Friday, November 11, 2011

Breaking Dawn Promotion: Press Junket Interviews held November 3 - 6 Part 2 *updated*

They keep coming in... Find Part 1 with tons of interviews here (LINK)

And Part 3 (LINK)

* Kristen's MTV Rough cut (LINK) or here (LINK)

Some highlights for those who can't access the videos
* Kristen's addresses Cookbook Rumors - Album from Rob or cookbook from you, which will be first? "Hopefully, both. I'm waiting for the album. I'm more excited about that. The cookbook thing... just because you cook doesn't mean you're in a position to write. I'm a chef"
* Kristen glad to say goodbye to vampire contacts - "The yellow ones sort of limit your vision a little bit more, and so you feel even more closed off," Stewart says.
*Kristen on Final Cut of Breaking Dawn Sex Scene - "For me it really reflects what I felt when I was reading the book," Stewart says. "Its not a beginning to end sex scenes, its just memories so we never get to shoot the sex scenes, just close ups"

* Rob's Interview with Marie Claire UK (LINK)

* Rob and Kristen's interview with Australia's The Project

* Rob's interview with On the Red Carpet

* Rob and Kristen's Interview with Chuck the Movie Guy

* Rob's interview with Allocine (LINK)

* MTV's Rough Cut with Rob (LINK)
This has videos but if they don't work there's also a transcript.

* Kristen and Rob on E-Talk

* Kristen's Interview with Adelaide Now (LINK)

* Rob's Interview with Dutch Mikrogids (LINK)

* Rob's Interview with Cine Premiere (LINK)
* Rob's Interview with Sky Cine News (Italy)

Translation (Source s1, 2)

1. "The character I play has extreme feelings. He either feels very good or devastated."
2. "When Kristen came down the aisle completely terrified I suddenly started to feel the weight of the felt like a real wedding"

He also talks a little about working with Cronenberg and how he was terrified at the beginning of the shootings, but then he calmed down after seeing how David was so sure of himself and how he gave the actors freedom to take their own decisions about how to play their characters.

Added this part. About Breaking Dawn P1 "It's my second favourite movie of the four, right after the first one which will always be the most important cause it changed my life."

* Rob Interview with Screenslam

* Rob Interview with Showbiz Tonight

* Rob and Kristen's Interview with Kyle and Jackie O (video)



* Rob and Kristen's Interview with AMC Movie News



* Rob and cast play Yes/No game on MTV (LINK)

(I hope this works. MTV is difficult about their videos working in every country)

* Rob on KTLA

* Kristen's Interview with Parade (LINK)

* Rob's Interview with Parade (LINK)

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