Saturday, April 24, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: April 19 - 25 2010

When times turn more quiet, or in Rob and Kristen's case more anonymous (which is good) it gives people with a cruel demeanor free play to make up the most ridiculous stories.

Sad, really.

Thankfully, in the real world (and not some warped faux alernative reality where people enjoy the idea of making up absurd stories) Kristen seems to have ducked under the radar again, while Rob was spotted out in London once this week.

It looks like they will reunite next week, since David Slade has arrived in Vancouver for some last minute Eclipse re-shooting whih includes some Bella and Edward scenes. We might get to see some Couv-love soon.

In other news:

- Oprah will host an Eclipse Special on her show on May 13, which yes, is also Rob's birthday. Now, he might or might not cut the cake in front of "O" (like she'd ever say no to a piece...) but we believe it'll be a taped show and not an actual live event on Rob's birthday. As for a "coming out" type of interview for Rob and Kristen: don't bet on it. Not only have they been pretty much out for a year, it is also not their style. Of course, it's very likely Oprah will ask them about it and we doubt they'll refuse to answer, so if there's any kind of EXCLUSIVE it'll be the fact they might officially verbalize it for the very first time.

- Oprah also had another Eclipse exclusive: a new trailer. So far, we love the feel though we could do with a little more romance.

More screencaps

Some Bella and Edward love:

Also, new posters of Bella, Edward and Jacob. We are not loving them.

- Another new Flaunt Magazine photo made its way online, plus a little snippet of Kristen's interview.

Flaunt Interview Excerpt: “I’m Insecure — Just Like You!”

Under those slumped shoulders and often cold-glare eyes, Kristen Stewart is just as insecure as the rest of us — so she proves in an incredibly revealing new interview in Flaunt magazine.

The Twilight star tells Flaunt’s Gregg Lagambina that she was wracked with nerves before her latest film, The Runaways, debuted at Sundance. “I thought everyone would write shit reviews. I thought everyone was waiting, itching to say that I should just go back to Twilight. And no one said that. I put so much into it. I would have died working on that movie. So if they did say those bad things, then I might as well just stop now.”

Kristen also explains why — at least in her mind — she might come off as aloof and standoffish to others. “I get defensive and that has probably perpetuated people’s idea of me never smiling. I kind of shake my leg too, so people think I’m always uncomfortable.”

As for how she makes her film choices, K suggests it’s all just instinct: “Who knows what you’re going to connect with and then be able to live up to? I can’t just read a script and say it’s great because there’s a part for me, my age, perfect—I can’t live that life. You know what I mean? That’s just not me.”

And she takes us deep into how fame has changed her: “Yeah, I definitely act differently. I’m definitely overcoming a lot of it. The only insecurity I’ve developed is just being overly paranoid about everyone looking at you when they’re not.”

- Finally: there has been some buzz about Kristen getting the lead role in the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (The Millenium series) and while she has met with casting directors at least once, it's not at all certain she will get that part. Also, rumors about Kristen taking over from Angelina Jolie as the new female lead in Wanted 2 (with James McAvoy) have no substance.

- The author of Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen talks about the movie and Rob a bit

"Were you poking yourself when “Water for Elephants” was contracted to become a movie, and when some little actors by the names of Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon agreed to be in it?
I have to stop and pause and knock on wood right now. The closer it comes to being real, the more superstitious I get. It’s Hollywood. It can all go poof, still. Things are looking as good as they can.

Are you involved with the project at all?
They’re letting us have the whole family in it as a cameo. I think we’re all going to be on in the midway or something. My kids are really excited about that, and I am, too, because that sounds like so much fun. I asked (the producers), and they said sure. So we’ll be in the background in a restaurant or on the midway and be a fast thing (on screen), but we’ll know where it is and the kids will be excited.

What do the three kids think now about mom’s career? Did the cinema thing raise your stature in their eyes?

No. I think the Robert Pattinson thing raised the stature of my oldest child in the school because all the girls are crazy about him. My 9-year-old asks me every time I get back from a book signing if I wrote a new book. He thinks I write a book a day. He has no concept of what I do."

