Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part One - World Premiere - Los Angeles on November 14 2011 *updated*

More pictures down below.

* Videos

Full premiere/red carpet


* You can watch Rob and Kristen's black carpet interview with Josh Horowitz on MTV, if you're from the US. (LINK)

* Articles

USA Today at the premiere (LINK)

More photos and article from Celebuzz (LINK)

@Katie_Krause: Rob and Kristen snuck out of the #BreakingDawn movie 10 mins early whilst holding hands and lookin adorable!
@GiovanniAgnelli: John leaned over to me and whispered damn its hard for me to see my girl go through all this.
@LittleLauren Overheard in the bar line with Papa Stew: Rob and Kristen are on their way to London.
@taryder: And the big three are off... London baby #BreakingDawn

Pic Sources and more 1, 2 and more: 3, 4

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