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Investikudos Weekly Update: July 25-31 2011

Current Projects

*Bel Ami
The Trailer (LINK)

*Breaking Dawn

New Edward still

Comic Con coverage
- press conference (LINK)
- Panel (LINK)
- Interviews (LINK)

- The "Infamous" Honeymoon scene shown at Comic Con
(bad quality and out of order alas)

- The equally infamous Cineplex interview (Rob and Kristen together) (LINK)

* Cosmopolis
Filming has wrapped on July 14.

* K11
No Kristen in K11. Her brother Cameron however will be in the movie.

* On the Road
Latest news, release in 2012. Promo/trailer coming soon

* Snow White and the Huntsman

Enertainment Weekly's SWATH coverage (at Comic Con)

Comicon Panel (LINK)

Filming starts 2nd week of August in London. The actors will speak British-English, including Kristen. She arrived in London today

In Other News

- Teen Choice Awards nominations
Award show airs Sunday, August, 7 at 8/7central on FOX. Vote here

Actress Sci Fi/Fantasy:
Kristen Stewart- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Actor Sci Fi/Fantasy
Robert Pattinson- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Actor Drama
Robert Pattinson - Water For Elephants

Male Hottie
Robert Pattinson

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Drama Movie
Water For Elephants

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

No official word if Rob and/or Kristen will attend. Rob's been mentioned but no confirmation. Kristen is currently in London.

- New Elle UK Outtakes (SOURCE)

- Kristen possible contender for the Oscars: Best Supporting Actress for On the Road. - Nothing official, just a prediction! (LINK)

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Rob and Kristen Cineplex Interview (Comic Con)

In one video:

Separate parts

Part One (LINK)

Part Two (LINK)

Outtake: Rob's most memorable/strangest fan experience (LINK)

Disclaimer: all belongs to Cineplex.

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Comicon 2011 - Snow White and the Huntsman - panel

Official character portraits

EW Official shoot

Photos from panel

Videos (SOURCE)

More videos here

- Cinemablend transcript

Movieline Live Blog

3:36 We’re back for Snow White and the Huntsman! Who’s ready to see Kristen Stewart? But before that, Rupert Sanders (director), Joe Roth (producer) and Evan Daugherty (writer) hit the stage.
3:37 Rupert promises that we will get to see images from the movie and compares Huntsman to Lord of the Rings “in terms of size and scope.”
3:39 Regarding whether anyone is concerned about that other Snow White movie, Joe Roth says, “People don’t remember that Tom Hanks did the fifth body-switching movies when he did Big”
3:44 After being shown a reel of Rupert’s commercial work, the director says that he actually wanted to do a war movie but ended up with Snow White. Still, it’s “full of giant battle scenes full of exploding knights.” Rupert says that he is excited to “lose his cinematic virginity” on this project.
3:46 Finally, they are introducing cast members: Sam Claflin, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart. Wild applause!
3:47 On why Kristen wants to play Snow White: “I wasn’t initially jumping at the chance [to play Snow White] but she is one of the most heavy-handedly sincere, seriously doesn’t let her heart cloud her mind characters. Also, I get to have a sword and stuff.”
3:49 The moderator asks whether Charlize is worried about co-starring with an actress as talented as Stewart. Charlize responds, “She’s probably going to give me a run for my money. And I’m ready for it bitch. Let’s go.”
3:51 Claflin said that his parents “think that it’s a crock” that he is playing Prince Charming. “They’re all as surpised as I am, to be quite honest, to be involved in something as big as this” but warns that “the prince is not quite as charming” in this version.
3:53Wardrobe note: Charlize is wearing black and Kristen is wearing white. Was this planned? Good vs. evil, etc?
3:55 Since the cast doesn’t know each other that well, the moderator has a few questions planned so that everyone can get to know each other. Sam says that
4:00 Surprise. We see the first shot of the dwarves but there are eight of them! As Rupert introduces them, Hall H claps the loudest for Bob Hoskins. Rupert explains that there are eight because one ends up getting killed.
4:02 Next up, a photo of Claflin as Prince. Black and white, holding a sword. Sexy. As Hall H makes cat calls, Claflin says that he is very uncomfortable.
4:03 Hemsworth as the Huntsman. He is holding an ax, sexily, over his shoulder. His hair is wet and slicked back. This photo belongs on the cover of a romance novel.
4:05 Theron as the Queen is next. She is in a fitted black dress with a high feathered collar.
4:06 Kristen Stewart as the most badass Snow White ever. In this first photo, she is wearing armor! And holding a shield and sword. “My pinhead sticks out of that enormous thing.”
Theron: “Don’t worry, we’ll get you steroids. You’ll be fine.”
4:07 A fan directs a question at Stewart, fidgeting onstage. On how she relates to Snow White, Stewart jokes, “Well, I’m the fairest in the land and I have a seriously good heart.”
4:08 Theron explains how it was important for her to understand the Queen’s motivations: “I don’t think this is just the evil queen who just shows up and she is evil. I think a lot of her circumstances will bleed in her action and that’s the most important thing to me. […] My character is basically a serial killer. Watch out, Kristen.”
4:09 A fan asks what kind of music Kristen is listening to in preparation for the role. Kristen says nothing really. Charlize jokes that she has recorded some music that Kristen can listen to. The fan then asks for Kristen’s Comic-Con name tag and the audience boos. Kristen offers to throw it to the fan but a Comic-Con volunteer says this cannot be done.
4:10 Kristen says that she is excited to play someone who is “not remotely self-conscious” and “who isn’t really aware of who she is but has such a strong sense of self.” Also, Kristen really likes that her character “gets to save the day.”
4:12 A fan yells out K-Stew. Charlize asks, “Me too?” When she is corrected, Charlize admits that she needs a hearing aid.
4:14 Joe Roth says that “truth be told” he was looking for an unknown Snow White. “The more we thought about it, here is this woman who has proven within a franchise to be a big, big star. The idea to get her out of the franchise and put her into a different movie” was appealing.
4:15 The moderator says that they are out of time and the panel ends. Boo! So fast.

