Sunday, November 29, 2009

Investikudos Weekly Update: Nov 23-29 Nov 09

We don't have much to update on, because it's been a slow Rob and Kristen week. Which essentially means they are enjoying their time together and manage to fly under the radar.

A thing we approve of :)

Since we are still an investigative blog, we do still speculate on things. Lately there hasn't been much to speculate on, because we've seen so much of Rob and Kristen in public, there was barely any need to speculate or theorize.

But with them back into hiding (and again, good for them) we are kind of curious how they spend their Thanksgiving and without wanting to invade their privacy, we'd like to put a little theory out there. A Thanksgiving Theory, if you will...

We stumbled upon some Sam Bradley tweets from Thanksgiving Day: went for a walk. I am with wonderful people. Do we eat pumpkin pie because it follows halloween? Left over pumpkin?

Just thought I would share a little coast for the middle people. Can't wait for house of blues. It's this boys dream

Happy day. I am taking a quick flight with my agent to turkey. The eating kind!

He's been in California for days (not in L.A.) and took that little plane with his agent to have T-giving dinner somewhere. With the Stewarts, perhaps...

In other news: Rob and Kristen were out and about last night, supporting Bobby Long at his gig at the Hotel Cafe. No pictures.

@tiffy1581: RK were at Bobby's gig last night!!! My friend saw them there, but they were behind a curtain like always ;)
@barbaramorden:My husband reviewed Bobby Long at the Hotel Cafe tonight. Apparently Rob&Kris were there. I never saw them

In the drought of Rob and Kristen sightings, we happily refer back to our blog with Rob and Kristen interviews from the press junkets in L.A. to hold you over.

- Entertainment Weekly released three covers this week, for each team: Bella, Edward and Jacob.

We think Kristen's looks best:



Also, some Remember Me related news:

The trailer

Finally, we want to briefly touch upon some drama relating to an old picture of Rob and Nikki Reed, with her basically dry humping him.
Now for emphasis, we did the following:

It doesn't take a scientist to spot the differences. It also seems irrelevant to even try and justify the reaction this picture is getting across the web.
Some call Rob a manwhore now. Apparently he has slept with everything with boobs and an ass. We actually believe the situation is a bit more delicate than that and unfortunately, in a time where news on Rob and Kristen is scarce, people use the opportunity to jump on pictures like these to freak and prove their point, desperately trying to justify their (closeted) hatred for either Rob or Kristen.

Now we are certain Rob and Kristen are no saints (who is anyway?) and we'll even go as far as admit that Nikki Reed may have gotten hurt because she liked Rob and he didn't exactly return those feelings.

But even if we don't put up a picture like the one above, we can easily point out the difference between Rob/Kristen and Nikki Reed. Unlike Reed, Rob and Kristen keep their mouth shut about her. She on the other hand uses every opportunity to name drop Kristen and subtly make known of her contempt for Rob.

Some might, will and do explain this as "Rob must have hurt her badly" and that's certainly one way to look at it. But for us, it's mostly a woman scorned, because she didn't get what she wanted. If Rob had really hurt her, Kristen would have chosen her side.

Kristen is no dummy and would not be with Rob if he was such a bad man.

Of course, in the end it is all opinion, but this blog will not allow Rob and Kristen bashing because of a bunch of pictures. We appreciate and value everyone's opinion and we are very capable of being critical of Rob&Kristen and are quite certain things did not go smoothly last year when they were paving the way for their relationship. But if anything that picture of Rob and Nikki Reed shows how much he didn't want to be there.

Rob has probably screwed up quite a few times in his quest to win Kristen's heart, just as she screwed up in an attempt to salvage the relationship with MA and try and ignore her feelings for Rob. People got hurt and no one is perfect in this.

But Rob is not a man whore and Kristen is not a cheater. As for Nikki Reed, we feel her behavior time and time again (also given her reputation in the past) shows her as one of the culprits and not merely the victim. Responsibility comes in many ways, as does atonement. It probably goes for all three of them, but only one is running her mouth about it in some form. That's the difference between respect and disrespect and taking responsibility for your own actions.

And we'll leave it at that.

