Sunday, December 13, 2009

Investikudos Rant: Robsten, the package deal.

Are you Team Edward? Team Jacob? Maybe Team Bella?

Team Charlie and his porn'stache? (He should've had an Entertainment Weekly cover too)

So many possibilities.

Most of them rather harmless. Granted, there's nothing like a heated debate between an Edward and a Jacob fan and hair may be pulled, mean words of sparkling tiaras and fake ab-muscles may be uttered (those of you who've see Taylor Lautner host SNL will understand) but it's harmless because they are fictional characters.

When you are on Team Rob, Team Kristen (or Team Taylor), you aren't supporting fictional characters.

In weeks of drought, especially after months of New Moon promotion over-indulgence, it's easy to get lost in the onslaught of rumors, fresh gossip and the occasional run in with the paparazzi Rob and/or Kristen have.

For the most part they've managed to remain somewhere secluded, most definitely enjoying some down time.

But then, they step out. Paparazzi rejoice and atart the hunt. And before we know it, the drought is over and we're hit with up close and personal photos of Rob. Snaps of Kristen near her parents house.

Papz do their job, whether celebrities like it or not. we don't think Rob and Kristen chose this side of fame and probably didn’t even choose fame at all. They enjoy their profession as much as a pap-photographer enjoys the rush of getting a scoop.

Where do we, as fans draw the line? Since we don't know which boundaries Rob and Kristen have set for themselves in regards of getting stalked by the papz, we can't support them in any other way but to decide for ourselves what we find acceptable.

There's a fine line between wanting to see them out and about, knowing the only way to get those shots is through the paparazzi, and wanting them to be free from having to deal with exactly that.

We saw one photo from last week when Rob went to a Marcus Foster gig with Bobby Long. In that picture the papz were all up in his business and he was shielding his face.

Several people told us he was smiling in other photos. Which makes us wonder if that means that it is all okay to have a camera lens in your face because you curl your lips into a smile.

So, when you're smiling it's alright for papz to follow you around?

We think not.

It's part of the everlasting debate of celebrities vs paparazzi. Privacy vs the business of being famous.

People who work in Hollywood, have their faces splattered across the covers of magazines, big screens, small screens and gossip rags know their personal business is very much of interest to everyone who enjoys watching them.

That includes all of us who enjoy watching Rob and Kristen.

They have their own balance and know the papz are part of the deal. They don't deserve to be stalked, because they don't want to be celebrities, they just love acting.

We believe it puts them in a different category. They are not alone, only certain starlets seem to enjoy their cooch on display, their boobs falling out and posing in front of the pap-camera.

Just because Rob is smiling about whatever has him amused, in no way means he is happy to be snapped.

Kristen was spotted yesterday and got photographed near her parents house. In one photo she was smiling too, does that mean she was enjoying herself.

Most people on "Team Kristen" seems to think it was very un-cool to have Kristen papped on what is known to be private property.

That is un-cool. Beyond un-cool, it is disgusting. Disturbing. And unfortunately not a first or last.

But these same people now seem to be angry because after Rob was snapped up close last week, some of his fans started a support campaign.

What happened to Rob - from the one photo we saw - was very unpleasant. Most of these so called support campaigns don’t make much of a difference, but they are a good reminder of how disgusting the papz are, how close they get and how wrong that is.

"Team Kristen" wonders: doesn’t Kristen deserve the same support and complain about how Rob always gets all the support and Kristen never gets any.

First of all, what happens every time Kristen gets papped near her house, or anywhere is as disturbing as when it happens to Rob nwhen he is enjoying himself with some friends, or with Kristen.

There’s no difference, whether it is part of the Hollyweird business or not, it continues to be creepy. It’s a universal problem unfortunately, not just one Rob and Kristen deal with.

Secondly, what is stopping these Kristen fans to start a similar campaign? Their disturbance is justified, after all.

What's unfair is how they claim Rob knew the papz were there and even anticipated on it and posed, whereas Kristen had no idea and therefore it is worse for Kristen than it is for Rob.

All because he was smiling?

Getting old.

Not saying "Team Rob" is any better. They continue to hope and support the made up and/or spun out of control stories of Rob’s relationship status to their own benefit. And there have been a lot of them in the past few weeks.

That's also getting old.

Now, we are no saints and don't claim to be better, but we do wonder...

Is it that hard to support Rob AND Kristen?

You don’t have to be a fan of both to RESPECT them both.

Nothing screams disrespect more than a bunch of teams beating each other down in online wars over who deserves more support, who is better and why they should dump each other.

Rob and Kristen are very much real people and very much together. They probably don't call themselves “Team Robsten” but they are definitely a package deal.

Note: It's all opinion.


