Sunday, May 29, 2011

Investikudos Weekly Update: May 23 - 29 2011

Current Projects

*Bel Ami
No News

*Breaking Dawn
Teaser Poster:

Go to MTV's website to vote for Eclipse, Rob and Kristen so they can take the golden popcorn home on June 5.

* Cosmopolis
Filming has started, first look:

Pics on set

* K11
Updated official K-11 production info:
STATUS: July 18
LOCATION: Los Angeles
PRODUCER: Michele Berk - Tom Wright Jr.
WRITER: Jared Kurt - Jules Mann-Stewart
Dissolute record producer Ray Saxx finds himself thrown in jail on charges of murdering one of his top artists, an act he doesn't remember due to his
characteristic drug haze. In prison, Ray is kept out of the general population and put in the K-11 unit, a pit of chronic sexual and drug abuse run by
the depraved Sergeant Johnson, whose reign of terror comes to an end thanks to Ray's resourcefulness-- which might just lead to Ray's own
redemption. (Kristen Stewart mentioned for the role of Birdy/Butterfly.)

Note: on K11's IMdb page there's a rumored cast that doesn't include Kristen. The movie has also been removed from her own IMdb page. Now, anyone with IMdb Pro can add and delete items, but with Snow White filming starting in August and preproduction in July, it is possible (but unconfirmed) Kristen is out.

* On the Road
First OtR poster:

John Sloss, founder of Cinetic Media, talks about the state of the motion picture industry and mentions On the Road (starts around 11 min)

* Snow White and the Huntsman
Preproduction has started in London, Kristen was there all week.

* Water for Elephants
All the promotion and premieres here
Water for Elephants has made over 100 million worldwide so far.

In Other News

- Kristen's MTV Movie Award promo clip

- Vanity Fair 2009 Outtakes (Rob)

- More TV Week Outtakes

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Investikudos Weekly Update: May 9-15 2011

Current Projects

* Bel Ami
- New Still and completed status

* Breaking Dawn
No news. There will be a teaser of Breaking Dawn at the MTV Movie Awards.
"Heard today that the first Breaking Dawn trailer has four spectacular takes filmed in Rio. It will air on the MTV Movie Awards."


Go to MTV's website to vote for Eclipse, Rob and Kristen so they can take the golden popcorn home on June 5.

* Cosmopolis
- Pre-production has started.

* K11
- No news

* On the Road
On the Road clips are to be shown to U.S. domestic buyers Sunday evening at the Cannes Film Festival. More about the countries that have bought OTR distribution

First OtR poster:

* Snow White and the Huntsman
- Chris Hemsworth has been cast as the Huntsman.
STATUS: Mid-September 2011
PRODUCER: Joe Roth - Palak Patel WRITER: Evan Daugherty - Hossein Amini
DIRECTOR: Rupert Sanders LP: Sam Mercer
CAST: Charlize Theron - Kristen Stewart - Sam Claflin - Chris Hemsworth


Snow White (Stewart), is an incredible beautiful young woman with raven hair, fair skin, and ruby red lips. Snow White's beauty is ultimately its own curse because, when she becomes the fairest in the land, she becomes a threat to her step-mother Ravenna (Theron). Snow White loves Prince Charmant, a boy of the same age who she was separated from as a teen. Snow White has been forced to live under the hard rules of Ravenna where her only friends were the animals that would come to see her. Snow White's life is turned upside down when Ravenna discovers that Snow White is about to become the fairest. She's driven from the castle and Eric is sent to kill her. Eric is a huntsman who is haunted by the death of his wife, Sara. He was deeply in love and cannot silence the pain caused by her loss. He drinks heavily and spends his days hunting for the White Wolf that killed Sara. He is purely mercenary, taking the money Ravenna offers to bring the most beautiful maidens in the land to the castle. However, when Eric discovers that the White Wolf works for Ravenna, he escapes with Snow White to the Dark Forest and begins preparing to get his revenge.
(Release date June 2012.)

- Sam Claflin talks about joining SWATH as the prince.

* Water for Elephants
All the promotion and premieres here

In Other News

- Elle UK Outtakes (Kristen)

- Kristen makes Popsugar's-10 sexiest Celeb Females list

- Kristen won Best Acting Performance Female for Welcome to the Rileys at the Milan International Film Festival.

- Rob turned 25 on Friday

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Rob! 25 signature looks

On May 13, Robert Pattinson turns 25. Investikudos brings you 25 of his signature "looks."

Music Man
Perhaps his most gorgeous look: behind the piano or with a guitar, making beautiful music

Smoking Hot
How can smoking be bad, when it looks this good?

When Rob is off, he goes grizzly. Not everyone's favorite but he still manages to make it look good

Suit up Rob!
Hobo may be his style but Rob looks dashing in Gucci

Jaw dropping
Those piercing eyes speak volumes. The Jaw is perfection

As a bonus, Rob in love. Because ultimately, he is.

Investikudos wishes Rob a wonderful birthday, hopefully one spend in peace, celebrating with his loved ones.