New Rob/Kristen arriving in London from Budapest photos.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: April 12 - 18 2010

It's been a relatively quiet week for Rob and Kristen, who arrived in London on Sunday, but managed to remain undetected the rest of the week.

Or did they?

Star Magazine managed to catch them at Heathrow. And wrote a BS article to accompany their exclusive photos.

We do love the fact Kristen is wearing Rob's jacket. And the matching Adidas ;)

There was something else and we are the first to admit, we love a good mystery.

New/old Rob and Kristen fanpics in a Japanese/Sushi restaurant in L.A.

The girl says they are old photos, uploaded in April 2009, which would mean she saw Rob and Kristen before then. Not impossible, but unlikely, since they had been in Vancouver since March 2009. Anything before that has a small time frame, because Rob was in the UK until late February 2009 (he came back for the Oscars)

Edited theory: given the fact Kristen was at the Coachella Festival with what seems to be her 'old' hair, these fan photos are likely to be from March 2009 after all.

We do like her new pendant. Birthday present perhaps?

Is there any other news that doesn't provoke speculation?

Not much, but there is nothing wrong with sharing a few pretty pictures. And Miss Stew always delivers.

Flaunt Magazine

In other news:

- It's very likely you'll spot Kristen in Australia early June at the Sydney Film Fesitval (June 2-14) because the Runaways is debuting there. Plus, perhaps some early Eclipse promotion too.

- Kristen on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine? Rumors are buzzing she did a photoshoot on March 17.

- Kristen will definitely be on the July cover of Elle UK.

Robsten skit on SNL

Note: we don't own much, but we love our detective hat.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: April 5 - 11 2010

It's been a week full of buzz, a little Easter hunt and mainly for Rob: work on Bel Ami.

Sunday and Monday were off-days for Rob, due to Easter. Rumors go as far as putting his whereabouts in London, Budapest and even Split, Croatia though he was not spotted in any of those places. Which is good, it means that no matter where Rob spend his Easter (or with who) he managed to get some privacy.

On Tuesday, Rob went back to work.

Photos from April 6

Bel Ami set April 7 2010

Bel Ami set April 8 2010

Bel Ami set April 9

On Saturday, Rob filmed Bel Ami scenes at Lake Balaton.

More set videos from this week

So Rob was busy all week, what did Kristen do?

Kristen's been a stealthy one since a week or so. Last time she was spotted was at the end of March when she went on a Las Vegas roadtrip with a few Runaways costars. Since then, it's been guessing where Miss Stew has been hiding out. She too was supposedly spotted in Split, Croatia on Easter Monday with Rob, but no photo-proof means it's not confirmed and remains speculation.

Later in the week, closing in on April 9, expectations rose as to where Kristen would be spending her birthday

From Los Angeles to Budapest, from cryptic tweets to silent confirmations, til this day we can't be 100% certain where Kristen spend her birthday, because we have nothing based on photo proof.

Therefore, as always, we'll leave it up to you to decide.

Below a tweet from someone who claimed to have been flying from Paris to Budapest with Kristen there. The name and date have been blocked out, so it could have been April 7, but perhaps earlier than that. True, false, whose to say.

On Thursday April 8, a Hungarian Entertainment Show talks of Bel Ami and mentions Rob (and Kristen's possible presence on set) Interesting stuff around the 3.20-3.30 mark

On Saturday April 10, Kristen supposedly spend time with her parents in Budapest. No picture proof yet again means, it's all up for interpretation.

In general, we believe she is currently in Budapest. She had the time, it was her birthday and of course she would spend it with her significant other. And despite the lack of visual proof, we are actually happy she managed to stay on the down low and enjoy her birthday quietly.

Since filming in Budapest is supposed to finish today, Rob will be heading back to London for additional filming. And Kristen...joined him:


Return in London

Another video

In further speculation: there's some buzz about the possibility that Kristen will be starring in "My Mother The Car" with Matt Damon. Nothing confirmed though.

Note: we own nothing, but we do want to share some Robsten love (which we sort of own)