Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Promotion: Rob and Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel November 20 2009

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  1. Bronze,i just watch these videos from Kimmel's show.Kristen's looking so uncomfortable next to Rob.But they all look really cute.
    At the NY screening,once again we didn't have pics of R/K.Only R/T and K/NR.Why do you think they did that?
    I always appreciated your opinion and i think that you're an honest person.You don't let your love for Rob and Kristen blind you,as many others.Aren't you tired with all this secrecy?I know i'm.I don't know what's the big deal.Are they ashamed to admit that they're together,just that,not spew the details.
    Sometimes,i really try to justify their attitude,even if i don't understand it or agree with it.Maybe they're thinking that now that the promotion is over and Rob will be away for Christmas and then for filming UC and then BA and they will be apart for so many months and they're not sure if they can make it.So why to admit something which might be over soon?They're both really young,and as much as i love Rob,i don't forget that he's a 23year old guy with all the money and the women be thrown at his feet.He's living every young guy's dream.Maybe they think that if they can make it through these months apart,then they could admit their relationship.
    What do you think,Bronze?Am i reading too much through lines?

  2. I think there's alot more to the rship than we realize. We have the desire to see them like a regular couple, but unfortunately they don't have a lot of room to be normal, given the franchise they're in, etc.

    The upcoming weeks will be interesting, especially now that New Moon is out and succesful and promotion is over.

    As for Rob and Kristen, I remain in my conviction that they are not run of the mill and that their relationship is strong. Just because we don't always see it, doesn't mean it's not there.

    I do however think they need to consider their own motivations, whether its driven out of secrecy or privacy. The latter is fine and understandable, but the first will only get them into trouble, espec. re: their credibility.

    Still...they're fine. Rob's not a ladies man. And they have admitted to their r'ship by holding hands @ the airport, by KoL. By spending every moment they can together, even if we don't always see Kristen. Just because they haven't openly verbalized it, doesn't mean they are not together.

    Anyway, this is my belief. I do get frustrated with the fact they can't just be open, but there's been alot of stuff behind the scenes preventing them from being more open. Maybe that will change a bit now..