Sunday, December 20, 2009

Investikudos Weekly Update: Dec 14-20 Nov 09

It's been relatively quiet on the professional news front, but this week was a treat for those who are looking forward to the Runaways.

The first teaser trailer was released and it does look like Kristen is going to rock it!

Watch it here

Pictures from Set:

More here

The Runaways will be shown at Sundance and released in theatres on March 19 2010, a week after Rob's Remember Me which will see its release on March 12 2010.

As for that other anticipated Kristen film, Welcome to the Rileys; it's going to debut at Sundance and is currently looking for distributor(s) so it can be released in theatres as well.

Welcome to the Rileys stills here

In other professional news:

Rob has shot a promotional spread for Vogue with his Remember Me co star Emilie de Ravin Rob will also feature in Detail Magazine in 2010, with a possible cover.

Kristen will be part of Vanity Fair's Hollywood edition, likely to debut in March 2010

In non professional news, this week was less than calm, unfortunately.

On Thursday Radar Online released a story and footage of Rob at his friend Shannon Woodward's birthday party. Katy Perry was there, Kristen was not.

Radar Online said Rob and Katy were flirty, a story which spread rapidly across the web, causing fandoms to explode with rage, glee, disappointment and worry.

Gossipcop had to intervene again, putting down any rumors of Rob and Katy hooking up.

Still, this didn't and won't ease everyone's mind. We admit, we were disappointed about the story at first. Not because we believed it, but because it seems quite the sport lately to spread a false Robert Pattinson story and it surprises us, it is Gossipcop to the rescue all the time, instead of a decent representative of Rob's.

You can't refute every story, but letting every story spread as wildfire seems a bit too much as well. We find some of these stories very disrespectful to both Rob and Kristen and while we are certain they could care less about this, we would gladly see someone take a little charge and guide Rob (and Kristen to a lesser extent, because she sems to "get" the Hollywood game a bit better than Rob) through the crazy world that is Hollywood.

Thankfully, things have died down a little, especially with the knowledge that Rob and Kristen had a nice Venice Beach dinner date, just before Rob attended the birthday party.

A week of ups and downs, much like a year of ups and downs. We'll recap 2009 for Rob and Kristen next week.

For now, we wish everyone, including Rob and Kristen a very Merry Christmas!


  1. excellent sane overview of a nassty week.

  2. sane and balanced. not always easy when it comes to roller coasters. well said

  3. I look forward to your thoughts about Rob and Kristen, as they are close to mine. Thanks for sharing them too and a Happy Holidays to you :)