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Investikudos Weekly Update: June 27 - July 3 2011

Current Projects

*Bel Ami
According to an article in Glamour Magazine (Greece) the movie will be released in Greece on 25th August 2011. Bit iffy, but we'll see. There is a Greek Poster though:

The Reel reports Bel Ami will be released in Australia on October 20. No word on US. October 19 would be France's release date.

*Breaking Dawn
- Running gag on Breaking Dawn set LINK
- Brazilian trailer is slightly different. LINK
- Breaking Dawn has a panel at Comicon 2011 and while not officially confirmed Rob and Kristen (plus Taylor) will be there.

* Cosmopolis
Filming is underway and on schedule.

Pictures on set June 29. (Spoilers)

Juliette Binonche mentions Rob in LaProvence. (Translation)

David Cronenberg’s new movie?
J.B: Yes, it is called “Cosmopolis”. I play an art dealer who has an affair with Robert Pattinson. He, plays a billionaire who loses everything.

Robert Pattinson evolves in a sphere that seems far away from yours…
J.B: I don’t have a point of view about his career, I didn’t see the “Twilight” movies. We had diner together on set. He is an incredible cinema buff who for several years saw two to three movies a day. He is a fan of “Les amants du Pont Neuf” (The Pont Neuf lovers). He was funny, you would have thought he was a little child.

* K11
It's still not confirmed but it seems Kristen will be doing K11. The part has been offered to her and she seems to want to do it. There have been some tweets from Jared Kurt, K11's co writer that are very confusing. Makes it seem like K11 is Kristen's movie in terms of production, not (just) acting.


* On the Road
No news.

* Snow White and the Huntsman
Prepoduction is in full force. Kristen has been spotted out doing yoga and learning to horseback ride.

- Sam Clafin (the Prince) tweeted that he met the cast on Friday.

- SWATH is also going to Comicon for some promotion. That would mean a double whammy for Kristen (and us)

- SWATH a series of movies? (LINK)

Tweets about SWATH
@nchantng: @palakspatel If it's going to be 3 movies, are you filming two of them back to back in Aug? No, we're only filming #SWATH
@loik13: @palakspatel Is it true that #SWATH will be a trilogy? Never said "trilogy" said "series of films". Focusing on first film now.
@nonameformoi: @palakspatel are you going to Comic-Con too? Definitely
@nonameformoi: @palakspatel can u tell us when shooting start? August
@BoubieD: @palakspatel is it true the sequels will be titled "SW and the Infinite Sadness" and "SW's Finest Hour"?” No. Nothing is written

In Other News

Kristen out in L.A. June 30 (LINK)

She's holding OtR notes, that read:
The letter is one directly from a version of the script: "Darling Sal. Going back to Denver, to my fiance, the sailor. No more
road for me. Thanks for an amazing night, my sweet lover. Kick Dean in the ass if you ever see him again. I hope you find the pearl. I love you, Marylou. P.S. Good luck with your book."

- Rob and Kristen part of Popsugar's sexiest (LINK)

Rob is #1, Kristen #6.

- Teen Choice Awards nominations
Award show airs Sunday, August, 7 at 8/7central on FOX. Vote here

Actress Sci Fi/Fantasy:
Kristen Stewart- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Actor Sci Fi/Fantasy
Robert Pattinson- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Actor Drama
Robert Pattinson - Water For Elephants

Male Hottie
Robert Pattinson

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Drama Movie
Water For Elephants

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

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