Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Breaking Dawn Promotion: Rob taping Jimmy Kimmel

Airs November 9 2011

Source and more pictures (LINK)


*Tweets (contains spoilers - don't read if you don't want to be spoiled)

@KStewsSmirk: He said that during filming the sex scene he felt that he was being held back by a chain ...
@KStewsSmirk: Talked about probing and thrusting and how fans want to see thrusting in the movie
@KStewsSmirk: He talked about nipples, the tip, thrusting, chains, getting stoned...
@KStewsSmirk: Oh and he did some butt modeling that his mom never knew about
@KStewsSmirk: His parents were so cute lol when they talked about Rob hand modeling his mom gave like a WTF look....because wasn't true lol
@KStewsSmirk: His facial expression when he said he wanted the Guy in Stockholm to just "let him" do his thing...was amazing
@KStewsSmirk: The butt modeling was a total joke he made because his mom can't refute of course its not real lol
@KStewsSmirk: Rob said that they wanted him to do no thrusting and he felt that he was being held back by chains to let just the tip in...
@Chimies: Rob says nipple, thrust, and just the tip in one sentence... And I die!
@Chimies: Rob thinks his shirt may have been racist, Kristen was to blame for a possible R rating, and he got "stoned" in Sweden.
@Chimies: And by stoned it was about someone attacking him with rocks.

Show received more than 930,000 requests to see Rob. Parents were in the audience. Rob talked about clothes he was wearing (racist t-shirt), being a hand model when he was a kid (which his mom denied) then he sais he actually WAS a butt model. Rob also talked about the rated R sex scenes on BD. Jimmy said film was erotic and Rob said it was even more *before it was cut* talked thrusting scenes, animatronic baby (that looked like a "cancerous owl") - mentioned "the tip" in there. Also talked about the baby wigs they had to use on a real baby lol (source)
Rob said during his trip overseas, he was actually attacked in Stockholm by a guy throwing rocks inside stadium. Said it's the first time that's happened and he actually thought it was a nice change (joking obviously). Showed a clip (not new). (source)

Tweets from outside - greeting fans

@VanessaInPinks: He looks so tired poor guy. He let us take 2 pics each with him!
@VanessaInPinks: I asked him if he had In-N-Out yet since he's been in L.A. lol he said "No actually not yet."
@socalmom2four: He is taking his time greeting each & every fan!! Probably 200+ people here!! #JimmyKimmel Rob is amazing!!! <3
@abeitotzz: Rob signed my glamour mag and he said he's sorry Kristen wasn't here #jimmykimmel
@abeitotzz: He even wrote sorry on the mag (he really did - picture here)
BEL AMI - @abeitotzz: Rob went around every fucking person so nice.Asked him about bel Ami he said february and he's not doing snl sorry guys.
@abeitotzz: I told him "your girl is pretty amazing" he smiled and shit ugh so handsome :)

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