Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Story So Far: Robsten 2009

It was the year of the Ox by the Chinese Calendar.

It may have been the year of Obama, Michael Jackson and financial crises.

For most of us, it was the Year of the Bubble.

Now, we thought long and hard as to how we would recap 2009 in terms of Robsten.

Okay, actually we didn't. We decided to give you our Ten favourite Bubble moments in 2009. With some we cheated a little, giving you two for the price of one ;)

10)MTV Movie Awards/Sweet Goodbyes, summer separation, June 2009

They spend the night together at the Charlie Hotel and MommaStew came to hug and wave Rob goodbye. For many, this was the first "evidence" that there was an actual Robsten

9) Sam Bradley Concert Flirting/Kristen in between the Pattinsons @ Rob's 23rd birthday, May 2009

A flirty night out was one of the first hints at the existence of Robsten. And then, when Kristen was a 'special' guest at Rob's birthday and left with him and his parents rumours and conviction started swirling indefinitely.

8)New Moon in Italy, May 2009

A few private moments in a professional setting. The world got a glimpse at the reunion scene in New Moon. We got a glimpse of the Bubble.

7)Comicon 2009, July 2009

Comicon Robsten Moments

It was the first time we saw Rob and Kristen in public after the summer separation and naturally we were looking out for some sweet reunion love. Rob and Kristen didn't disappoint with ass grabs, playful arm slaps, borrowed caps and worried Summit reps, all showing the Bubble was still very much alive.

6)Rob busted: Tokyo Leg Check, February 2009

Smirking Kristen, naughty Rob. It's a miniscule Bubble moment, but one of our favorites because of the heat in that little fragment.

5)New Moon: European Promotion Tour, November 2009

New Moon on Tour? More like the Bubble on Tour! Many Robsten moments during the European leg of the New Moon Promotion Tour. As the tour progressed, Rob and Kristen became more comfortable around each other in front of the watchful eye of the camera.

4)Cuddling @ Kings of Leon, August 2009

Some fans call this the Official Robsten Day, since it was unexpected and new to see Rob and Kristen THIS close in public. Up until November this was our favorite Bubble moment.

But then November came, as did the top three ;)

3)Harper's Bazaar, November 2009

Beautiful spread, beautiful couple. (click the link for bigger shots and the article)

2)London press conference handholding under/behind the table, November 2009

This one was close to being our number one, because it is a professional setting and yet Kristen is so comfortable with Rob while she is answering the questions. One of the few times they are not being professionally c*ckblocked either. Plus, while this is a definite Bubble moment, they still remain professional and genuine.

1)Handholding in Paris, November 2009

Words are very unnecessary with this one. A couple holding hands. Period.

2009 was a rollercoaster year. But there were many, many Bubble moments. We picked our ten favorites, but we could have picked 10 more. Let's not forget Kristen's Rob (and his hair) impression at the Teen Choice Awards, or the way he guided her to the stage. The weekend before they started filming Eclipse. The list goes on and on.

There were highs and lows. The Bubble was a constant high, the everlasting gossip and paparazzi chase was a deep low. Investikudos has always tried to remain respectful of Rob and Kristen and we can only hope we succeeded in doing that. We occasionally longed for more openness, but after compiling this entry, we reassessed and admit that we had plenty of openness in 2009. Maybe even more than we (all) realized at the time.

2010 will provide for many Robsten moments, especially professionally with Welcome to the Rileys, The Runaways, Remember Me and Eclipse coming out.

Privately, we hope Rob and Kristen will remain as private as they long to be, but we also wish them the freedom to be in love. And if occasionally we get a Bubble moment thrown our way, without it being damaging to them, that would be a wonderful treat :)

Note: we own little, but we definitely own the curiosity to ask you for your favorite Bubble moments of 2009 :)

Happy Holidays, everyone :)


  1. Hand holding in Paris because clearly Rob is so excited to be on his way home to London, and his girl his sharing his joy. They both look so happy!

  2. Wishing their love never ends, and robsten's moments more to come. Thank you robsten-invest for sharing these and bring us joys.
    May all the wishes you wish come true!

  3. I can't pick a favourite!!I love them all - I just LOVE the bubble!!Nice compliation here Bronze!

  4. YEAH!! I love them all.. I LOVE ROBSTEN..
    OH I can see the vids and pics forever!!! *sigh*

  5. Thank you Bronze. I love all the bubble moments.I wish Rob and Kristen much love and happiness in 2010. I hope they know they have many fans, like us, that just want them to be happy. Happy New Year! Elle Scott

  6. Thank you so much. Miss you at the eonline-board. You were always a special writer there. Really. You are very credible and I appreciate very much up to you. Wish you a happy NEW YEAR. See you here.
    Be blessed!!!!

