Friday, November 11, 2011

Rob on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon *updated*

Rob and Jimmy are going to do a bow and arrow stand off.

More pictures (LINK)


SPOILER TWEETS by @BellaSophia3530

Jimmy said rob is losing his accent and rob said he doesn't know how he can be more English
Jimmy showed pics from Grauman's and rob thinks he looks like rumplestiltskin

And thought kristen was really going to put cement on his face and he was going to be divaish
Rob and Jimmy played a nerf arrow game where they shot arrows at each other. Rob missed his first shot. Wonky leg positions taking aim
Jimmy hit him square in the groin area and Rob said he has no feeling there

Also said "Kristen is so much better at this game"
Talked about honeymoon starting out demure but turning into a hardcore porn flick

Said in the honeymoon shot, Kristen's stomach is completely flat and he didn't know how to act. Bc she didnt look pregnant at all
Jimmy asked about him living in la and rob said he drives rentals until they run out of gas and a company comes to pick them up
During commercial break during the nerf game, rob had a plastic box around him (to protect the goods) and he had a nose itch.
Couldn't figure out how to get his arm in to reach. Tried going over the plastic box. Then stuck his arm in. Lots of confusion
Rob knelt down and aimed direct at Jimmy's crotch. Dead hit. Very proud.

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