Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Investikudos Rant: The Queen of Sundance

No matter what it takes no matter how she breaks
She'll be the Queen of Hollywood

(The Corrs - Queen of Hollywood)

Queen: Something having eminence or supremacy in a given domain and personified as a woman

Stewdance: Kristen Stewart having eminence or supremacy at the given domain that's Sundance Film Festival.

Say what you want about Kristen Stewart, but she is like no other Hollyweird actress out there. Like no other nineteen year old girl in general.

She's not generic, or overly hip. Or at least, she doesn't try to be.

Her skinny jeans, hoodies, Converse and printed t-shirts do hint at a certain hipness. But Kristen would probably not want to hear of it. She'd never want to be branded as "cool".

Any explective that summarizes her talent will fall on deaf ears for Ms. Stew.

Kristen Stewart is a child of Sundance and must have cringed every time an interviewer reminded her of that chick she plays, you know; the one who loves sparkly vampires, during interviews about much bigger roles than being Bella Swan.

Bigger roles that gives her a claim to bigger fame. A claim she won't stake. Fame she won't take.

Kristen Stewart is stuck in the wrong world for the right reasons. She wants to be an actress and is damn effing good at it, but don't tell her she is famous, or a celebrity. Don't tell her to swag her ass off for free gifts at a film festival. Don't tell her how she should behave.

Don't force her to belong into the Hollyweird mold.

One question or observation often on people's minds: why is Kristen Stewart so awkward? Why does she twitch, fidget, swear like a sailor and dress like she couldn't even be bothered to care?

More importantly: why does she put herself at the risk of being criticized for all those things?

The answer is more simple than the one asking might expect or hope for.

Kristen Stewart doesn't give a flying eff on a turd about the fact she doesn't gloss her lips Hollyweird style every two seconds. The fact she doesn't do dresses and heels unless she has to. How she is not the epitome of picture perfect Hollyweirdness.

She twitches, she fidgets. She swears (a little too much) and doesn't do glam (often).

Occasionally she tries to set the record straight by trying to explain she is very much aware of people's opinions and that really she does care but that she overthinks things and gets insecure. Proving she is only human.

And there's no way to doubt her words, because Kristen Stewart is 100% sincere, genuine.

If anything her awkwardness proves it. She tries and tries and tries. So very hard.

She uses gestures and words to explain herself, because she is terrified people will misunderstand her. But the more she tries, the more awkward she gets. The more she crawls into the shell of the awkward anti-social wall flower, a part which simply doesn't fit her.

She isn't often wrong though. Kristen Stewart gets misunderstood. A. Lot.

The more her insecurities kick in, the more the fidgeting and swearing increase.

The more people criticize her. The more she tries to apologize. The more awkward people find her.


This past weekend at Sundance Film festival, Kristen fidgeted. Kristen swore. Kristen dressed casually. Kristen spoke with hands and eyes, giving away an energy of insecurity and awkwardness but also one of deep commitment and passion.

This past weekend at Sundance Film Festival, Kristen was endearing. Kristen was praised.

People finally understood.

This past weekend at Sundance Film Festival, Kristen Stewart was royalty.

The Queen of Sundance.


  1. Kristen was a the Queen at Sundance for sure, but all I would wish for her in the future is that she gets the respect she deserves, particularly for her passion and self investment in acting.

  2. she is a young queen, but a queen indeed. no princesses in stewland. no way. princesses are for hollyweird and she doesn't 'do' hollyweird. that's why we love her (flippy too).
    yep, kristen is all bronze so perfectly, cleverly wrote down. she's this and more. she just has to learn how to deal with the way she wanna be/live/love.
    and then..puff..the fidgeting, the twitching, the swearing (hope not all of it :P) will go, disappear.
    and the day it will happen…i know for sure i'm gonna miss it all :P

  3. She shouldn't change, she should be able to channel the anxiety and nerves better. There are people, coaches, out there who could help her, without it having to change her one bit.

    I'd rather she swears with confidence than swear because she has verbal diarrhea due to insecurity. That makes her look weaker.

  4. WOW Bronze! That was really an awesome K description :D

  5. Kristen is certainly one of a kind, a girl like her, in Hollywood is rare! I love that she is just being herself, not trying to be what everyone wants her to be to fit the "celebrity" image. I can't even imagine functioning in this environment as well as she does, for someone her age and I hope that she NEVER stops being true to herself.

  6. amazing description and def right on point