Saturday, November 7, 2009

Investikudos Weekly Update: November 2-8 2009

From Brazil and Mexico to Japan. From Vanity Fair to Harpers Bazaar. Press Junkets and interviews.

New Moon promotion is definitely in full swing. Well minus the Harpers Bazaar shoot. Unlike what some might believe, this photoshoot was NOT Summit initiated and has nothing to do with New Moon in particular. Indirectly it'll definitely help promotion and surely Harpers Bazaar is more than eager to coin on the Twilight trend, but the shoot itself is Rob and Kristen, not Edward and Bella.

It was a busy week for Rob and Kristen, which will end by travelling to Europe, where next week's promotion will take place.

Kristen spend Sunday through Tuesday in Brazil and Mexico with Taylor, while Rob promoted New Moon in Japan with Chris Weitz. In their absence we were left to enjoy the stunning photos in Harpers Bazaar December issue.

Promoting New Moon in the US started Friday with Rob and Kristen doing back to back interviews, taping Jimmy Kimmel Live and kicking off the Hot Topic Twilight Mall Tour.

You'll also find a little more info on what's been what @ Jimmy Kimmel here and here.The New Moon Special will air November 20

On Saturday more interviews followed, amongst others with Chuck the Movie Guy, Pop Sugar, Hit Fix and ETalk CTV. We'll update on all those interviews as soon as they are available.

We do have some Tweets from Popsugar, to give you a small gist.

There's also a sneak preview from Hitfix, on what they talked about with Rob, Kristen (and Taylor)

More photos from the Press conference on November 6

In other news, there was a another New Moon Behind the Scenes Sneak Peek

We also have some new Vanity Fair outtakes of Rob.

He also spoke to the Times online during Eclipse filming.

Kristen spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her relationship with Rob and unfortunately her words weren't exactly properly interpreted. Gossip Cop tried to vindicate her intentions.

Here's also an interview with Kristen done by the Daily Record where she talks about New Moon and how her life has changed.

Kristen attended the 2009 JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes at Dodger Stadium on November 8,2009 in Los Angeles:

A busy week is ahead, since Rob and Kristen will be in Europe, alongside Chris and Taylor for more New Moon promotion. We'll keep you updated on that and all the interviews they did Friday and Saturday, as soon as we can get our hands on them.

Note: Kudos to all the people coming up with this.

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