Sunday, November 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn Promotion: all the events

October 23-25
*Paris Promo
- fan event: LINK
- Rob was a guest on TF1 (Laurence Ferrari) LINK
- Rob was a guest on M6 (Xavier De Moulins) LINK

October 26:
*Brussels promo
- press conference: LINK
- fan event: LINK
- Rob's interview with RTL-TVI: LINK
- Rob's Interviews with VTM and DH: (LINK)

October 28:
*Stockholm promo
- pressconference: LINK
- fan event: LINK

November 2:
*Rob tapes Jimmy Kimmel: LINK

November 3:
* Handprint ceremony:
- PicturesLINK
- Videos LINK

* MTV First Breaking Dawn: LINK
* Kristen on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: LINK
* Kristen tapes Jimmy Kimmel: LINK

* L.A. Press conferences (LINK) for the one on Nov 3 plus photos from Nov 6 (LINK)

November 5:
* Twi-convention: LINK

November 8:
* Rob on Late Night With David Letterman: LINK

November 9:
* Rob on Jimmy Kimmel Live: LINK

November 10:

* Rob on the Today Show & Regis and Kelly Live: LINK

* Rob on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: LINK

* Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel Live: LINK

November 14:
- Taping the Ellen deGeneres show: LINK
- Los Angeles, US - World premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1: LINK

November 16:
- Premiere in London, UK: LINK

November 17:
* Premiere in Barcelona, Spain: LINK
* Kristen on Conan O'Brien: LINK

November 18:
* Press conference in Berlin, Germany: LINK
* Premiere in Berlin, Germany: LINK
* Cast on the Ellen Show (broadcast) LINK


* L.A. Press Junket Interviews *updated*
Part 1: LINK
Part 2: LINK
Part 3: LINK
Part 4: LINK

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