Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Moon Promotion: Kristen in Sao Paolo on November 1st 2009


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Kristen and Taylor talked about their characters and how they liked Brazil.

Tay talked about his diet to get buffed up as Jacob. Kristen loves Sao Paolo and was surprised at how many buildings were there.

She loves the Brazilian fans.

When asked about Bella/Jacob/Edward, Kristen said the following:
Jacob is the guy for her. he's perfect for bella, by his side, she can be who she really is, she has fun, lets go of her fears. But girls not always make the right choices and she got something with edward she can't control, they're soulmates. In breaking dawn, you realize things had to turn out that way, that jacob was supposed to be her best friend, not her boyfriend". She completed that bella's love for edward is bigger than anything she has ever felt in real life "but not because i'm not capable to love."

The full quote here

(Note: Kristen has always had this opinion on the B/E/J dynamic. It's got nothing to do with Rob and Kristen. Her last comment is reflecting on her real life, but we feel she merely tries to explain bella goes to extremes that are foreign to her and that it's got nothing to do with how much she can love a person.)

She also mentioned Edward, but called him Rob. ;) See Tweetdeets below.

When asked about her clothing style, Tay interrupted and said she looked good in anything.

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Some info on what happened @ the press-junkets.

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Indeed RT @KillerCortez This just gets better and better RT @carolinacarter the question was about the power of Bella's love for Edward
about 15 hours ago from web

Reply Oh rlly? Can you be more specific? RT @carolinacarter @delaneyg84 It´s true! the question was about 'feelings' =D
about 15 hours ago from web

Reply Oh rlly!? RT @divatonks In one interview, she was talking about Edward and changed the names and called Robert. She was embarrassed!!
about 15 hours ago from web

We'll update on that as soon as we have more info/footage.

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  1. She has now only 2 watches : one for her time and one set for Tokio time? :p

  2. in brazil she started with 3, now two. pretty soon only one will be needed again :)

  3. hope somebody asks about the watches during the promos?