Friday, November 6, 2009

New Moon Promotion: Kristen at New Moon Promotion Interviews on November 6-7 2009 in Los Angeles

Answers in articles, video, audio and tweets:

Access Hollywood:

Also here

Part one

Part two

Marrying Taylor or Rob?

From the press conference


(takes long to load, link doesn't always work, but worth it. It's a listen.)

Interview and Audio from HitFix (@press conference)

About her and Rob from celebuzz

More from Stew

Tweets from Celebuzz

More tweets

@taryder: KS isn't allowed to talk about Breaking Dawn start date or if it'll be two movies, they skipped the guy who asked it

@taryder: In eclipse KS says she loves the tent scene w/ jacob and edward...loves scenes w/ the three of them

@taryder: Kristen says she thinks she's a boring person, u won't find her at clubs/bars unless its an event. Love this girl

@taryder: [Kristen] Says tabloids are like shows w/ false realism. Doesn't bother her and she doesn't take it personally

@elguapo1: #newmoon Kristen said shooting the break up scene was very difficult
@elguapo1: Kristen says she wasn't trying to imitate Joan Jett. Wanted her own impersonation


More pictures from Kristen today

More on Kristen working with Rob

Preview for Entertainment Tonight

From Ok Magazine

Kristen's interview with Eonline

Kristen on Bella

Kristen on working with Rob again (on another film)
Kristen: Yeah, we talk about it all the time.


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