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Breaking Dawn press conference: pictures, videos and *transcript*

- Kristen (Link to more pictures)

- Rob (Link to more pictures)


Question: You've been playing Edward for 4 years, talk about the journey he's taken through the series. And for yourself personally.

Rob: I think in the broadest terms, Edward's journey.. I ignored the fact that he's a vampire and that he's 108, except for metaphorical purposes. You're left with a troubled teenager. It's a really simple story of him content with himself. He gets content by finding a woman and having a child. That's how a lot of troubled guys balance themselves out? At least that's the hope anyway.

Question: Bill mentioned that you said Edward was self loathing and it was never presented in the plot of the first three films.
Edward: I always thought that was the key ingredient. He's been stuck in adolescence. You think everything's unfair, he's been living with it for 100 years. You eventually get to the point of desperation. it was difficult to portray that and a love story at the same time. It's funny but Bill was the first person to say "I want to put this at the forefront" because Edward's the happiest he's been in the series. We did flashbacks that kind of reflect his anger.

Question: And your own personal journey?
*ROB not Edward: lol

Rob: It's presented a whole variety of obstacles. Growing into who I want to be. It's a very complicated maze. Also being propelled by some kind of jet, and going through the maze at the same time. It hasn't slowed down and I'm still trying to figure out where I'm at. But it's been fun. I didn't even know if I was going to continue acting before this happened, and now I have more of a drive than ever before.

Question: What's on your iPod right now?
Rob: I always sound so pretentious when I answer this. There's this band called Pato (sp?). I Pianist called Arnold Dramale (sp?) I can't remember anyone else, sorry.
.. and Katy Perry!


Question: Can you talk about your last moments of ever playing Edward?
Rob: She made a joke in the woods? Oh yeah, about running after Jake and saying she made a mistake. Yeah she's done that throughout the series.

Rob: The birth scene (talking about that now), I read that scene and was kind of astonished. I knew it was crazy but I couldn't believe it was actually written down and we were going to do it. It was terrifying going into it. It ended up being this kind of - it was one of the most incredible scenes to do in this movie. THere's this R Rated - or NC 17 rated version of a few scenes in this movie. (laugh) Because of the violence, it gave you a lot of freedom in the scene. The characters were so desperate, it became something very very different.

Rob: To do this thing where he's suddenly playing Edward who's stuck between an emaciated dummy's legs, getting cream cheese all over your face, and then pulling out a three-week-old baby, it was overwhelming (laughin lots)

Question: last moments playing Edward?

Rob: The very last moments I was in the Caribbean, on the beach. It was incredible. It was the only time I did anything like that in the Twilight movie. The last scene with everyone.. it was 2 weeks of cold, end of night shoots. It was freezing cold, pouring rain. It was symbolic kind of how all the movies were shot (laughs). it doesn't feel like the end of it yet. Also because the press tours have become so huge. This feels like part of the process. Until the last one's released, I don't feel like I've finalized anything.

Question: Have you ever had a super nervous/super happy moment in real life like Rob did in the wedding?
Rob: I can't even think of one.. I was walking around in Paris the other day. Actually no, that's a bad example. I can't remember a specific example, sorry!

Question: You've done all these huge franchise films. What do you like doing really? The independent film? The big film? Gunning for Harrison Fords record of doing every franchise out there? What's next for you?

Rob: I don't know. I approach these moments the exact same way. Smaller movies are great because you don't have to argue with so many people all the time. But really I like arguing so there's a balance either way. With independent movies it's nice to see - sorry, I just noticed your dog down there, I'm boring him to sleep (someone's dog is here). Yeah, it's nice to see someone directing who's so pleased with it. He's proved himself time and time again. I've never worked with someone who'sf elt absolutely no pressure. It's nice that the pressure isn't caused by compromises.

Question: You've talked about wanting to get back into music. Is that still a priority?
Rob: Yeah. I record stuff a lot but - there's something about handling the criticism with movies, you can always blame it on someone else. But with music, you're basically putting an album out for people to judge it. I don't care what they say but the day it comes out I know I'll look online to read reviews.

Question: You guys were immortalized earlier today. How do you feel about that?

Rob: I stayed at the Magic Castle the first few times I came to LA when I was like 17. I used to walk down to Hollywood blvd all the time and never knew it looked the way that it does. Honestly I don't feel like I've even done it. It's like this wave has happened and I'm just on it. I've never really had any kind of - I feel like now is all part of the same thing. I was kind of embarrassed because I stood up and messed up my own handprint!
Rob: It's incredible. It represents something amazing. It's mind blowing.

