Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Moon Promotion: Rob and Kristen in London, UK on November 11 2009

Loads of pictures

More Pictures

Press Conference:

Video of Rob at London Fan Event Red Carpet

Video of Kristen at London Fan Event Red Carpet

More Rob on Red Carpet

Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Chris on stage for a Q and A

Cast entering stage for Q and A

On stage for Q & A

Q and A part 1
Q and A part 2
Q and A part 3
Q and A part 4
Q and A part 5
Q and A part 6
Q and A part 7
Q and A part 8

Fanreport from London

Interview on Red carpet

Kristen on BBC radio with Edith Bowman:

Rob on BBC 1 Radio

Very cute Robsten London video

Leaving for Madrid

Note: We own nothing. We actually liked Kristen's outfit and Rob's stubble. We own the love for that.

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  1. Rob looks a little manic in a couple of these pix, like he's had several espressos too many in an attempt to deal with the jetlag.