Rough Transcript (until we have video)

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Director and Producers on stage
Ezequiel Gutierrez: Producer did Alice last year, Oz in a year or so. Why Snow White?
Ezequiel Gutierrez: Saying Snow White is a great story that everyone knows, bringing a new life to it. Using new modern version to tell the story
Ezequiel Gutierrez: There are two Snowwhite movies being made...this one and Tarsems version

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Producer saying they are two very different films. This one is more like Lord of the Rings in size and scope

Ezequiel Gutierrez: This is active/rough film
Ezequiel Gutierrez: Comparing Deep Impact / Armageddon. Saying interest in either films are a good thing.

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Director Rubert Sanders directed the controversial Call of Duty Black Ops Commercials Just an FYI
Ezequiel Gutierrez: He's a commercial director, showing clips of his past commercial work

Ezequiel Gutierrez: showed clips of Halo:ODST and Monster commercials
Ezequiel Gutierrez: He wanted to do a War movie, but was brought Snow White. So he married the two., Snowwhite is massive and action packed... Interesting

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Here comes the cast!!!

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Prince Sam Calflin.

Ezequiel Gutierrez: The Huntsman Chris Hemsworth aka THOR

Ezequiel Gutierrez: The Queen, Oscar Winner Charlize Theron

Ezequiel Gutierrez: and last but not least, Snow White herself, Kristen Stewart

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Great Looking Cast

Ezequiel Gutierrez: they are days away from starting production in the UK

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Kristen asked first question regarding whats she excited about

Ezequiel Gutierrez:
Kristen: "I'm most excited about the obvious thing... this girl has this amazing ability to channel fear into this really focused, charged, driving energy. She's also the people's lead and doesn't let her heart cloud her mind."

"Also I get to have a sword and really cool weapons" - Kristen

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Charlize says Kristen is going to give her a run for her money

Ezequiel Gutierrez: she turns to kristen and says let's go bitch, bring It

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Chris Hemsworth on attraction to big films

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Saying he was just trying to get a job, landed Star trek, Thor, Red Dawn and Snow White... Not a bad start Chris

Ezequiel Gutierrez: really excited about darker gritier version of the fantasy story

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Kristen is wearing a white tank top like tee, hair dark brown and down.. fyi

Ezequiel Gutierrez: director is about to show us an exclusive look at the cast in costume
Ezequiel Gutierrez: Kristen seems more interested in this panel then Ive ever seen her before.

Asking Sam about playing a charming prince "It's not a part of my personality that I try to exuberate too much. This is a new take on the story so the prince isn't as charming as you might hope."

Production starts next week but Rupert is going to show something.... hmmm....

They're going to show photographs of the cast in their costumes!!.

They apparently shot some stuff to give people a taste for the movie. (Actually they were limited by budget for that)

Wow, I have no idea what they just showed there. It was almost like a teaser commercial for the movie that showed the Queen and Snow White, though it didn't necessarily look like Theron or Stewart.

I guess they did this with other actors and shot it in three days but it looked really impressive, showing a very realistic wolf and other creatures.

Just a correction: Rupert was talking about the limited budget for making that teaser not the movie. I misunderstood that.