Question: You guys experienced an extravagant wedding. Would you want one of those in your own life?
Rob: It does seem like a bit of a hassle. I was just doing an interview with Kristen. She got annoyed with me for saying the groom's role in a wedding is just as a prop (laughter). Playing the part, you kind of realize it's a clear indication when you're staring at one end of the aisle and EVERYONE is looking at the girl coming down in a princess dress (laughs)

Rob: it's really just.. any guy who tries to get involved in a wedding, or has an opinion, ... it's whatever your wife decides a do.

Questoin: So that's a no?
Rob: What doing a fancy one? No.


Question: You look sane and normal today. What we had from Bill Condon you had a crazy life playing a virgin in the morning, delivering a baby in the afternoon, talk about the trials and tribulations? Also, Bella's become a huge pop culture character. How does it compare to playing Snow White?

Kristen: Shooting two movies at the same time, with no regard to - it wasn't something we were initially concerned about. Scheduling wise, it really was - EVERYWHERE in each day like Bill said. I think what that gave me was that - she's thinking, she's always looking into the future and what she's going to achieve. Or she's feeling bad about what she wants. She's very much in her own head. Being able to play a vampire, a human, a pregnant woman - literally sometimes in the day.. it helped remind me that it all was equally important. Everything felt very close. If we did it more systematically, it wouldn't have been the same. It was so overwhelming that it was a good thing.

Kristen: As for the iconic role, I guess the only actual comparison is that they really both are matriarchs. Very strong that need to find their position. But it's so different (Snow White VS Bella). Snow White was really never.. I didn't grow up on fairy tales. I didn't grow up with Twilight.

Question: You've had success away from Twilight. How have you avoided being typecast?

Kristen: I've done pretty well - the movies I've done in between, I"m really lucky they've been very different. Not just because I meant them to be. They just happened to be very attractive to me. Right now is the first time I haven't worked and not known what I was going to be doing. I want to have time off to figure out what my interests are. I want to really figure out what I REALLY want to do.

Question: Drawn to low profile projects to avoid that kind of Twilight buzz?

Kristen: No, it has nothing to do with the profile.

Question: It looked like you lost a lot of weight when you were pregnant --

Kristen: Digital. We didn't have time for me to do that for the role. That's so cool that you believe it looks so genuine. I feared people wouldn't like it.

Kristen: It did make me feel like, "UH i hope you guys do a good job making me look that thin!"

Question: What was going through your mind in the wedding scene?
Kristen: I had a million different things going through my head. I kept telling myself "stop stop stop" I can't ruin it. I was so in the right place to do that I just needed to do it, stand there, walk, see everyone. I know the story so well. Remembering my lines is the last thing I think about. If you know a story so well, the lines just come out if someone asks you/provokes you in the right way. I kept telling myself to find myself in this moment.

Question: You Taylor and Rob have been this since the beginning. What do the guys bring to the experience?
Kristen: I couldn't have done - I guess if you put different numbers in the equation you'll get a different answer, but I can't imagine doing this without Rob and Taylor. When I don't see Taylor for a while, I go *gasp* and take your phone out. When you work with great people like him, you just love it. We got along and it shows.

Question: Fans tell me you inspire them to be theirselves. What do you think about that?

Kristen: I love that. I hate when people say "what advice do you want to give your fans?" oh god, I don't even know how to explain this. People that I look up to.. you find people in life who have common interests.

Kristen: It's hot in here.

Question: Rob made comments saying the wedding was practically real because you said real vows and you were pretty much married.

Kristen: (laughs) the priest couldn't even remember the lines! He'd say our real names. Was he a real minister? I'd like to find out (laughs)

Kristen: This movie does have every mile stone. It crams a lot of milestones into one movie. It was a unique situation. All of the imposing elements. Every single time I think about this film, I think about a cat. In the corner. Claws out. Belly swollen. "Stay the F--- away from me!" That's how I relate to the scene.

Kristen: yeah, lots of milestones. Heavy heavy.

Question: What's on your iPod right now?

Kristen: This is really hilarious. I'm doing Snow White right now. It's really weird being here right now to be honest because I'm so involved in Snow White. Adele's new album is honestly... I've choreographed whole marches with my army behind me. It's really good for the Snow white story, almost too good for it. She's incredible.

My regulars.. everyone knows what I listen to already, it's very boring.

Question: What part of Bella sticks with you?

Kristen: I don't really.. I'm pretty wrapped up in her and vise versa. I've always felt you really project yourself onto that character. If you're the type of girl to identify with Bella, you just are her. I'm asked "so how do you make her different?" i'm like "yeah but, I do feel like i am her. For her.. somehow i could not disagree with her ever, and I didn't."