Note: we own nothing but that very long rant ;)


  1. Hi,Bronze!I think we had enough talk about that stupid photo of R/NR.
    I wanted to ask you what do you think about the fanfiction on R/K.I just read one and i felt awful.I mean,i find it disguisting for some people to write stuff like that about other people.It's another thing writing stories about E/B and another about R/K.These stories are just porn.Rob has said that he reads fanfiction.Oh,my God!How would he feel if he read stuff like that ?Especially that beyond twilight story was vomiting.Some people have serious sexual issues there and they project them on Rob and Kristen.

    By the way i love the disguisting title under Nikki's pic.

  2. I totally agree with everything you said,girl.Nikki sounds bitter,but i think she must move on with her millionaire bf???and leave Rob and Kristen alone.
    Nikki still says that she's very close with K,that she's her heart(???),but when they were in Vancouver,we only saw them hunging out twice.Last year they were everywhere together.Kristen was more with her than she was with MA.So definately something happened there that changed their friendship.Maybe Rob didn't want her to hung out with Nikki so much.

  3. It is too bad there are people out there who cannot stand seeing others happy and in love. Maybe it is a void in their life ..jealously.. who knows.

    All I see in the picture is Nikki looking actually quite unladylike and Rob really not wanting to be there. How that picture proves Rob is a "manwhore" should really get their eyes checked. I don't even think he is even touching her.

  4. I have been quite shocked to see the negative comments about this pic on other sites. Talk about building folks up to tear them down and give them scarlet letters on top of it; the comments about Rob have been that venemous. It really makes fans seem crazy and delusional;like they really think the actors are the characters in the books/movies, most of all that Rob P. = Edward. This is what creeps him and the other actors out and rightly so.

  5. Re the question about R/K FF: I don't read it. I've read a few chapters once and it felt a bit too invasive.

    That kind of makes me a hypocrite, I guess because I occasionally write (well wrote, haven't done so in a while) a short R/K dialogue (on my LJ) so maybe I am not one to talk.

  6. You might call me crazy,but i miss some photos of R/K.I hope they're relaxing somewhere away from all this scrutiny and madness,but i would really,really ,really like to see some new pics.I'm addicted.I admit that.I must go for

  7. Bronze,i just saw New Moon.I don't know if i liked the movie,because of my love of R/K or simply because i enjoy reading the saga.But i know what is the thing that bothered me the most.The twilight saga's heart is the love of Edward and Bella,not Jacob's story.The people who did this movie were definately team Jacob.

    I loved Taylor,i think he did a great job.In fact he made me like Jacob,because when i read the books,i thought Jaycob as immature,selfish boy who manipulated Bella.Taylor's Jacob was a great guy.In fact someone who hasn't read the books will wonder why the hell Bella went to Italy and didn't stay with this great guy!

    As for Edward and Bella,the scenes were too poor IMO.They cut a lot of important scenes between them as his gift to her,the bedroom scenes after the reunion,the kisses were too short,but they chose put the scene with the dreamcatcher which for me wasn't important.

    I know that Summit wanted to promote Tay and to keep the interest about Eclipse,but this is ridiculous.IMO there wasn't ever a love triagle.Even Bella,said that "it was always him".Now i'm really scare for Eclipse.I think DS must have done an even less love story.I'm sorry,but i;m from those people who are looking forward to see some E/B's scenes and not B kissing Jaycob.

  8. And i didn'y like Edward's make up,clothes(he looked like a 35year old guy)and his eyes were red???

  9. The scene where Edward talks to Jaycob on the phone and he says that Charlie has gone to a funeral,it was too flat.I didn't feel the pain.

  10. And the scene with Edward learning from Jaycob about Bella's "death"was too flat.I didn't feel the pain.

  11. I think Rob did well, especially given the fact this was a Taycob film and every scene was focused on him, from beginning to end. I liked the suit Edward wore at the b-day party.

    I think there are actually quite a few good/interesting Bedward scenes that were deleted/cut out and will be on the DVD.

    I am looking forward to more Edward in Eclipse, but I am worried Kristen will downplay the scenes with Robward because of the speculation (kinda how she acted during promotime, all close with Tay - well in US, in Europe she was in the Bubble w/ R) because it sometimes felt like she did that in NM.

    I hope Bedward/RK will bring it in Eclipse, regardless of the Tay-promotion.