Ezequiel Gutierrez: they ran footage but it had none of the cast, test footage with other actors
Ezequiel Gutierrez: Overall, It looks pretty amazing. Very much in the fantasy vein of lord of the rings

Ezequiel Gutierrez: when director met Kristen she had a burn on her stomach that she was dressing her own wound. She is macho

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Kristen jokes that she is not to be messed with and takes herself very seriously on set

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Charlize jabs back with, I'm an oscar winner, no one takes it more serious then her

Ezequiel Gutierrez: They all seem tough as nails up on stage

Ezequiel Gutierrez: getting ready to see some more footage of the cast actually in costume

Ezequiel Gutierrez: there are actually 8 dwarfs

Ezequiel Gutierrez: nick frost
Ezequiel Gutierrez: ray winstone
Ezequiel Gutierrez: toby jones
Ezequiel Gutierrez: ian mcshane

Ezequiel Gutierrez: eddie marsdan

Ezequiel Gutierrez: round out the dwarves

Ezequiel Gutierrez: SPOILER ALERT there are 8 because there are a few great lines when 1 gets killed

Ezequiel Gutierrez: sam claflin as prince looks like Sauron in LOTR with a face

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Chris Hemsworth looking macho as the huntsmen, very much like aragon, weilding an axe, long hair

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Colleen Atwood (Oscar Winner) is costume designer, looks really great

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Charlize looks great as the queen, black and white, huge collar that comes to a point

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Wow!! Kristen as snow white is much more like Joan of Arc

Ezequiel Gutierrez: she's weilding armor shield and sword

It makes you feel kind of strong although I feel tiny... my pinhead sticks out of this enormous thing" - Stewart
Stewart says that the armor weighs roughly 50 pounds.

Movie is out June 1st, which is why they are at Comic-Con this year

Ezequiel Gutierrez: kristen talks about how her own personality is in every character she plays.

Ezequiel Gutierrez: She seems very invested in her role as snow white

Ezequiel Gutierrez: kristen talks about how her own personality is in every character she plays.

Ezequiel Gutierrez: She seems very invested in her role as snow white

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Charlize asked what did she do to prepare to be a villian

Ezequiel Gutierrez: she says she cant make it about one thing, being bad, she needs to find the truth whether the character is good or bad

Ezequiel Gutierrez: understanding the world they exist in is key

Question time!!
The dwarves look really interesting and nothing like the actors playing them, and they're all roughly the same height so they must have done some photoshop work on that picture.

Man, Charlize really is riding Kristen... really getting into character, huh?
Chris Hemsworth on his casting "Everyone else turned it down until I got it"

Hemsworth said that the teaser Rupert shot was really impressive and he loved the script because it was a completely different take on it.

I think having Kristen Stewart's Snow White in full armor fighting in battle is really going to make this movie different.

"All of that made me want to sign up... and no one else was left" -- Hemsworth

How did Charlize prepare to play a villain?

Katherine: I think Charlize is being playful. They're going to be working together for the next few months so I'm sure she's doing it just for the audience.

"Watch out, Kristen!" she adds!

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Snow White lacks vanity and has a few mirror smashing scenes. she has such a strong sense of self and saves the day. Seems like a great snow white

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Chrlize says the greatest lesson shes learned is that youre only as good as the people that you work with

Ezequiel Gutierrez: seems like Charlize and Kristen have decent chemistry for only meeting each other briefly before this panel

Ezequiel Gutierrez: hopefully we''ll see that onscreen

"If there ever was an opportunity to take something people knew so well and turn it upside-down that would be really interesting" - Theron

Joe Roth is talking about why he cast who they cast.

Stewart: "I play someone who really lacks vanity. She's not even remotely self conscious."

Stewart and Theron are busting each others balls the whole time. Should be interesting chemistry on screen.

Ezequiel Gutierrez: Intitally wanted to find an unknown for snow white. But producer says Kristen has proven herself worthy

Ezequiel Gutierrez: he wanted them to be the first big movie that she starred in after twilight

Ezequiel Gutierrez: A really like the direction they are taking this version. Very dark, The lily cole version is more a comedy

Kristen on similarities btwn her & Snow White "Well, I'm the fairest in the land and I have a seriously good heart."

Roth says that Sam and Chris' work in Pirates and Thor got them. Charlize was their first and only choice. "You're basically saying I'm a b*tch" - Theron

For Snow White, they were originally looking for an unknown ala Alice but they thought it would be interesting to take this actress who had been able to hold this franchise and see if they can take her somewhere else.
And sadly... it's now over. :(

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Comic-Con 2011 - Breaking Dawn - Interviews

Some candid shots. Scroll down for various interviews.

Cineplex (Rob and Kristen together)
More here (LINK)

- Entertainment Weekly (LINK)

- Extra

- Screen slam

- Entertainment Tonight

- HitFix

- On the Red Carpet

- Fandango


- Hot Hits interview


- Access Hollywood

- E Online

- San Diego 6

Kristen's Interview (LINK)

- MTV News (Josh Horowitz)

- Velvet TV

- Hollywire


- Clevver

- Australia's Ch10

- Moviefone

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