Friday, November 6, 2009

New Moon Promotion: Rob at New Moon Promotion Interviews on November 6-7 2009 in Los Angeles

Press conference:



From Taryn (Awful Truth - Eonline)

From Celebuzz:

Rob control freak?

Photos of Rob at press conference

Other Tweets:
@theawfultruth Rob says he connected with new moon the most bc it humanizes edward most
@answerbitch ROB #rpattz: Plaid shirt, leather jacket, stand-up hair.
@answerbitch #rpattz on #newmoon director: "He's a saint."
@HitFixDaniel "He is like a saint. He's one of the best people I've ever met." - Pattinson is a big Chris Weitz fan

@HitFixDaniel: Rob says he things "Breaking Dawn" is tentatively scheduled to begin shooting next fall. But he isn't sure.

Talking to Extra

Access Hollywood, Part one:

Part two:

Rob's abs?

Rob earlier today

More from Rob - He's watched Titanic :)

Preview for Entertainment Tonight

Rob @ MTV

On Unbound Captives/Bel Ami

Rob on relationship with Kristen

Great Interview with Rob from Pattinson Online

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  1. Bronze..

    fro me Rob is only fooling around the question, as always not saying too much.. I undetsna dhe did well, considering that they do not want to say it out aloud.
    And the pics from the hot topic are great...again ROBSTEN is sooo obvious.. *sigh* do you notice that media not asking direct questions anymore? for me it's because everyone is sure about it, but still they want to try get some statements...*sigh*

  2. I mean sbout the the interview about Rob relationship with Kristen...

  3. I think some media will continue and try to "smoke" them out with lies, but after Hb came out, more outlets are convinced and may try to subtly hint at it, trying to coaz R/K int an answer, but for the most part, after NM promotion is done, things will probably die down.