  7. my fave...MTVMA coz for the first time i got the feeling there was something going on between those 2.
    that feeling's never gone and leaded me straight to the paris hand holding. was catching a plain that morning, going nuts coz couldn't find better pics on my cell and going even more nuts coz for 11 hours i wouldn't have been able to know what was going on...ah! the effect the bubble has on us stewransonians (yep bronze, i'm watching bones this late in the night or early in the morning and it kinda gave me the inspiration for that :P)

  8. Thanks so much for this post. I was drowning with all the negativity/hate over the past months until I found great people at the AT boards and that led me to this site as well. I came to Twilight kind of late. Saw Twilight last December had not read the books because I do not like vampire stories and just not a novel reader. I was not prepared for what would occur next. Think I have read the books at least 5 times each, the movie numerous times -totally not what I usually get involved with at all. I thought R&K did a great job/chemistry good as it should be and then I discovered youtube videos. Wow - saw even more steamy hot chemistry offset then on! But didn't Kristin have a bf? Kept seeing R&K's reaction to each other, the looks the closeness. Well, that is when I started to find more and more online sites for as much info as I could get. Garbage, a lot of that for sure so after much searching I did find some really great sites.

  9. Kristin75 again; It is really hard to piece R&K's story when all you do is look at youtube videos and read stuff on some of the fan sites. I discovered Ted but never bothered to read the comments. Well, discovered that I should read the comments and this led me eventually to find safe places to read and your great site.
    One comment I wanted to ask about: The Italy promo is rather confusing and the time in between R&K being together in Japan has me wondering what was going on. But the relationship with M still is kind of hazy. Just within the last couple of months someone asked Ted what he thought K&M's relationship was like. He said he thought he had heard that their's was kind of an open relationship. To me that means they were together but could date others if they wanted to. That makes me think that that is why R&K could then be friends and ultimately let that friendship heat up into something much more without really cheating so to speak on M. I still don't understand the 2 times M showed up in Vancov during NM. Was he trying to make one last effort to win K back? Summit sending him just doesn't do it for me. Might be out of room again but I would love to talk more about this again with you. Thanks again for the great site.

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  11. I think the Michael thing is perhaps easier than we initially make it out to be. M. was her first boyfriend, her first crush. I think she never knew what love could be like until she met Rob.

    I think the spark was initial, instant but neither knew what hit them to act on it. They had the time of filming Twilight to grow closer, it's evident from videos from set.

    But how does Michael fit into this? I think he was fighting something unstoppable and held on as long as he could and as long as Kristen still thought about making things work with him.

    I don't think they had an open relationship. I have always found M's body language to be very possessive, whereas Rob's is more protective.

    The time between Rome and Tokyo is tricky. I think Rome proved to be a difficult time in K/M's rship but they didn't break up, or not permanently at least. Michael was quite absend during the promotion, but he was there.

    When Rob went back to London in December he seemed quite miserable. I always refer back to the GQ magazin interview he did, where he seemed lost in the new role he had as superstar. He was drinking more and pubbing a lot, had no real friends and the girl he wanted was unobtainable.

    Now there's unconfirmed stories Kristen did go to London last January. I always believed she did, but it is hard to prove.

    I think the relationship with M. ended late Dec/early Jan. Tokyo was flirty and reserved at the same time. Rob was far more composed, finally seemed to have himself pulled together.

    But then we have NM filming, where we spot M. at two occasions. The first time was at the end of March when NR was with them, and K and M were holding hands. I think that situation looks very well orchestrated. I have always believed in bearding. Not deliberate bearding, but it was definitely convenient for Summit that it looked like that. I think K was trying to keep M around to remain friends (she has also walked hand in hand with NR and others, so maybe she was now holding the hand of her 'now friend' M) but it didn't work in the end. The 2nd sighting was at the end of April, the famous 'piggy back' aka 'phony pony'. That was the end of it and merely designed to say goodbye. It looked staged, because K was looking directly into the camera and she never deliberately does that. I think maybe she wanted to show she and M did not part of bad terms. After all, the months after, where they didn't spend time together at all ( not in public indefinitely) people still believed them to be together which is different from people believing they broke up on bad terms. Plus, Kristen would never be the type to officially confirm a break up anyway.

    In the end it's the classic boy and girl have crush, girl meet new/true love and leaves boy without trying to hurt him. Put into play that girl and true love work together very very closely and that they also have professional obligations which mesh with their private feelings, plus a boyfriend and a BFF who wanted to meddle and you have a story ;)

  12. Thanks Bronze for taking the time to write back. I do so agree that especially for Rob it was love at first sight and well Kristin she just couldn't believe that kind of connection could really exist for herself. You feel what you feel and eventually she had to let go and let it happen. They seem so right for each other in so many ways. Do you think anyone will ever fill in the blanks for us ever?

  13. Unless R/K do so themselves, I kind of don't want to hear it. Well, maybe MA's side for good measure, but still...only if R/K will talk about how it all started, it'll be on their terms to share and that's not very likely to happen. Maybe in a few years when the frenzy has settled, and/or they've been together long enough for the hype to over. Small chance though, as Kristen especially is very private. Rob is more likely to have caught some verbal dirrhea ;)