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New Moon Premiere November 16 2009

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Note: we don't own much. Except our opinion. And we will say we call this epic fail. They look stunning, yes. But not posing together is a major faux in our book. As co-stars who worked hard on this film, they should have and didn't. And no matter the reasons and decisions behind it, it's a disgrace. And Rob and Kristen should not have allowed it. I understand this is more about Taylor and it is not the Rob and Kristen show, but they are costars, who should have posed together and didn't. That, to us, is a shame.

Edit: with the afterparty pictures, we peddle back a bit...but only slightly...
We still think the red carpet was a bit of a fail, apart from the clothes. :)



  1. Hi, I totally agree with your note... I'm really disappointed.

  2. A little disappointed but not at all surprised I care about them both so as long as they are happy. Its work at the end of the day, they wont deny it for ever, they just dont want all the shit from the press and I dont want it for them

  3. I care about them too, let that be said. But this has been going on for months and I understand the professional side, but as professionals they could have posed on the red carpet as co stars. Apparently they can at the afterparty so the mind boggles why the r/c would be such a big deal..

    And if it's a Scummit thing, they need to start ignoring it, IMO

  4. three cheers to ignoring Scummit!!!

  5. What was that?Rob and Kristen were photographed only with Taylor at the after party event?Not at the premiere?WTF?Kristen even photographed with Dakota at he premiere,not with Rob?It's really ridiculous if you ask me and i don't think that it's Summit's fault.Kristen looks kinda of akward even at the after photos.Bronze,what's happening here?

  6. I'm sooooo pissed right now,i could punch somebody.There are no Rob/Kristen photos???I saw a photo with her hunging Tay and i thought WHY IS THAT?I'm sorry but everybody has their share of responsibility at this.Even R/K.After all they're Edward and Bella,they should take a photo at least for the twilight fans.Or they could be photographed with Taylor,too,as they did after the premiere.For me it was a big disappointment.There isn't a photo of the whole cast as last year.There's no photo of the 3 leaders with the director or Stephanie Mayer.SHAME,SHAME,SHAME!


  8. Bronze,i absolutely agree with you.For whatever reasons they should being photographed together,or at least the three of them as many posters said.I saw many Taysten pics,very affectionate indeed,Kristen's photos with Dakota and JJ,Rob's photos with Summit's suits and Dakota,but not a single one of the three of them together.It was their premiere,for God's shake!
    Some people at other blogs pointed out that they were all too late,because Kristen was taping Konan and Tay was taping Leno.And i'm asking this:are all so stupid that they scedule shows some hours before the premiere?And what about the whole cast photos?I saw none.This was a big,big,big failure and i'm sorry,but these after party pics are just to throw a bone to the poor fans.

  9. I think R/K are fine personally, though I too think it's time they step up to the plate. If they ever want the speculation to stop they need to put it to rest. We know they are together and I would not be surprised if perhaps Scummit has had alot of influence in this but it's time they stop hiding. They want privacy, yes and they deserve it yes, but they are allowing the controversy that Summit's forcing on them to go too far. NM is made, Eclipse is made and BD contracts are not even signed yet. They are in control now. They can be private, all they have to do is say "We're together, but we aren't going to talk about it zll the time.." END.

    R/K looked alright at the afterparty, nothing weird. But clearly they felt more free in Europe, away from Scummit.

    Still it is time they take their own responsibility in this too...

  10. The worst part...they looked stunning. Better than last year where we had these beautiful photos. Summit failed and R/K should've made time (with Tay, C-Dub) to get snapped. The afterparty pictures look amateur compared to how stunning they looked on the red carpet.


  11. Hey,my friend Bronze!Always good to read what you post.Last night was a complete failure.I don't know if it was Summit's or K/R's reps fault,but i find it stupid not to being photographed together or at least with wolfie.

    I respect their privacy and i know it's very hard to deal with all this scrutiny around them,especially about their relationship's status.But,yesterday was their job.I lurked at many blogs today and the majority of the american fans are mad with them and Summit.They say how is it possible to be all smiles and photographed the three of them and at States not a single phot,especailly at the premiere?Please don't hate me,but sometimes i feel that all this story and their attitude is like kiddengarden.It's also gotten really old and boring and,i'm sorry but i don't get it.Maybe i'm an idiot,who knows.If they're not together,then why they don't come out and say it out loud(lol)?With their attitude they only fuel the gossip more and more.Kristen's attitude last night was lame at some parts.All this hugging with Taylor and carressing,it's like she wanted to say to the fans:"see,i hold him,too,why don't you speculate stuff"?
    But,if they're together and they keep playing this hide and seek game,they'll only manage to lose their credibility and lack the fans respect.IMO,they can admit that they're together,but they can always say that we don't wish speak further about it.The fans will respect their decision,i think.Sorry if i'm bitching today,but man that premiere was one of the worst i've ever seen.

