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Investikudos Weekly Update: October 10 - 16 2011

Current Projects

*Bel Ami
No news

*Breaking Dawn

- Entertainment Tonight goes behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn Part 1 (LINK)

- Breaking Dawn Display (LINK)

New shot of Bella:

- Bill Condon talks about the birth scene to Box Office Magazine(LINK)

Breaking Dawn Promotion Schedule so far (only including Rob and/or Kristen)
October 23-24: Paris, France - fan event: Rob (and Ashley)
October 26: Brussels, Belgium - fan event: Rob (and Ashley)
October 28: Stockholm, Sweden - fan event: Rob (and Ashley)
November 3: Los Angeles, US - Hand/footprint ceremony: Rob and Kristen (Also other cast)

November 5: Los Angeles, US - Twi-Convention: Rob and Kristen (and Taylor)
November 14: Los Angeles, US - World premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1 (All Cast)
November 16: Premiere in London, UK: Rob (Also Taylor and Bill Condon. Kristen not yet confirmed)
November 18: Premiere in Berlin, Germany: Rob (and Taylor)

* Cosmopolis

- From
Also, we just confirmed we will be working with our favorite film composer Howard Shore on the score for a new David Cronenberg movie starring Robert Pattinson, minus the vampires! It's an adaptation of the book "Cosmopolis" by Don DeLillo, and the themes are right in tune with the overall mood of the world at the moment. In "Cosmopolis", the rat has become a unit of currency!

Source (LINK)

* On the Road
No news.

* Snow White and the Huntsman
- New set pictures:

- SWATH sample/test footage that director Rupert presented at Comic Con, listen HERE

"Who will you be when faced with the end? The end of a kingdom, the end of good men...Will you run, will you hide or will you hunt evil down with a venomous pride? Rise to the ashes... Rise to the winter sky... Rise to the calling.... Make her the battle cry. Let us scream through the mountains... from the forest to the chapel.... because death is a hungry mouth... and you are the apple. So who will you be when faced with the enemy? When the vultures are circling and the shadows descend. Will you cower or will you fight? Is your heart made of glass or with pure snow white?"

In Other News

- What Makes Rob nervous? Award shows (per Glamour Magazine) (Source LINK)

- Kristen part of Vogue's Trend A/Z.

- Hugh Jackman talks about doing karaoke with Rob in Tokyo in 2009 (LINK)

Kristen spoke about it in 2009 (LINK)

- Sneak peek of Kristen's Interview with Box Office Magazine.
Interview was done by telephone after a long day of SWATH filming. (LINK)

You know this character so well, what's it like to take her through this huge change when she becomes a vampire herself?

It felt good. It was really weird. It was such a long process of the two movies being shot at the same time as if they're one. You shoot, obviously, out of order and you keep going back and forth between pregnant, human and dead vampire Bella. There's so many different versions of Bella in this, it's insane. It was a strange experience walking on set the first time I played a scene as a vampire because I'd watched everyone around me doing it all the time. I sound so lame, but vampire Bella really is my favorite character—she's very representative of a matriarch. She's very intuitive on almost a psychic level and no one ever acknowledges it, which is interesting. Maybe that says something about Stephenie that she doesn't get respect for all of her f--king amazing qualities. And that's also one of the things that makes her appealing to me, so that's not a strike at it—that's something that I like about it. And I think it's nice to see her finally get what she wants. That's probably the best thing, even if it sounds simple and indulgent, which is why the f--king thing is criticized all the time. It's nice to see people be happy. And she really—if I've played it right—is born to be where she is.

You're shooting Snow White and the Huntsman right now which imagines Snow White as this warrior princess. What's her fighting style like?

Not to trivialize it at all, but it's hard to play an action hero who is also the most compassionate person on earth. You can't hate. You epitomize bleeding hearts, so how the f--k do you do an action movie like that? She is sort of the last shred of hope for her land. She has this ethereal, spiritual connection to her people—she really feels things-and so it's like we don't really feel empathy. I've had some f--king eye-opening experiences on this movie. I think that to truly care for something isn't just putting yourself in that situation aesthetically and then going, "Oh my god, I feel so bad for them." It's truly not thinking of yourself at all. The way that you fight is that you must take out anything that hurt your people. Basically, I'm fighting evil—I'm fighting the most evil motherf--kers-and it's fine that they're being killed. It's anguish. It's literally f--king anguish. She takes absolutely no pleasure in ever hurting anything. I'm exhausted right now and I was thinking, "The fight stuff is coming up, maybe that won't be so bad." And then I realized that they're probably going to be my most emotional scenes because I'm killing people and I'm Snow White. It's a really f--king cool way to approach a movie where so many people die. Not that I'm criticizing violent movies—I love them, generally—but it is nice to do it this way.

More details from the interviewer: "For the Kristen Stewart fans who are asking, it was a 30 minute phone interview at the end of a long SNOW WHITE shooting day in London. And Kristen was really passionate about defending Bella against people who think she's weak or naive. She's super smart and sincere."


* Kristen:
Kristen Stewart is now attached to star in A TAXONOMY OF BARNACLES, a new comedy written by Amy Lippman and directed by Nanette Burstein (Going the Distance). Earlier this year, TB first reported that Stewart was offered to join the film. Offers and interest are still out for Jeff Bridges and Anne Hathaway to join the pic. The story follows six sisters who are given a challenge by their self-made father to see who will inherit his fortune. Stewart is set to play Beth Barnacle, a pot-smoking purple-haired lesbian who suffers the defeat of unrequited love. The project is set up at Sony with Team Todd (Alice in Wonderland) and Plum Pictures (The Kids Are All Right) producing. The pic is based on the novel “A Taxonomy of Barnacles” written by Galt Nierderhoffer.

Note: this is an old rumor and it's uncertain Kristen's still involved.

- MAN UNDER (link)
No info on this one.

* Rob:
- One of the leads in American Idiot the Movie (LINK)

Rumor Mill/Downtime info
Kristen is in London filming SWATH and Rob is... apparently also in London. He was seen on the SWATH set on Wednesday, though he arrived there ninja-style. Also, he is rumored to appear on UK morning show "This Morning" on Monday or Tuesday this upcoming week.

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