Monday, November 2, 2009

New Moon Promotion: Rob in Tokyo, Japan November 1st - 3rd 2009


Dinner with Chris Weitz and Stephanie Ritz

Fan event

More photos

And More

Funny Tweets about event:
#LIVEFROMTOKYO when asked what is Rob's most fave scene from NM he answer: any scene w/ volvo car!!

#LIVEFROMTOKYO Chris Weitz let us watch new NM footage! never seen it before

#LIVEFROMTOKYO When Chris said something funny, Rob laughed and we're all melt

#LIVEFROMTOKYO Chris is so funny!

#LIVE FROM TOKYO Rob is on the stage looking so dashing

#LIVEFROMTOKYO He looks shy but still smiling!

#LIVEFROMTOKYO He keeps on smiling!!!!

#LIVEFROMTOKYO Rob is inside the venue with us. He smiles and the fans are screaming so loud!!!



Part 1

Part 2

Another video


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  1. As much as i respect your opinion,Bronze,you have to admit that all this drama was a total bummer.I know you'r still on it,read your comments on ET!,but you must admit that the VF interview was disappointing.Rob looks like a drunk guy with serious mental issues.Last year at the GQ interview he looked dirty and depressed,as the interviewer made him look,but i think the majority of fans were disappointed with the denial.I'm not a person who overanalyze the words,like some others.I only know that if he wanted he couls tell his reps to do something,but he didn't.This means that he and his team were aware of what this interview was about and let it.I think Summit was aware,too that's why they arranged to send Rob and Kristen do promotion so far away from US,because they knew the bad news were coming.
    I feel kinda sad and i have to admit agry,not so much with Rob and Kristen,but mainly with myself.I got so obsessed with these kids,i thought they had something special(and i don't mean only friendship)and obviously i was wrong.I'm pretty sure that they have and will continue having sex,but for me,as much as i hate to admit that,the only thing they ever were is friends with benefits.It's not bad,it's very common at HW,but i liked to think Rob and Kristen were different.Maybe i'm hopelessly romantic after all.
    The think that bothered me the most is that they let the rumors out there for so many months and they debunked them now,two weeks before the premiere?I don't understand it.Didn't they know that it will piss a big group of fans?That maybe it would hurt the movie?I don't know how the industry works,maybe they know better what to do after all.
    At last i would like to say that all the rumors were not pushed only from Ted,or gossip mags,but R/K helped them,by spending all their free time together,with pics at balconies,at concerts,so people were not crazy to think them as a couple.Maybe at their agenta being couple means having a relaysh with no commitment,i don't know.I'm going to back off now and let them be what they want to.Maybe i would lurk from time to time at the boards and see some photos,but for me this story ended.Sorry for my long post,Bronze.I sound depressed,but i just wanted to say my opinion to and you're the most reasonable person.

  2. well, VF def. did not make them look good, though VF did not play it all fair. He never said "just friends" he said "good friends" the JUST was added by the interviewer.

    And good friends they are, even if (not) in a relationship.

    The Kristen quote about "retarded" was actually old

    As for Rob being a drunk weirdo, who knows. I choose to think he's a witty sarcastic self deprecating man who needs to gain confidence and be proud of how genuine he is.

    We were not in his hotelroom, so we have no idea but the interviewer's take on what the room looked like.

    R asked for reviewing and wanted to leave some things out, but VF refused.

    Yes, they should come out (though with today's HB I think they did, great "timing" too) but VF screwed them over too.

    Plus, the interview was no Robsten denial, it was a denial of sleezy affairs IMO.