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Investikudos Weekly Update: November 21 - 27 2011

Current Projects


From Bel Ami UK
“Here it is the news we have all been waiting for confirmed just minutes ago:

UK theatrical release date has been added to the calendar for 2nd March 2012
Official social media channels for the film will soon be set up and we will have all those details here once they are made available.”

See Breaking Dawn News down below.


- News about an upcoming trailer (LINK)

- Lots of talk from DDavid Cronenberg on Rob and Cosmopolis this week. A round up:

From The LA Times
R.K.: Your next film is “Cosmopolis,” which is adapted from a Don DeLillo novel. What can you tell me about it?
D.C.: It's the story of a young billionaire played by Rob Pattinson who travels across Manhattan to get a haircut. That's the plot. Robert's a very underestimated actor. I think he'll blow some people away.

From Living in Cinema
JT: In addition to budgetary reasons, do you prefer shooting in one or two takes for creative reasons as well?
DC: I did the same with A Dangerous Method and the same with my latest movie Cosmopolis. One or two takes…if you’re working properly with your actor and your actor is properly prepared, you don’t need more than that. The idea of doing ninety-nine takes like David Fincher is supposed to have done…it’s a completely different way of filmmaking.

JT: Cosmopolis is slated for next year, which is a return to screenwriting for you and features a stellar cast. What can you tell us about it, in particular Robert Pattinson, who seems a unique choice for a Cronenberg leading man?
DC: I think he’s kind of parallel to [Knightley] really. I think he’s a very underrated actor who’s really good.
And so he proved to be. I think he’s fantastic in the movie… He’s really great. You can ask Paul Giamatti who’s said that publicly, because he does a big scene with him. Cosmopolis is based on a novel by Don DeLillo. It couldn’t be more different from A Dangerous Method, except that it to has a lot of dialogue. But it’s a very different kind of dialogue. You’ll have to wait and see.
via RPLife

From Cinemablend
Working with Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis, is it that same process of really focusing on your actor and giving him a lot of freedom?
He's in every scene. It's quite a different structure from A Dangerous Method. I think the only similarity really is that there's a lot of dialogue, but it's a very different kind of dialogue, a completely different kind of movie. I did shoot it even more ascetically. We finished 5 days early, and I did my director's cut in two days. That's a record for me. And yet it seems to work really well. Basically you're not giving your editors much to work with. At moments he was begging me to do coverage and I wouldn't. I said I don't need that closeup, I don't want that. I'm confident that letting it hang in the long shot is the way to do it. There are classic mistakes that young directors make, they get so enamored of this tricky dolly shot or steadicam shot, then they don't want to do closeups because they think they've done this genius shot, then in the editing room they realize all the emotion, they can't see it. you have to do closeups. But that's a lesson you learn very early on in your career as a director. You have to have unshakeable confidence if you're not going to do that coverage. You have to know this is exactly what I want it to be.

From Gothamist
Viggo Mortensen, Magneto, and a movie with Rob Pattinson next, with all that Twilight hoopla around him. You don’t mind stars with franchise baggage it seems.
It’s like with Viggo with The Lord of the Rings, frankly. We’ve talked about this a lot. He wouldn’t have been a candidate for A History of Violence if it hadn’t been for Lord of the Rings because he wasn’t well-known, he was really kind of a B actor, character actor before Lord of the Rings made him a star. Therefore, he would not be somebody who could get you the financing that you need. It’s something about casting that people don’t think about but as a director, you really have to think about it because your producers make you think about it and so do your distributors. You say, “I want this guy,” and they say “Forget it! Nobody knows who he is and we can’t build a campaign around him to release to movie.” So not only do you have to get the right guy, you have to figure out who that guy is creatively but he has to want to do it to, you have to be able to afford him, he has to be available at the time you want him and he has to have the star power to get your movie financed. It’s very tricky casting a movie and for a director it’s a huge part of what you do, to weave your way through this mine field and end up with the right guy in your movie. Because if you make a huge miscasting mistake, it can kill your movie before you’ve even shot a foot of film.

Have you ever made any huge casting mistakes?
Yes, but I won’t talk about them! [laughs] But not enough to kill the movie, I must say. There are only one or two that I would maybe have rethought. But you get lucky sometimes and sometimes the right person not only says yes and sometimes the right person says no. In other words, for some reason you’ve decided to go with somebody and you later realize, “Thank god that guy didn’t do the movie because this guy is the right guy.” But about Rob Pattinson, yeah, of course, if it weren’t for Twilight I don’t think we could have financed the movie around him because he wouldn’t be known. But aside from that, that was a good thing not a bad thing and of course I have to think about all that.

Especially with a movie that’s so focused on one character.
Absolutely. You make a bad choice and you’ve killed your movie right away or at least you’re staggering through it trying desperately to compensate for what’s not there that should have been there. I felt really lucky to have Rob, he’s fantastic, and I think people will see that it’s obvious. I don’t think it’s going to be a surprise.

