Friday, January 15, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update Jan 11-17 2010

As a new year starts up, so do we.

While we almost long back to the days where we updated hourly or daily on everything New Moon (promotion) we still have a few gems to report this week.

First, major KUDOS! to Kristen, whose been nominated for a BAFTA Rising Star Award. If you are a UK resident, vote for Kristen here

Unfortunately, while people from outside the UK can vote, it seems the votes won't count. Still, to be via the mentioned link. It won't hurt :)

The BAFTA's will air on the BBC on February 21st. BBC America will air it a few hours later on February 21 at 8pm ET/PT.

Let's hope this is an award show Kristen will attend with...oh we don't know...that hunky Brit she knows quite well ;)

At this point, it doesn't seem likely Rob and Kristen will attend the Academy Awards as guests and/or presenters, where it looks like Taylor got an invite. He'll also be at the Golden Globes this Sunday, whereas Kristen and Rob won't be. Rob is currently in London and Kristen, well, she is an enigma as ever, being placed in both L.A. and London. Our gut's been saying London all week, maybe she'll fly back to L.A. with Rob in tow before he throws himself into Bel Ami pre-production again.

Our favorite couple might be able to briefly reunite en public for a good cause next Friday January 22 when George Clooney and MTV are hosting a telethon in New York and Los Angeles for the devastations left on Haiti after a major earthquake earlier this week.

Word has it, both Rob and Kristen are high on the want list for the telethon, but there's no confirmation they will be there. We all hope they will be, of course. Not just because we'd love to see them in a professional setting again, but also because it is a very important cause and we believe both would be very glad to help raise funds.

In other news:
- Popping up this week, a new Runaways still and an article about the movie in the L.A. Times. Kristen will be at Sundance next weekend to promote the Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys.


- Simon Pegg had the honour most of us might never have on Friday January 15 2010:

- A tweet emerged today Saturday January 16, that Rob's been spotted at a London library. More specifically; the history section. Digging up some Guy de Maupassant stories, perhaps? We're happy Rob is taking this role in Bel Ami so serious. We didn't expect anything less, of course.

- The internet has been buzzing with rumors that Rob has been cast in the book to movie adaptation of Water For Elephants. Now this is a great story and the character of Jacob does seem to fit Rob quite well. We contacted Gossipcop and asked them to confirm, but unfortunately they didn't have any information on the casting. Time will tell if this is in fact true. Here's to hoping though!

Update: it's getting more solid. Variety is reporting on Rob being in talks.

- The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be released on DVD on march 20, 2010.

- Check all the latest "Remember Me" stills here

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*Obsessive Robsten Disorder Society

- Also a great new interview with Kristen, from way back when during New Moon promotion.

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Finally, we cannot stress enough don't forget about Haiti.


  1. Hi Bronze!
    I really love the new banner and I like the affiliation with the ORD Society site (I'm a devoted fellow...) :)

  2. Hi Bronze!

    First time here..Love it n yes I have ORD too..Keep updating us..Thanx n hope for happy things for Robsten this year..

  3. Bronze, appreciate all your updates and love the new banner as well. Kristen sure is stealthy. It just amazes me that she can go thru airports undetected, wherever she may be. I really hope she attends the BAFTA and accompanied by Rob. I hope she wins too! It would also be great if they showed up together for Clooney's benefit for Haiti, but she'll be at SD that weekend. Maybe taped. Wouldn't surprise me if she already donated anonymously. That would be soooo like her.

  4. Love all your updates and info!!!! I'm also a lurker on the Robsten message board at AT. Miss you over there!! All the best to KStew and RPatz!!!