Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kristen at Sundance Film Festival Day 1, Jan 23 2010

With WTTR director Jake Scott;

Kristen at Joan Jett's concert at Harry O's in Park City, UT:

Melissa Leo talks about WTTR and Kristen

Rock-chique Kristen

Kristen @ Q&A

More photos

More Kristen at Sundance from SocialiteLife

The aches of poledancing

Kristen talking to MTV

With a fan

More photos, including inside the theatre

More on Welcome to the Rileys

OK Magazine Photos from Sundance Day 1

WTTR Q and A:

The Runaways Portrait session

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  1. Bronze, do you know who is that guy holding Kristen?

  2. Jake Scott, director of Welcome to the Rileys

  3. WOW, he looks kind of young, to be a director ;P