From Bloomberg News
Warner: The film stars Robert Pattinson of “The Twilight Saga” series. Do you think he can escape his vampire pigeonhole?
Cronenberg: He’s a terrific actor, which will be obvious when you see the movie. Any director who’s looking to see what he can do will see that he can do a lot.


- Josh Horowitz (MTV) asks David Cronenberg about Cosmopolis

- David Cronenberg mentions Rob and Cosmopolis in Popsugar Interview (around 2:00)

- David Cronenberg talks to Movieweb (LINK)

No news.


More new SWATH pics (LINK)

- SWATH wrap party is set for December 12 2011.


- Vote for Rob and Kristen to become Glamour UK's Best Dressed (LINK)

- Rob and WFE are nominated for 3 People's Choice Awards

* Favorite Movie Actor
* Favorite Drama Movie
* Favorite Book Adaptation

Vote here (LINK)


- Rob talks about the mysterious projects with Wyck Godfrey. (And mentions SWATH trailer)

He says "Yeah" he saw the SWATH trailer, “It’s great. Amazing.”
And about his collab with Wyck, he comments "Yeah, I'm doing a bit of that. I mean, I'm doing a bit of everything. It's very cryptic."

- Rob and Kristen are currently together in London where they enjoyed several nights out together.


- Possible details on the Breaking Dawn DVD/Bluray (LINK)

- New stills and People Magazine wedding/honeymoon scans (LINK)

- Composer Carter Burwell talks about creating the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Score (LINK)

- Bella's visual transformation in Breaking Dawn Part 1 (LINK)

- Bill Condon, Melissa Rosenberg and Wyck Godfrey talk about Rob and Kristen in Breaking Dawn Part 1 and more (LINK to Bill and Melissa's interview) & LINK to Wyck's interview.

- Rob and Kristen talk to EW about Breaking Dawn wedding (LINK)

- Rob talks about working with Bill Condon (LINK

- Mackenzie Foy talk about Rob and Kristen (LINK)

- Bella's wedding dress going on sale (LINK)

- Breaking Dawn Movie extra talks about filming (LINK)

- Wyck Godfrey talks about vampire Bella (LINK)

- All the junket interviews so far:
Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
Part 3: LINK
Part 4: LINK
Part 5: LINK

- Breaking Dawn Part 1 promo has finished. The movie is out. Find links to all the events UPDATED with all available videos etc. here (LINK)

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Breaking Dawn: new stills and more on the wedding

*People Magazine scans - breaking down the wedding

Source (LINK)

More New Breaking Dawn, Part 1 Junket Interviews

* Rob and Kristen's Interview with IMDb

*Rob's Interview with TF1

*Kristen's Interview with WISN

*Rob's Interview with Seventeen Latin America (LINK)

*Rob's Interview with Fox 31 Denver (LINK)

*Rob and Kristen's Interview with Al Rojo (LINK)

*New Interview from Berlin (Rob) - mentions it's annoying Kristen is not there

*Rob's Interview with Today Online Singapore (LINK) and more here

*Rob and Kristen's Interview with NBC Miami

*Rob and Kristen's Interview with Megastar Cineplex Vietnam

*Rob's Interview with Cinescape (LINK)

* Kristen's Interview with HolaTV

*Rob and Kristen's Interview with Mark at The Movies (Plus Taylor)

srpro.112011matmbdctintvws door officialspunkransom

*Kristen's Interview with Fox Reel (LINK)

* New Paris Junket Interview: Rob (LINK)

* Rob and Kristen's Interview with Kerri Anne - Australia (LINK)

* Rob and Kristens Interview with Hot Topics (and Taylor) LINK

* Kristen's Interview with Milenio Mexico (LINK)

* Rob's Interview with RTP2 Portugal (LINK)

* Rob's Interview with Bristol Evening Post (LINK)

* Rob and Kristen's Interview with AP

* New Interviews with Yahoo Movies

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Entertainment Weekly: Breaking Dawn Cover *updated* with HQ scans

And cropped, sorry Taylor

Scans (SOURCE)

Investikudos Weekly Update: November 14 - 20 2011

Current Projects

No News.

See Breaking Dawn News down below.


- David Cronenberg says Rob will blow people away in Cosmopolis (LINK)

- Rob talks about Cosmopolis

- Actor/rapper Gouchy Boy talks about Rob and Cosmopolis (LINK)

How it was to work with actors like Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche?
I thought Robert Pattinson was a great to work with on set. I thought he handled himself like a pro! He would show up to work with a big smile and ready work.I think Robert will surprise a lot of people when this movie comes into theater.

No news.