  12. Well,Kristen is a professional.If she's gonna downplay it,then it's not fair for the twilight fans.It's not their fault if R/K are dating.They wanna see some Bella's and Edward's love.If they don't give us that,then i'm sorry,but all the haters who were saying that their relationship would harm their on screen chemistry,will be right.

  13. Bronze,Rob always give me the impression of a guy who can't hide his feelings.I watched him at the European promo tour and he was always trying to win her attention.Especially at the Madrid event,he was cute!!!I think Kristen's very sexy dress made the poor boy completely lovesick.Kristen,is more professional,i know that,but i have to admit that her attitude to Taylor made mad.I mean at some photos,especially from the premiere,she looks at him and hungs him almost adorigly.Even as a brother,i understand that,but it bothered me.A lot.

  14. And ,since it's a confession time,it's really pisses me off when i read articles or at blogs things like"her rumored bf RP"or "his supposed gf KS".I'm sorry,but it drives me mad.

  15. It was her JOB to buddy up to Taylor for promotion, and it was obvious that she wasn't thrilled about being separated from Rob most of the time. She IS being professional by focusing the promotion on Taycob - and I say this as an adoring Robsten/Bedward fan.

  16. I did not say she wasn't professional. I pointed out that it was my fear she'd feel uncomfortable with all the speculation and go against that by focusing on Tay. because she wasn't just "buddying up" to him during promo-time. She was leaning on him, likely because she wasn't allowed to be all that close to Rob (a rule she said 'screw it' to in Europe)

    Whether people like it or not. Eclipse will be promoted as a triangle and with this new "feud" between Rob and Tay (allow me to roll my eyes at that rumour) it is going to be played out to the max. I am glad Eclipse is +6 months away. I can only hope they'll give all three the spotlight and not force KrisTay upon us again. They need to balance it. It can't be like in Europe where Tay was the 3rd wheel and it can't be like the premiere where K was practically all over him.

    I'd settle for the way things were during Hot Topic. A little of both.

  17. Bronze,there's a "new"interview of Rob at both Robsessed and his IMDb,with a slovenian magazine called Vicend,in which he says that he's very good friends with Kristen,but only that.Many girls there also think that it's either a fake one,or reprinted from another mag.But the girl who did the translation said that it's a serious mag who doesn't give a shit about robsten.

    Do you think that maybe we're all wrong about the robsten love?Do you think that maybe we want to see and believe something so much that it isn't there?Sometimes,i admit that i;m thinking that maybe they have other secret relationships with other people who they protect from the scrutiny and they keep the rumors about them just for Pr or for hidding something?

    Even at Ted's board many posters are saying that this is a PR move.That's why NM did so well,because of the rumors.I know you're gonna bash me for this,but sometimes i'm wondering if this is true.

  18. Why would I bash you? It's you who has doubts, which you are entitled to.

    If you choose to go with magazines and Ted's board, by all means.

    For myself, aka IMO I know better. I know they are together and have time and time again explained why.

  19. I'm just gunna quote K here - 'own what you own'! I own my opinion here - I see them very much together with my own eyes and nothing will make me sway from that until I see them not together anymore...others are entitled to their doubts, but I have none.
    Just to lighten the mood after all the stress and worry that is out there after 'those' photos...
    My new favourite R/K clip is the Robsten cuteness at the London Press Conference last month, makes me smile! Even my husband agrees they are holding hands or have their hands on each others knees under the table for most of the time. So lovely! makes all the bad go away!

  20. Why would he speak to a Slovenian magazine about his personal life? The Harper Bazaar article was pretty much a confirmation of their relationship without them confirming it. If it was a relationship for PR purposes, they would be at every premiere, charity event, displaying PDA at every opportunity. What do they do since their promotion of NM is over,they go into hiding. If they were not together, I think we would have seen one of them by now. I really hope wherever they are , they are enjoying each other in the peace and quiet. They deserve it.

  21. Hey Bronze,
    Lots of traffic over on AT, some about timelines etc - all have been directed your way, so you can expect increased traffic over the next few days I think...
    Keep up the good work!

  22. Hi - I am one of the AT folks coming to check this site out. FANTASTIC! Adding to my list of favorites now. Love the tone here... Thanks in advance . . .