Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rob and Kristen in Harpers Bazaar December 2009 issue

So many....so beautiful.

Some favourites.

More here too

From Harpers:


More pictures and info here

Fun facts about Rob and Kristen. She's a great baker :)


  1. The photos are A M A Z I N G!But it's just a staged photoshoot for promoting a film.Kristen looks like vampire Bella(stunning)and Rob is gorgeous as always.Maybe Summit and their reps tried to do some damage contro,but i think a great amount of fans are so tired with this situation.Also Kristen dissed Rob at Mexico,as i read,so for me nothing changed since Monday.Once again i agree that they don't own us nothing and maybe we're reading to much.Maybe they're actually just good buddies and nothing more.Maybe they're friends with benefits and that is something that they can't tell to their fans.My instict tells me that there are more denials on the way and from one point i think we all should move on.We living in 2009,fairytales don't happen,at least at HW.

  2. This shoot was not initiated by Summit. It was a request from Harpers to Rob and Kristen. Who obliged. It had nothing to do with New Moon.

  3. Oh MY GOD! The interview is amazing! This seems like a confirmation of the relationship to me. :D Not directly, but I think it´s their way of letting us know.
    What do You think Bronze?


  4. Beautiful photos and a "real" interview. They really seem to be a couple to me, and I doubt that they shall ever come right out and declare it to the press. More shall be revealed when we see where they go and what they do on their time off.

  5. Fun interview and gorgeous pictures. However, I have trouble believing that Summit is not controlling (or at least trying to control) all press contact this close to the NM premiere. Where did you get the information that Summit was not involved in this photo shoot? Also, did Kristen & Rob have any part in the theme of the shoot?