  1. They are a package deal... well said, Bronze! :)) Team R/K!

  2. the point is: how many people want them as a package deal? coz lately i've got this feeling that there are so many people who want them apart.
    i don't know why, though. i don't get it, not even if i try hard.
    i mean, here we have two young persons who love and, of course, respect each other (because they love and respect each other, c'mon, no one can deny that, not even the bigger nonsten).
    now, if you're a fan, since rob loves and respects kristen and vice versa, how come you are not able to do the same? it makes no sense to me.
    but it makes sense to a lot of people out there.
    and i'm not just talking about pics, pappz, people campaigning for rob not to be hunted at a friend's gig or kristen at her parents' place.
    i'm talking about people always ready to bash one or the depends if you're a robsessed or obsessed by stewie.
    he has a beer, he's an alcoholic. she doesn't smile, she's a bitch. he walks the stage with another actress to present an award, he's a womanizer. she cuts her hair, she's ugly (seriously?). i could go on for pages, but i don't want to mess up bronze's blog.
    months and months of crap like this.
    so, am i surprised if now the 2 teams fight over few pics instead of supporting them both? nope! they just can't help it.
    what bother me is that those 2 teams are fighting over nothing, as usual.
    in this particular case does it matter if rob was smiling and kris was not (or vice versa)? does it matter if he was at a show and she was at her parents' house? no, it does not matter. if we think pappz crossed the line we should show them our support but not making a competition out of it, coz that's pointless.
    in general, does it matter if we are team rob or team kristen? no, again, to me it doesn't.
    they are together, they love and respect each other. i think we should do the same, love and respect them. both.

  3. oh crap! that was a long rant bronze :P i'm sorry...

  4. No worries, Ab :) it's absolutely true that most people definitely don't want them as a package. As individual actors that's valid. They have their own identity. But when we talk of their personal lives, they are together and you'll be disrespecting the one you're a fan of, but disrespecting the other.

    That won't change people's minds and it part of the reason why they keep hush about things. I don't always agree with that, hope they'll be a bit more open professionally, like at premieres and stuff, support each other during those events, but I understand the part where they don't want to feed the masses who hate one of them anyway.

  5. Ahh Bronze - always the voice of reason!
    Keep up the good work!

  6. Well said AB and Bronze. I agree that as fans, we need to respect their personal lives. Kudos to both of them that they have not been papped any more than they have since the PR tour and Premiere. Bronze is so right that they see themselves as actors not celebratries. If the fans all walked in their shoes for a day, a week, or so, anyone would have a new appreciation of what they give up to have the career they have chosen.
    We as fans should be outraged that they cannot live their private lives without the constant fear of being snapped in a private unguarded moment.
    As much as I love that they are a "package deal", I want to see the succeed in their private relationship. It seems that they, esp. Rob, has worked hard to get the relationship to this point and they both deserve to be happy. If Kristen wants to keep it private and to "own" it, you cannot blame her- she is one smart young lady.
    Its hard enough in a loving, personal and growing relationship without all of the pappz in their faces. I so look forward to California's new bill which should give celebs more privacy.

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  11. The things that I really don't like is I read loads of so called fans who's so easy to have a doubt if they are together or not, they keep changing their mind everytime a new pics out, like that infamous pic of Nikki and Rob, then all these people down graded Rob etc...I still have a strong belief that they have something for each other....I wish all of these so called fans also do the same....

  12. I'm with you on the 15 hours in coach!...leaves you breathless if you don't stop every so often and stepout to stretch your legs!

  13. as to the moniker, well, I did, but left such a trail of destruction in my wake that anyone can find me, especially now! Do what you feel is best, I'll find you...
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  18. Hey, NLL(Amanda) and Marble Pole. This is 'yay Robsten' just chiming in with a wave. I hope you guys don't mind that I followed you here; I usually lurk. This site is really great (huge kudos to its creator!) and it'll be nice to check out more of this site, especially in the news drought. Plus, you guys are really nice and it's always a relief to get away from people who are rude or bash Rob or Kris. Hope it's kool.

  19. Phew - you had me worried for a minute there - those minions of yours, RL intruding on the fun!!
    I have invited some ticket holders to join us, they couldn't wait any longer..all has gone quiet now so I'm expecting them sometime soon.

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  33. Hi Bronze,

    Your site seems to be the sanest. My eyes can't take all the verbal carnage going on the other sites and it seems to have gotten worst since the RM photoshoot.

    Fans from both camps are trying to out mudsling each other with Kristen & Rob stuck in the middle and pretty much oblivious to what's going on, at least I hope so. These women are embarrassing and they can procreate...YIKES!

    You have remained steadfast in your belief of Robsten, and I commend you, whereas I have waned a little and not because of the RM photoshoot. I need a pic and a recent pic of the 2 together, arm in arm, staring lovingly at each other. Ask much. I'm weak. Please don't shoot putting on bullet proof vest on now.

    Where's this secret place everyone's going to. I went there and couldn't register.

    Thanks for letting me air my thoughts. Would love to hear yours.

  34. Atticus, you can register here:

    You'll receive an activation email with log-in instructions. (better check your spam/junkmail for the activation email)

    As for the wars between fanbases, well that was expected. I absolutely understand that people waver between what is true and what is not, because there seem to be so many stories which are very much all over the place.


    They are together. They are. Still, I am pretty sure more shit will hit the fan soon, especially around X mas time when kristen won't be travelling to London with Rob (right away)

    Still, it's up to everyone individually what to believe. I don't think it's a bad thing to have doubts, as long as it stays respectful. And the wars on internet definitely don't show that. And that's a shame.