  12. I hate saying this,but i think Kristen hired a publicist that's why she got improved so much at the interviews.I preferred her before,at least she was her self.

  13. Whoa!So many people are pissed off today!Don't blame them!If this stupidity continues at the NY premiere too,then Summit,the saga and R/K are gonna have major problems.At many blogs they claim that the fans are played off.

    For R/K,i hate to say that i'm losing respect.Where is the rebellious spirit or the flirty mood of the european tour?Wa it so bad if they took a photo the three of them,or with their director,or with the cast,like they did last year?

    I don't like what i'm about to say,but i think they were much better last year,with the akwardness.This year they look so polished,at least Kristen does at her promotional events.And as much as i love her,her attitude last night with Taylor was wtf?Way too much,at a point i thought that i needed a bucket to puke!I understand that they want to promote Tay and the B/J story,but please,couldn't they do that in a less lame way?

  14. It is a shame that the trio looked so good last night and we don't have a picture of them together at the premiere of the movie that they made. WTF? I wonder who was the one that made that stupid decision?

  15. I read at many blogs that Rob is gonna say tomorrow on Ellen that he's single.Do you know anything about that ,Bronze?Do you think that all this european flirtation was just to hype the movie and now that the premiere is done we'll never gonna see R/K's pics anymore?My gut tells me that something's off here.I'm a scorpio,so my gut is very strong and never fails.

  16. Bronze,i read your comments here and at E!s board.It's the very first time that i can say that you're pissed with them.You were always supporting them and i know you still do,but as you said everyone has limits.Last night was a total failure.I don't care if was Summit's idea,or their management's idea,but for me Rob and Kristen are responsible,too.The twilight fans wanted to see a E/B pic or at least a E/B/J pic.Did they ask too much?I don't think so.This was a total disrespectful move from them.

    Kristen was all over Taylor last night.She made me mad,not because of that,'cause i know they're good friends,but because it was too much.And those pics with the summit's suits.Oh,my God!Ridiculous!They could take a photo with Chris and Stephanie Mayer,but there's only K/T.At some blogs they make fun of them as Barbie and Ken.

    At your last posts you thought that the next weeks we'll see the Pattinson's and the Stewart's together,Kristen at London,etc.Do you still believe that?I know i'm not anymore.And this secrecy,i don't understand it.Do they like so much the speculation around them?Do they enjoy fuel the fire?Are they ashamed of their relationship(if there's any,because i start having doubts)?Are they just good friends and we're reading too much in their photos?Are they just friends with benefits?

    I love them very much(i like Tay,too,he seems a good kid),but this situation is out of control and they do nothing to rest it.If they're not together and we're all wrong,then they have to say it firmly and let it die forever.If they're and they continue playing games,then the fans ar gonna turn their backs at them,because nobody wants to be played.I was going to watch NM and without the robsten rumors.When i first watch Twilight i didn't know anything,i just liked the movie and R/K.

  17. Rob's gonna be on Ellen on Friday. He won't say he is single, because he isn't.

    Chances are he might slip and hint at something like he did in Europe but a full fledged "YES" won't happen since it's a) not about NM and b) Ellen will probably not push to the extreme. Maybe a bit of teasing though

    There's no question they are together, it's more of how they are handling the attention around it and that's not going too well after they were so free in Europe.

    Strictly looking at the premiere I still say (epic) fail but I think Scummit was quite desperate to promote Tay after he was the third wheel in Europe. Plus the security thing was apparently a problem too.

    That being said, if Rob or Kristen are going to say they are single in any of the upcoming interviews that's it. If they say it LIVE we have no choice but to believe them right

  18. Last thing I heard R/K parents together for Thanksgiving. If that hasn't changed than I see no reason why they aren't gonna...

    I dont have doubts of a relationship until I hear it from the horses mouth. So up until any official denial on TV this upcoming week, nothing in their rship has changed and they should be spending Tgiving together with the parents.

  19. when I first saw the pics from premiere I just could not believe them.. WTF!!!
    why they are doing this???

    the twilight saga is ALL about Edward and Bella.. sorry but the wolfpack thing is a second role....

    or I did read the wrong books? should I read all over again?? I have missed something???
    because for me the central characters from this saga are Bella dn Edward... and for this reason WHY ROBERT AND KRISTEN didn't take a picture together on the red carpet??

    why Kristen did it with Taylor?? Kristen all over Taylor IS SICK!!!

    oh my god.. I will never understand Hollywood ... they said that those kids are great and totally different from the others but I guess they are the same.. all PR stuff..

  20. Hi Bronze, just wanted to tell you there's a video of the after party,filmed from some distance at the blog robertpattinsonwho where you can see Rob and Kristen talking to friends, and Rob looks back several times to check on Kristen. It´s cute how he is always looking for her

    Cátia Martins

  21. seen that video and it does make the night look different. The red carpet...still not good though :P

    Thanks for pointing it out, though :)

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