pictures with them looking friendly doesn't make them a hook up pair.

    KS: Do I even need to dignify this. He's been crazy about her since day one. That has never changed. And I think the only reason he ever want to find temporary release/solace with someone else (if he did) - say NR- it was because K wasn't easily making up her mind.

    In the end, this is a nasty side effect of speculation. And I don't think Rob is innocent. Neither is Kristen. But their intentions were and still are a lot more pure than those of NR. She is still name dropping R and K and good and bad ways. It shows how coniving she is.

    So, to anyone who thinks R is a manwhore and a douche, I won't change your opinion, but I hope you have enough faith in Kristen for her to have good judgement on Rob.

    For me: these two are human and may have had to do not so nice things to get to where they are now. I think they dealt with their hand as best as they could but there were casualties.

    Anyway, I don't know how many more times I need to defend Rob but I will. I know he is not a man whore. not because I am naive, but because he'd be whoring it up right now. Single and alone.

  36. To add: he'd be whoring it up right now, if he were a manwhore.

    But he isn't. He's in a committed loving r'ship with Kristen. And people should not be surprised if this will be very permanent.

  37. The point is that even at robsessed and Rib's IMDb,the crazy girls don't approve his attitude about sleeping around with the whole cast.They say that this a douche's attitude.You can't fool around with girls who you call your friends.Some say that Rob said recently that he's a commitment phobe and he may has only friends with benefits type of relationships.I hope it's not true.

    Anyway,i believe these photos weren't good neither for Rob nor for Nikki,because people just hated more.And somehow this had an impact on Kristen too,because some people believe that if NR hooked up with Rob and Kristen knew that as much as that Nikki was in love with him and Kristen got with him,then this all wronge for the number 1 rule at the best friends book.You don't hook up with the guy your best friend want!

  38. I think poor Rob has a lot things to regret for from his past drunken days.He did a lot of stupid things.Do you remember the video with a blonde skunk?They were getting out of a club and she was asking him where was the car.Man,she looked like a whore and Rob was totally wasted.I felt so sorry for the boy.He was all alone in a foreign country away from his friends and family and with all the paps and crazy girls haunting him.I'm glad he looks so relaxed now.

  39. Oh,my God!I don't know who leaked these photos,but they have caused a cyber war!Rob is called at many different blogs as a manwhore,a douche,a drunk junkie who sleeps with all his co stars,his relationships are only for sex,because he doesn't want to commit,that he's right when he said last year at many interviews"don't like me,i'm a dick"lol.The stupid person who did this leaking for whatever reasons,the only thing that did is harm Rob's reputation.I never think him as an angel,but since last night many people have changed their minds on him,it's rodiculous.Everything was from a year ago and we all must remember that he's just a young kid.

  40. The girl/guy who had the stupid idea of surfacing these photos all over internet did a very bad choice.I'm reading awful things about Rob,Kristen and Nikki.Rob is sleeping around,Kristen is stupid of having him while he fucked her best friend,Nikki is a disturbed whore.Unbelievable!!!I know the robsten news are really slow these days(than God!),but this nonsense is out of control.So what if R hooked up with Nikki?He was single,lonely at LA and he was drowing in booze.He's not a monk,for God's shake!If he was offered the sex,he would be idiot not to go for it.Even with Nikki(ewww).Why so much hate towards him?

    Bronze,what do you think of Nikki?I know she's not your favourite person,but something really bad went down with her and Rob.I mean last year she was gushing over him.She kept saying that she knows him better than anybody,about the places he had taken her,that the girls love Edward,but if they knew the real Rob they would love him evn more and stuff like that.Now she has changed her tune suspiciously.She said that she never was too close with him,that they never dated,that he;s a complicated person,that the off screen relationships don't last etc.What the hell is wrong with this chick?I thought she had moved on with that PL guy,but she seems bitter.Do you think she leaked these photos?Many people think so.But for what reason?She only got more hate.

  41. I don't think it's the best idea for me to start a rant against Nikki. People who have observed her in the past know she has a pattern of hanging around people with a high fame level. Ryan Phillipe (when he wasn't even divorced yet) Lindsay Lohan, Kristen, Rob, Evan Rachel Wood and now Paris Latsis.

    As a fellow human I hope she has found what she is looking for now. As someone who doesn't have a good thing to say about her behavior it's best if I leave it at that.

    I dont believe Rob and Kristen are innocent, I have said that time and again. But there's a difference between making mistakes and getting people hurt and making mistakes, getting people hurt and still name dropping them every chance you get.

    I am sure NR feels hurt by R/K but she'd make that hurt alot more justified if she didn't bring it up very subtlely in every interview.

    As for what people are taling about on the internet, well..

    I guess that's the exact reason why R/K share as little as possible. People explain it the wrong way deliberately and refuse to be reasonable.

    I don't even want to justify that with an explanation. People can believe whatever they want.

  42. I don't know how I feel into this comment section, but now that I'm drawn in I'll add my thoughts. No way did Rob sleep with Nikki. If you were Rob in LA in 2008, hanging out w/a bunch of industry people, would you pick your co-star/crush's BFF to sleep with? He had his pick, and I'm sure he did pick a few times. But not Nikki.

    She did her best to attach herself to both of them, having more success with Kristen. Something went down last spring - I suspect having to do with Nikki advising Kristen to stick with Michael, Nikki tipping paps off, and/or Nikki's public comments. But maybe something else entirely. The case knew during the NM shoot there was a mole, and it was revealed to be Nikki; that may have been enough. Rob cut her off. We heard about it and saw it with incidents from April through July. That makes me think his perception is that she did something to hurt Kristen. Kris seems less angry/more forgiving/more professional, not sure which.

    I feel kind of sorry for Nikki, even though she brought this on herself. She's clearly insecure and couldn't see where her shenanigans might lead. That's another reason Rob would never be attracted to her btw - he has said more than once he likes strong, women, crazy women - I think he once identified Pippi Longstocking as his ideal, lol. He does not find insecurity attractive.