Kristen: We're pretty similar at times, but at times not. Hard to say.

- Bill Condon
Question: When did the cast give you enlightenment? And what about having Meyer there?
Bill: the first people who arrived were Rob, Kristen, and Taylor. We just sat in a room talking about every page through the script. They showed a tremendous amount - when an actor embodies a role you'll know it more than they ever will.
Bill: I met with Rob a couple months before we started. We were just having a general talk about Twilight. He mentioned something I ahdn't known before. He'd been a playing a men who was full of regret and who was self loathing. Because of an episode where he broke away from the Cullen family (the early 30s in Chicago) where he'd explore what it'd be like to kill human beings.
Rob thought it was a killed that played on Edward, but it was never played in the movies. There was Midnight Sun where it's really explored. SO we had a conversation about that, I worked with Melissa, and we put it into the beginning of the movie. We understood where Edward was coming from. So things like that, so much comes out of those types of meetings.

Question: Was the chemistry something you felt when you met them?
Bill: We started filming in Brazil. They were staying on the beach, annd then downstairs there people all the time and they couldn't leave their room. It amazed me how gracious they were all the time. I kind of understood it was part of the interest. Generally, one thing that's so exciting is.. you work on every decision and it's going to be studied and reacted to by a large group of people.
Bill: We haven't seen a screening with big crowds of people, except for last night. Rob and Kristen are so relaxed in the acting - it's something they don't even have to act.

Question: I think it's great how tune you are with all of the fans. This is for them. We heard it was originally rated R?
Bill: It wasn't really rated R. They didn't rate it. They told us we weren't hitting PG 13 yet. It's a very clinical thing. They have very specific guidelines for ratings. Because it's so subjective they have very specific guidelines. I had to be critical but.. thrusting, intercourse. There was never explicit. It's not very different from what you see. Any movement was what was considered not appropriate. Because of the popularity of Twilight it had a bigger focus.
Question: Rob jokingly blamed Kristen.
Bill: Well, Rob's right. (laughter)

Question: Talk about shooting in Brazil.
Bill: We started on the honeymoon in Brazil. I found it great. The crew was great, we had some weather problems.. got rained in and had to sleep in bathtubs in the honeymoon house. But everythign about it was magical. We were five hours outside of Rio, and we had to write a boat into the set every day.

Question: Can you talk about the last day of shooting?
Bill: That was the almost last day. The last day was the middle of April and it snowed. It was hard to shoot in Vancouver. There were two big moments. One was the dance between Kristen and Taylor, and Rob stayed for the whole thing. It ended at dawn.

Bill: Everyone got emotional and Kristen cut it with a joke. Because the last take.. high shot.. I call cut.. she starts running in the wedding dress and starts yelling "Jacob come back come back I've made a mistake!" (laughter) it was great.
And then that whole moment when Alice and Jasper were dancing. But EVERYONE was there. We called cut and everyone hugged each other. It was great.

Via @katespencer
Bill Condon: talking about Rob's decision to play up Edward's self-loathing and how they added that into #BreakingDawn
Bill Condon: Rob and Kristen couldn't leave "their room" in Brazil bc of fan frenzy. Their chemistry is "crazy" #BreakingDawn
Bill Condon addressing the issue of "thrusting" and jokes Kristen got "very into it" #BreakingDawn
Bill Condon on Kristen/Taylor dance shoot: "Rob stayed for the whole thing" #BreakingDawn

Via @taryder
Bill Condon talking about when he first met Rob he brought to light Edward's self-loathing gave Bill idea to show where that came from in BD
Bill talking rob and Kristen chemistry, says they are so gracious
"it's crazy how close they are, it's wonderful" - bill on rob and Kristen. Says its wonderful because "they didn't have to act"
I asked bill about R rated sex scene and if Kristen was really to blame: "I think that's true she was very into it" he laughed

- Producer Wyck Godfrey, Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg

Question: What did you think of the birth scene, Stephenie?
Stephenie: I really liked it. It was something.. in the beginning when we developed the story, we weren't sure if it'd be enough. The birth scene, we thought it would be a lot.. some people werent sure if it'd be climatic enough. With the birth scene you could tell it was so emotional. It was.. Edward is losing Bella, and Rob's performance was so heartbreaking that I'm going to admit I teared up. Yes, there were tears because you looked at the idea of losing the thing most important to you.
Bill has such a gift for that

Via @katespencer
Steph: Rob's performance in the birth scene is "heartbreaking." Made her cry!

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