Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breaking Dawn Promotion: Kristen taping Jimmy Kimmel

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Kristen brought Bear along... awww. He was just hanging inside the Escalade.
BellaSophia3530 Well... Biggest most random thing of the day. Was next to Kristen's escalade from Leno to Kimmel. BEAR WAS IN THE CAR WITH HER. I didn't FUCKEN believe it!!!!! He was in the backseat with her and she was scratching his ears! was next to her escalade randomly on Hollywood blvd going to Kimmel!Didn't get pics of Bear but he seemed to be bigger than last saw him

TwiHardMonsterit was cute Kristen walked bear back to her car before she met fans.
hugged Kristen Stewart. I told Kristen she was my favorite actress and she said thank you, her poor hand is still hurt, she had the brace on.
hey guys I know your asking for the Kristen and bear photos, Kristen put bear in the car, came over signed got some photos I'll post when get home give me a couple hours I'll post promise
my friend Leilani got the only great photos of bear from kimmel, and I'm sure the paps got it too they shoot everything dont doubt ppl

Aww Kristen brought Bear with her!!Kristen just signed! So shy and sweet!
I got pics of Kris but not with Kris
Security came out and said if you asked for a photo they'd pull her she got half way down the line and someone fucked it up and she left
I was there saw Kristen's DAD with the leash @sweetleilani69 has pics

Pic of Kristen's dad and Bear (Source)
Too bad this fan had to complain about Kristen.

Airs November 10 2011

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