Sunday, April 11, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: April 5 - 11 2010

It's been a week full of buzz, a little Easter hunt and mainly for Rob: work on Bel Ami.

Sunday and Monday were off-days for Rob, due to Easter. Rumors go as far as putting his whereabouts in London, Budapest and even Split, Croatia though he was not spotted in any of those places. Which is good, it means that no matter where Rob spend his Easter (or with who) he managed to get some privacy.

On Tuesday, Rob went back to work.

Photos from April 6

Bel Ami set April 7 2010

Bel Ami set April 8 2010

Bel Ami set April 9

On Saturday, Rob filmed Bel Ami scenes at Lake Balaton.

More set videos from this week

So Rob was busy all week, what did Kristen do?

Kristen's been a stealthy one since a week or so. Last time she was spotted was at the end of March when she went on a Las Vegas roadtrip with a few Runaways costars. Since then, it's been guessing where Miss Stew has been hiding out. She too was supposedly spotted in Split, Croatia on Easter Monday with Rob, but no photo-proof means it's not confirmed and remains speculation.

Later in the week, closing in on April 9, expectations rose as to where Kristen would be spending her birthday

From Los Angeles to Budapest, from cryptic tweets to silent confirmations, til this day we can't be 100% certain where Kristen spend her birthday, because we have nothing based on photo proof.

Therefore, as always, we'll leave it up to you to decide.

Below a tweet from someone who claimed to have been flying from Paris to Budapest with Kristen there. The name and date have been blocked out, so it could have been April 7, but perhaps earlier than that. True, false, whose to say.

On Thursday April 8, a Hungarian Entertainment Show talks of Bel Ami and mentions Rob (and Kristen's possible presence on set) Interesting stuff around the 3.20-3.30 mark

On Saturday April 10, Kristen supposedly spend time with her parents in Budapest. No picture proof yet again means, it's all up for interpretation.

In general, we believe she is currently in Budapest. She had the time, it was her birthday and of course she would spend it with her significant other. And despite the lack of visual proof, we are actually happy she managed to stay on the down low and enjoy her birthday quietly.

Since filming in Budapest is supposed to finish today, Rob will be heading back to London for additional filming. And Kristen...joined him:


Return in London

Another video

In further speculation: there's some buzz about the possibility that Kristen will be starring in "My Mother The Car" with Matt Damon. Nothing confirmed though.

Note: we own nothing, but we do want to share some Robsten love (which we sort of own)


  1. Nice vid Bronze...liked the song. And yeah, Kristen was definitely in Budapest. You probably know this already, but clearer pics have surfaced. She certainly is amazes me. I would also like to raise a big fat toast, with an extra shot of love, to the amazing Budapest fans who knew Kristen was there and kept it to themselves until she left the country. Way to go Budafans!

  2. And may I add that the hate and cheap excuses spewing from the vile mouths of the haters is laughable but some of them do hit below the belt. Hope Rob & Kristen never hear about these cheap shots.

  3. YES YES YEEEES! :) I just needed the photo proof, they so are together:) okay, i knew this a long time ago, but now i consider it official.. im so happy for them:)


  5. Yes, seen them. Will add them to tomorrow's weekly update. :)