- Entertainment Tonight goes behind the scenes of SWATH (LINK)

- Charlize Theron mentions Kristen in Vogue (LINK)

- Kristen talks about filming Snow White (LINK)


- Kristen talks about Iron and Wine's Flightless Bird, American Mouth and the Twilight prom scene (LINK)
“Before we even started shooting the first Twilight with [director] Catherine Hardwicke, I was rehearsing with Rob and we were sort of dancing around this room, trying to do this scene,” Stewart tells EW. “I put on Iron & Wine’s ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’ and I just became instantly emotional. Rob couldn’t handle it — it got weird! But I was like, ‘oooh, this is perfect.’”

- New Vogue Italia Outtakes

- Designer Marios Schwab talks about Kristen (LINK)
She wore his dresses at the handprint ceremony and one of the BD press conferences:

- Rob, Kristen and Taylor's hand- and foot prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre:

- Rob and WFE are nominated for 3 People's Choice Awards

* Favorite Movie Actor
* Favorite Drama Movie
* Favorite Book Adaptation

Vote here (LINK)


- New project for Kristen? Akira? (LINK)

Be wary of reports of Kristen Stewart in AKIRA. If she has an offer, that's 1 thing, and v tentative. When they're "in talks," that's legit.
Doesn't mean it won't happen. But offers are tendered and rejected all the time; that's why we rarely, if ever, report on them.
Nobody locked, but Hedlund is closest. He's in talks, which means they mutually agree and are hammering out details.
Hmm, sounds like the Kristen-Stewart-in-AKIRA thing is firming up. Stay tuned ...

NOTE: This is not at all confirmed. Just a possibility.

- New Projects for Rob? (LINK)

On last night’s Breaking Dawn black carpet, we made it our personal mission to find out more, and producer Wyck Godfrey spilled the beans. He told us that he is currently working “on a couple things” with Rob at the moment. “He has great creative instincts,” said Wyck. Awww! When we asked if they were developing one of Rob’s screenplays together, he replied, “It’s a book that he’s interested in.”

Aha! Rob told Vanity Fair that there was a Lillian Hellman story he was playing around with adapting. Could this be it? “I’m not telling you!” Wyck laughed as he dashed away. Hmmm, that sounds like a bit of a giveaway to us! We then asked Rob about his writing. “Yeah,” he said, “I’m doing a bit of that. I’m doing a bit of everything.”

- Rob and Kristen are currently together in London.


- Breaking down Breaking Dawn (LINK)

- Bill Condon talks with Popsugar about Rob & Kristen

- World Premiere (LINK)

- London Premiere (LINK)

- Barcelona Premiere (LINK)

- Berlin Premiere (LINK) and press conference (LINK)

- Kristen on the Conan Show (LINK)

- Cast on the Ellen Show (LINK)

- Entertainment Weekly Breaking Dawn cover and Interview (LINK)

*Also new stills from EW:

- All the junket interviews so far:
Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
Part 3: LINK
Part 4: LINK

- Breaking Dawn Part 1 promo has finished. The movie is out. Find links to all the events, including those from the past week here (LINK)

The movie has made 283.5 million dollars worldwide so far (LINK)

Breaking Dawn Promotion: all the events

October 23-25
*Paris Promo
- fan event: LINK
- Rob was a guest on TF1 (Laurence Ferrari) LINK
- Rob was a guest on M6 (Xavier De Moulins) LINK

October 26:
*Brussels promo
- press conference: LINK
- fan event: LINK
- Rob's interview with RTL-TVI: LINK
- Rob's Interviews with VTM and DH: (LINK)

October 28:
*Stockholm promo
- pressconference: LINK
- fan event: LINK

November 2:
*Rob tapes Jimmy Kimmel: LINK

November 3:
* Handprint ceremony:
- PicturesLINK
- Videos LINK

* MTV First Breaking Dawn: LINK
* Kristen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: LINK
* Kristen tapes Jimmy Kimmel: LINK

* L.A. Press conferences (LINK) for the one on Nov 3 plus photos from Nov 6 (LINK)

November 5:
* Twi-convention: LINK

November 8:
* Rob on Late Night With David Letterman: LINK

November 9:
* Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live: LINK

November 10:

* Rob on the Today Show & Regis and Kelly Live: LINK

* Rob on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: LINK

* Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel Live: LINK

November 14:
- Taping the Ellen deGeneres show: LINK
- Los Angeles, US - World premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1: LINK

November 16:
- Premiere in London, UK: LINK

November 17:
* Premiere in Barcelona, Spain: LINK
* Kristen on Conan O'Brien: LINK

November 18:
* Press conference in Berlin, Germany: LINK
* Premiere in Berlin, Germany: LINK
* Cast on the Ellen Show (broadcast) LINK


* L.A. Press Junket Interviews *updated*
Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
Part 3: LINK
Part 4: LINK