Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Story So Far: Robsten 2009

It was the year of the Ox by the Chinese Calendar.

It may have been the year of Obama, Michael Jackson and financial crises.

For most of us, it was the Year of the Bubble.

Now, we thought long and hard as to how we would recap 2009 in terms of Robsten.

Okay, actually we didn't. We decided to give you our Ten favourite Bubble moments in 2009. With some we cheated a little, giving you two for the price of one ;)

10)MTV Movie Awards/Sweet Goodbyes, summer separation, June 2009

They spend the night together at the Charlie Hotel and MommaStew came to hug and wave Rob goodbye. For many, this was the first "evidence" that there was an actual Robsten

9) Sam Bradley Concert Flirting/Kristen in between the Pattinsons @ Rob's 23rd birthday, May 2009

A flirty night out was one of the first hints at the existence of Robsten. And then, when Kristen was a 'special' guest at Rob's birthday and left with him and his parents rumours and conviction started swirling indefinitely.

8)New Moon in Italy, May 2009

A few private moments in a professional setting. The world got a glimpse at the reunion scene in New Moon. We got a glimpse of the Bubble.

7)Comicon 2009, July 2009

Comicon Robsten Moments

It was the first time we saw Rob and Kristen in public after the summer separation and naturally we were looking out for some sweet reunion love. Rob and Kristen didn't disappoint with ass grabs, playful arm slaps, borrowed caps and worried Summit reps, all showing the Bubble was still very much alive.

6)Rob busted: Tokyo Leg Check, February 2009

Smirking Kristen, naughty Rob. It's a miniscule Bubble moment, but one of our favorites because of the heat in that little fragment.

5)New Moon: European Promotion Tour, November 2009

New Moon on Tour? More like the Bubble on Tour! Many Robsten moments during the European leg of the New Moon Promotion Tour. As the tour progressed, Rob and Kristen became more comfortable around each other in front of the watchful eye of the camera.

4)Cuddling @ Kings of Leon, August 2009

Some fans call this the Official Robsten Day, since it was unexpected and new to see Rob and Kristen THIS close in public. Up until November this was our favorite Bubble moment.

But then November came, as did the top three ;)

3)Harper's Bazaar, November 2009

Beautiful spread, beautiful couple. (click the link for bigger shots and the article)

2)London press conference handholding under/behind the table, November 2009

This one was close to being our number one, because it is a professional setting and yet Kristen is so comfortable with Rob while she is answering the questions. One of the few times they are not being professionally c*ckblocked either. Plus, while this is a definite Bubble moment, they still remain professional and genuine.

1)Handholding in Paris, November 2009

Words are very unnecessary with this one. A couple holding hands. Period.

2009 was a rollercoaster year. But there were many, many Bubble moments. We picked our ten favorites, but we could have picked 10 more. Let's not forget Kristen's Rob (and his hair) impression at the Teen Choice Awards, or the way he guided her to the stage. The weekend before they started filming Eclipse. The list goes on and on.

There were highs and lows. The Bubble was a constant high, the everlasting gossip and paparazzi chase was a deep low. Investikudos has always tried to remain respectful of Rob and Kristen and we can only hope we succeeded in doing that. We occasionally longed for more openness, but after compiling this entry, we reassessed and admit that we had plenty of openness in 2009. Maybe even more than we (all) realized at the time.

2010 will provide for many Robsten moments, especially professionally with Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, Remember Me and Eclipse coming out.

Privately, we hope Rob and Kristen will remain as private as they long to be, but we also wish them the freedom to be in love. And if occasionally we get a Bubble moment thrown our way, without it being damaging to them, that would be a wonderful treat :)

Note: we own little, but we definitely own the curiosity to ask you for your favorite Bubble moments of 2009 :)

Happy Holidays, everyone :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Investikudos Weekly Update: Dec 14-20 Nov 09

It's been relatively quiet on the professional news front, but this week was a treat for those who are looking forward to the Runaways.

The first teaser trailer was released and it does look like Kristen is going to rock it!

Watch it here

Pictures from Set:

More here

The Runaways will be shown at Sundance and released in theatres on March 19 2010, a week after Rob's Remember Me which will see its release on March 12 2010.

As for that other anticipated Kristen film, Welcome to the Rileys; it's going to debut at Sundance and is currently looking for distributor(s) so it can be released in theatres as well.

Welcome to the Rileys stills here

In other professional news:

Rob has shot a promotional spread for Vogue with his Remember Me co star Emilie de Ravin Rob will also feature in Detail Magazine in 2010, with a possible cover.

Kristen will be part of Vanity Fair's Hollywood edition, likely to debut in March 2010

In non professional news, this week was less than calm, unfortunately.

On Thursday Radar Online released a story and footage of Rob at his friend Shannon Woodward's birthday party. Katy Perry was there, Kristen was not.

Radar Online said Rob and Katy were flirty, a story which spread rapidly across the web, causing fandoms to explode with rage, glee, disappointment and worry.

Gossipcop had to intervene again, putting down any rumors of Rob and Katy hooking up.

Still, this didn't and won't ease everyone's mind. We admit, we were disappointed about the story at first. Not because we believed it, but because it seems quite the sport lately to spread a false Robert Pattinson story and it surprises us, it is Gossipcop to the rescue all the time, instead of a decent representative of Rob's.

