Sunday, October 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn Promotion: Paris, France: fan event

Fan: I just want to say, Kristen is one really really lucky girl, Rob

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twilight fan event report door sallesobscures

Outside on Red Carpet


- Tweets
@CourtJustice Rob Pattinson looking extra dashing today for the #BDParis fan event wearing @DolceGabbana!

@LoveTheStew: "Twilight changed my life" so cuuute
@georgiedavey: ROB SPOKE FRENCH. What is my life!?! I'm flailingggg.
@LoveTheStew: He can't stop drinking water lol :p ! He tried to translate himself , so funny
@LoveTheStew: He doesn't want to sing us a song lol
@LoveTheStew: " Kristen is incredibly lucky to have you Rob" he smiled cute
@SomeLostBliss: One girl mentioned kristen. Said kristen was a very lucky girl before asking her question.
@LoveTheStew: Delivering the baby was the most funny thing
@LoveTheStew: " They love us" Rob to Ashley about us lol
@LoveInTuscany: Both very generous. Even wrote autographs when coming out the back door. Looked stunning!
@LoveTheStew: Here is where it's written " the english boyfriend". Rob laughed :P

Much more coming...


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