Sunday, November 15, 2009

Investikudos Weekly Update: Nov 9-15 2009

It was a busy week for Rob and Kristen.

They started out in Paris on Tuesday, followed by a surprising display of affection....

....when catching their private jet (living large now, Summit?) to London. Of course Rob was all smiles, eager to visit the homeland, even if it was just for a day.

By Thursday the so called Trifecta/Trinity went to Madrid, where they also had dinner Thursday night and got to spend their day off on Friday.

Saturday they found themselves in Munich where they received the Golden Otto for Twilight and Rob and Kristen also received the Bravo award for their individual performance. Taylor received the award for Best Break Out Performance.

By now they are heading back to L.A. anticipating the Official New Moon premiere tomorrow night in Los Angeles. After that, another week of promotion is ahead, with Rob and Kristen visiting a load of talkshows. We'll keep you updated on all of that throughout the week.

In other news.
We updated on a load on press junket interviews. You'll find those here.

Further more, Entertainment Weekly did a feature with the Trifecta and it's a good read.

Also, a little sneak peek at Jimmy Kimmel's New Moon Special on November 20th

Rob and Kristen on CBS.

Note: we own some of this stuff, but most is still owned by people with actual talent.

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