You can't refute every story, but letting every story spread as wildfire seems a bit too much as well. We find some of these stories very disrespectful to both Rob and Kristen and while we are certain they could care less about this, we would gladly see someone take a little charge and guide Rob (and Kristen to a lesser extent, because she sems to "get" the Hollywood game a bit better than Rob) through the crazy world that is Hollywood.

Thankfully, things have died down a little, especially with the knowledge that Rob and Kristen had a nice Venice Beach dinner date, just before Rob attended the birthday party.

A week of ups and downs, much like a year of ups and downs. We'll recap 2009 for Rob and Kristen next week.

For now, we wish everyone, including Rob and Kristen a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Investikudos Rant: Robsten, the package deal.

Are you Team Edward? Team Jacob? Maybe Team Bella?

Team Charlie and his porn'stache? (He should've had an Entertainment Weekly cover too)

So many possibilities.

Most of them rather harmless. Granted, there's nothing like a heated debate between an Edward and a Jacob fan and hair may be pulled, mean words of sparkling tiaras and fake ab-muscles may be uttered (those of you who've see Taylor Lautner host SNL will understand) but it's harmless because they are fictional characters.

When you are on Team Rob, Team Kristen (or Team Taylor), you aren't supporting fictional characters.

In weeks of drought, especially after months of New Moon promotion over-indulgence, it's easy to get lost in the onslaught of rumors, fresh gossip and the occasional run in with the paparazzi Rob and/or Kristen have.

For the most part they've managed to remain somewhere secluded, most definitely enjoying some down time.

But then, they step out. Paparazzi rejoice and atart the hunt. And before we know it, the drought is over and we're hit with up close and personal photos of Rob. Snaps of Kristen near her parents house.

Papz do their job, whether celebrities like it or not. we don't think Rob and Kristen chose this side of fame and probably didn’t even choose fame at all. They enjoy their profession as much as a pap-photographer enjoys the rush of getting a scoop.

Where do we, as fans draw the line? Since we don't know which boundaries Rob and Kristen have set for themselves in regards of getting stalked by the papz, we can't support them in any other way but to decide for ourselves what we find acceptable.

There's a fine line between wanting to see them out and about, knowing the only way to get those shots is through the paparazzi, and wanting them to be free from having to deal with exactly that.

We saw one photo from last week when Rob went to a Marcus Foster gig with Bobby Long. In that picture the papz were all up in his business and he was shielding his face.

Several people told us he was smiling in other photos. Which makes us wonder if that means that it is all okay to have a camera lens in your face because you curl your lips into a smile.

So, when you're smiling it's alright for papz to follow you around?

We think not.

It's part of the everlasting debate of celebrities vs paparazzi. Privacy vs the business of being famous.

People who work in Hollywood, have their faces splattered across the covers of magazines, big screens, small screens and gossip rags know their personal business is very much of interest to everyone who enjoys watching them.

That includes all of us who enjoy watching Rob and Kristen.

They have their own balance and know the papz are part of the deal. They don't deserve to be stalked, because they don't want to be celebrities, they just love acting.

We believe it puts them in a different category. They are not alone, only certain starlets seem to enjoy their cooch on display, their boobs falling out and posing in front of the pap-camera.

Just because Rob is smiling about whatever has him amused, in no way means he is happy to be snapped.

Kristen was spotted yesterday and got photographed near her parents house. In one photo she was smiling too, does that mean she was enjoying herself.

Most people on "Team Kristen" seems to think it was very un-cool to have Kristen papped on what is known to be private property.

That is un-cool. Beyond un-cool, it is disgusting. Disturbing. And unfortunately not a first or last.

But these same people now seem to be angry because after Rob was snapped up close last week, some of his fans started a support campaign.

What happened to Rob - from the one photo we saw - was very unpleasant. Most of these so called support campaigns don’t make much of a difference, but they are a good reminder of how disgusting the papz are, how close they get and how wrong that is.

"Team Kristen" wonders: doesn’t Kristen deserve the same support and complain about how Rob always gets all the support and Kristen never gets any.

First of all, what happens every time Kristen gets papped near her house, or anywhere is as disturbing as when it happens to Rob nwhen he is enjoying himself with some friends, or with Kristen.

There’s no difference, whether it is part of the Hollyweird business or not, it continues to be creepy. It’s a universal problem unfortunately, not just one Rob and Kristen deal with.

Secondly, what is stopping these Kristen fans to start a similar campaign? Their disturbance is justified, after all.

What's unfair is how they claim Rob knew the papz were there and even anticipated on it and posed, whereas Kristen had no idea and therefore it is worse for Kristen than it is for Rob.

All because he was smiling?

Getting old.

Not saying "Team Rob" is any better. They continue to hope and support the made up and/or spun out of control stories of Rob’s relationship status to their own benefit. And there have been a lot of them in the past few weeks.

That's also getting old.

Now, we are no saints and don't claim to be better, but we do wonder...

Is it that hard to support Rob AND Kristen?

You don’t have to be a fan of both to RESPECT them both.

Nothing screams disrespect more than a bunch of teams beating each other down in online wars over who deserves more support, who is better and why they should dump each other.

Rob and Kristen are very much real people and very much together. They probably don't call themselves “Team Robsten” but they are definitely a package deal.

Note: It's all opinion.