Sunday, September 26, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: September 20 - 26 2010

Rob's current projects:
Rob is on a break right now. He's been spotted out and about in London. He was also at a test screening for Bel Ami earlier in the week. This is a not fully edited version of the film. He supposedly brought his parents. No pictures.

Kristen's current projects:
On The Road: Kristen is near done with filming and spend this past week in Arizona filming her final parts.

Welcome to the Rileys: Oscar chances.
“Fine acting from James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo, and Kristen Stewart highlight this drama about the effect that a young runaway has on a married couple. Oscar Chance: This quiet and effective drama was a Sundance success. But it’s likely to be more prominent at the Spirits than the Oscars”

Film Festival dates for Welcome to the Rileys:

*San Diego Film Festival Friday, October 1, 2010 7:30 PM

*Austin Film Festival October 21-28

More info

*Philadelphia Film Festival, October 14-24.
There will be 2 screenings on Saturday, October 16

Joined Projects:
- Breaking Dawn: complete schedule. As far as we know Breaking Dawn won't be shot in 3D

Another update on Breaking Dawn and where they might be filming when.

- In other News

- New EW Outtakes.

More here

- Great article on Rob.

- Rob and Kristen fan encounter from the 4th of July.

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Final note:

We want to share our personal opinion on the matter of getting Rob considered for the Rising Star Bafta Award since it has caused some controversy:

The Rising Star BAFTA is an encouragement award. The nominees are decided by a jury. The winner by fans.

I don't think people who won't email the committee (again, it's their request, not something that's done by his fans) aren't supporters. They have a point, but you'd think and should hope the BAFTA committee would rise above the pettiness of the media and the (anti)fandom.

If they can't and have it affect their decision, then Rob shouldn't even want to be nominated.

Also, Twilight made Rob. Period. He was a talent before but Twilight gave him the push to break through. Many people complaining now didn't even know him before Twilight. And he will break out of the Edward Cullen mold. He already has in many ways. Most critics b-tch on him because of his stardom, not so much the parts he's played. Because of his fandom and well...who can blame them. It's a mad world.

Kristen won this award and was very happy with it and Rob being a humble guy would be too. He's won a few awards in his time and not once has he not been genuinly happy. If he can be, I don't see why people have to bitch about the possibility of him maybe being nominated.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update September 13 - 19 2010

Rob's current projects:
Rob is on a break. He has spend the last week in New Orleans and London.

He'll start pre-production for Breaking Dawn in a few weeks.

Kristen's current projects:
On The Road: New Orleans part has wrapped, she was spotted on set once wearing a very familiar shirt.

Arizona is next but the schedule is too confusing to know if Kristen will be there or if she is done.

Joined Projects:
- Breaking Dawn: The Stand up To Cancer auction has raised over 60,000 dollars

- In other News

- Great New interview with Kristen, where she talks about Rob a little too. The interviewer was very positive about her.

- Old Matthew Frost - Jalouse Magazine 2008 photosoor featering Kristen

- Kristen makes People's 2010 Best Dressed List.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: September 6 - 12 2010

Rob's current/pending projects:
- Rob is currently enjoying a well-deserved break. He has been on a Roadtrip with his friends Tom Sturridge and Sam Bradley from L.A. through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. His destination as far as we know is New Orleans, which is where Kristen is currently filming.


Nice story on Water For Elephants and Rob's connection to elephant Tai

"In between walks with our clients, I recently had the opportunity to work as a background actor on the Robert Pattinson/Reese Witherspoon film Water for Elephants. I was on set for five days in Valencia, California, surrounded by hundreds of extras, crew, and circus animals. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m as big a Twilight fan as any 28-year should be (aka I’m not all 13-year-old-girl about it, but I dig those little vampires. I admit it). So imagine my surprise when the actor I couldn’t take my eyes off of wasn’t Rob, or Reese, or even Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz. I was amazed, enthralled, mesmerized….with Tai. The elephant.

As friendly as Tai was with everyone on sit, she truly had an undeniable connection with the film’s star, Robert Pattinson. In between takes when Pattinson would give Tai an affectionate pat, Tai would tip her head, rubbing it against the actor in a gesture of intimacy that none of the other actors seemed to enjoy."

Kristen's current projects:
On The Road: currently shooting in New Orleans, will move to Mexico after. Still uncertain if Kristen will be there, but a local Mexican newspaper claims she will be.

Joined Projects:
- Breaking Dawn
Filming in Baton Rouge starts in October/November.

The info below is about an auction but also states when Couv filming will happen.

Filming in Rio (Isle Esme scenes) is still not confirmed.

The experience will take place between February 1, 2011, and the end of March 2011, when the crew is filming on the Vancouver set. The specific date within this range will be determined based on the film's production schedule and winning bidder's availability.

- Eclipse will be released on DVD and BluRay on Decemeber 4.

On Video/DVD: December 4, 2010
DVD/BD Special Features (2-Disc & BD/DVD Combo Disc only)
2 Audio Commentaries: Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart; Stephenie Meyer
Deleted and Extended Scenes
Photo Gallery
6-Part Making of Documentary
Jump to... Your favorite scenes
Music Videos

The Bluray version will also have PIP commentary (Picture in picture, which means you get visual commentary) The DVD just has the audio commentary.

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: August 30 - September 5 2010

Rob's current/pending projects:
- Rob is currently enjoying a well-deserved break. He went to Jimmy Fallon's Emmy Party last Sunday and was spotted again at Soho House, L.A. earlier this week.

Kristen's current projects:
On The Road: currently shooting in New Orleans, will move to Mexico after. Still uncertain if Kristen will be there, but a local Mexican newspaper claims she will be.

- Welcome to the Rileys is making the circuits of Film Festivals. It'll be shown at Boston Film Festival on September 21st and at Woodstock Film Festival on October 2
- As we reported earlier The New Orleans Film Festival will open with Welcome to the Rileys October 14th.
- In Deauville, France WTTR opens today.

Release dates for Welcome to the Rileys (2010)
Country Date
France 5 September 2010 (Deauville American Film Festival)
Norway 24 September 2010
USA 29 October 2010
France 3 November 2010
Germany 13 January 2011

- In Other News.

* New NM still

Some BTS shots from the Twilight Days

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