Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Moon Promotion: Rob and Kristen in Munich, Germany on November 14 2009

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  1. Hi,Bronze!Why do you think R/K are so much more comfort with each other on stage and all flirty?I noticed that they do that only at their European tour,at US they're very careful and they never smile.Here they're all smiles.

  2. I think they just chose this time to gradually come out and be comfortable to get a little affectinate in public. I think it'll be interesting to see how they'll behave @ the premiere on Monday.

    Plus, in the US they haven't done any press together, apart from some photoshoots and the Hot Topic thing in which they were quite flirty as well. Plus, most of the time they get chased by papz there, that's not exactly smile worthy.

    I do hope they'll continue to behave this way and feel free enough to act comfortable together in public :)

  3. As much as i love Rob and Kristen,i find it quite lame and disrespectful over Taylor and CW,that the majority of the Munich photos are with R/K.Taylor is the major leader at least at NM and i think he was overshadowed by the bubble.At some pics he looks sad.Poor boy,he's in the middle of their decision to out themselves to public.Couldn't they wait after the premiere?Now all the journalists at US are gonna ask them only about their relaysh.If they're gonna continue with the we're just friends moto,then the thing will be completely ridiculous.

  4. I agree on the Taylor thing, but I don't necessarily blame R/K. They are being a bit flirty and the media picks up on it, which doesn't benefit Taylor. But at the same time Kristen especially makes sure Taylor is not left out, since they are good friends and all. Munich was nice for "Bubble" fans but I admit I was also taken aback by how lost Taylor looked. Unfortunately the whole world is picking up on the r'ship and that's prob. partially what Summit was afraid of.

    Could they have waited until after the premiere? I think they are still not overly obvious about being together, since we know we look at it differently. They are plenty of people who still think they are just friends. The "problem" may be the hand holding pictures. Those sped things up and now everyone is focused on their next move.

    As for their credibility: they don't owe us anything but the way they decide to handle the media. With all these interviews coming up next week, there is a chance they might talk a bit about it. Still, even if they don't talk about it, it doesn't mean they are denying it. It just means they don't want to talk about it.

    I do agree however that I don't want to hear a flat denial unless it is true and they aren't dating. No more hiding for the sake of hiding. Privacy yes, controversy no.

  5. Bronze,i read an interview of Rob at Cosmo Uk,in which he claims that despite the rumors about him and Kristen he's still single.WTF?Is it possible to have the wrong impression about them?Is it possible for them want to fuel the rumors just for fun?Sometimes,i don't know what to think.

  6. Is it so wrong if they say "yes,we're together,but that's it.We don't want to say nothing more".I believe that this attitude just fuels more the speculation between the shippers and the nonstens.It's like both teams try to win a bet and it's really stupid.

  7. in a way i want the promos to be over with so that Rob and Kris could have their alone time, but at the same time i like seeing the "bubble" in full effect during this time...


  8. Eventually people can't be bothered anymore. They don't owe us detailed answers on their r'ship but it's not that hard to just say "Yes we're together" Period. No deets, no nothing, but no more "we're friends" because they arent't.

    For those wondering if we're looking at it in the wrong way, we're not. They are together. I just believe they are handling the media in a poor way sometimes. Per advice of their management maybe, or by their own doing. I hope Europe has made them a little more relaxed. By now it's the worst kept secret in H'wood.

  9. Hi,
    finally I'm be able to comment here again :))
    I totally agree with Bronze about R/K behaviour and I don't think they should hide their feelings. They are young and in love and they didn't create this frenzy about their relationship, they don't understand it as well.
    About the single thing that we can read in written interview... I don't believe it. In all the interviews we have watched in this promo tour, they never said "We're just friends".

  10. Thanks,Bronze.I'm glad that someone else think that we're not that delusional or crazy and we see things that don't exist.Sometimes,i feel completely idiot,especially when i read interviews in which they deny it.I don't think that they own us anything,because it's their lives.But,when you wanna stay private,YOU GO FULL PRIVATE.Don't speak about this,you're careful not to be seen with the other person,you avoid say things like:"the best thing about being a vampire is that you can go out with girls like Kristen",or you're all flirty on stage,knowing that the whole world is gonna see you and analyze your moves.Rob and Kristen are too far from this attitude,especially with their latest promo tours.Especially at Madrit and Munich they were all over each other.

    I'll say once again that THEY DON'T OWN US ANYTHING.But with their moves,the only thing they successed is a great majority of fans to think that they enjoy this speculation and rumors for PR issues,which i don't believe a bit.I think they must reconsider their attitude,because fans will go mad with them.I'm sure everyone sensible and logical fan will respect them if they say that they're together,but they don't want to give details about it,because they want to keep their personal life away from this scrutiny.I also think that the pap craziness will be less.As for the gossip blogs and magazines they have already covered all the possible scenarios,pregnacy,marriage,engagement,break up,jealousy,cheating.What more will they write?That R/K are aliens?I think from a point nobody would care so much.Now it's the mystery that keeps the hype high.
    I'm sorry for my long post.Have a nice Sunday!

  11. I have a feeling that at all their live shows they're gonna deny it again and again.You know,if they continue this way,i'm gonna pissed with them,because they underestimate my intellingence and my eyes!Or i'm goona believe that they're very,very,very close friends and i'm just phycho(lol).

  12. I think they need to realize that what they say in interviews is sometimes not only old, but also said with the purpose of protecting their privacy. Rob saying they are good friends is his way of proecting K against the frenzy. maybe it's stupid for him to speak about it at all, maybe it would be better for him to say nothing at all.

    What they've shown us in public these past week doesnt necessarily contradict what they've said in interviews, but I agree that when they want to keep things private, they should contain themselves in public. It's tough, they are young and in love, but they can't have it both ways and I also agree that their credibility will be on the line if they start to flat out deny again. By now a simply Yes, but its private would suffice.

    Heck, for all I care they say.."you've seen the pictures, draw your own conclusions" would work as well.

    In a few weeks from now, when we see Pattz-parents in L.A. with the Stewarts, and/or Kristen in's gonna be real hard to sell a close friendship. Right now they can still hide behind the NM promotion. But in a few weeks they are two people in an r-ship with a little time off.

  13. How are you so sure that we will see their families together?How you know that Kristen will go to London?What if it does not happen?What shall we all think then?

  14. It will happen. They are a couple. The families have met each other and would want to get to know each other more, like inlaws do. Plus, Rob's from London. It's quite reasonable to assume Kristen is going to be there from time to time too (when their schedules allow it)

    I think the bigger question will be: how much more do people need. Some choose to believe they've been dating for a short time and might take the hand holding as their confirmation. Others believe this has been quite solid for quite some time and aren't still waiting for something big.

    Then there are still people who keep doubting.

    Like Kristen said: there's never going a an answer that's going to convince everyone.

    And that's not what I am doing. I believe to know what's what. That's me. If others believe otherwise, by all means.

    But, since this is a "PRO" blog, don't expect me to back down on my belief. Not until I am slammed with some hardcore evidence. :)