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Kristen at Sundance Film Festival Day 2, Jan 24 2010

At the Gersh Brunch

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Tweets about the Brunch
@taryder: At a brunch and who walks in? Kstew of course. Dark jeans, black jacket
@taryder: At Gersh Brunch...wish I looked that good in the morning! I'm strugglingggg
@theawfultruth at brunch with kristen strwart....what a doll
@theawfultruth kinda wanna let her be....lets let the poor girl eat in peace! will be seeing her later
@heypopsugar: Kristen is grabbing brunch. Looks pretty, casual of course in black hoodie
@JaredEng: Leftovers from KStew's omelette that she washed down with a bloody mary.In signature hoodie & jeans!
@JaredEng: Kstew was here 4 brunch at ridic huge mansion. Runaways premiere is tonight!

The Runaways Premiere

More here

Audio Interview about the Runaways with Kristen and Dakota.

Rough Cut for MTV

Access Hollywood Interview

The Runaways not a Fun Story

Popsugar Video

Kristen's take on playing Joan Jett

Kristen on The Runaways and Eclipse

More Kristen and Dakota

How Kristen Became Joan Jett (P*ssy to the Wood)

Premiere Video

The Daily Beast. (Note: when she talks of promotion, she means Twilight. The writer says New Moon, but WTTR was filmed during Twilight)

MTV's Sundance Photobooth

About New Moon and Bafta's

Runaways Q and A part 1 and Part 2.

Kristen on Renesmee and Breaking Dawn

The Runaways Reviews

The Independent Eye
"Stewart, on the other hand, makes a living by being a mess on-screen. Her emotions seem to pour out of her without passing through the filter of self-consciousness, an astonishing openness that can be mistaken for a lack of technique. As Jett, she's both available and impenetrable, a surefire recipe for rock stardom. "

Dark Horizons Review
"Breaking free from the shackles of Bella, Kristen Stewart finally breaks loose delivering a stunning performance that covers a wide range of the acting spectrum yet achieved in a way that is far from self-conscious. Her Jett is ferociously angry, anti-establishment, fragile, sexual and exquisitely vulnerable as a girl desperately running away from a life that is conservative at a time when America was undergoing such pivotal change and not necessarily for the better. Stewart is phenomenal, a powerhouse proving how incredibly talented and multi faceted she is."

Welcome to the Rileys reviews

Hollywood and Fine
"Stewart attacks her role with a clarity and ferocity that is compelling. Stewart brings an emotional nakedness and spirit to the role that is reminiscent of certain male actors when they were young: Sean Penn for one, Leonardo DiCaprio for another."

"Where the "Twilight" movies try to hide Stewart's pimples, here, those natural imperfections (plus a few bruises and suicide-attempt scars painted in for good measure) suit the character just fine. Hiding behind raccoon-eye mascara and electrical-tape pasties, Stewart is the perfect wretch, utterly convincing as a lost girl leveraging her sexuality to compensate for her complete powerlessness."

From HitFix:
"Stewart has the gutsiest role as she shows a sexual side she's never displayed to this level before. Fishnets, huge high heels, some revealing rear end shots and running around in her underwear aside, Mallory/Alison is a foulmouthed kid who will pretty much do anything but one specific sexual act not prime for publication. And yes, you'll hear words come out of Stewart's mouth you may never hear again over what should be a long cinematic career."

From MTV Movies Blog:
"Kristen Stewart is utterly fearless in "Welcome to the Rileys." That's the takeaway from the film's world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday afternoon. You can quibble all you want with her portrayal of a 16-year-old runaway turned stripper and prostitute. But you cannot walk away from a viewing and say the actress doesn't fearlessly expose herself physically and emotionally, and doesn't do so with astonishing maturity and believability...In 'Rileys,' Twilighters will find nothing so much to be shocked by, rather than the fulfillment of a promise Stewart has been hinting at since 2002's "Panic Room": the woman is a fine, fine actress."

From The Hollywood Reporter:

"Stewart’s Mallory is something the cat dragged in, a person of little self-worth who is determined to lose even what little she does have. She can barely relate to an adult other than with her sexuality — or more accurately, her sexual availability. Anger and self-hatred propels her body through each day...Bottom Line: An oft-told tale gets brightened by three fine performances."

From Risky Business:
"Stewart is raw, feral, feisty and utterly believable in ways that should remind everyone that she has chops well beyond teenaged vampire soap operas."

Kristen is back in Los Angeles, On Jan 25 2010

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