Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Investikudos Weekly Update: Oct 19-25 2009

It was a week where New Moon promotion started firing up with new clips from New Moon.

The Volturi Fight scene:

Behind the Scenes in Italy:

TV Spot 1:

The Parking Lot scene:

Wolves/Jacob morphing:


The Break Up Scene:

Our personal opinion on the Break up scene is that it is one of the best emotional and realistic displays between Kristen and Rob. It wasn't them acting out Edward and Bella. It were their personal emotions they were dealing with. Using it to enhance their performance on the one hand (the way they do in every scene together. "feeding" off their chemistry, their profound connection) but also to get a message across on the other.

"I belong with you" --> take notice Rob, I have chosen
"No, you don't" ---> Not yet. MA's still around (I don't believe he and K were still actively dating, maybe not at all even - she already had more than one occasion of being snapped with R, but MA was still in her life. Still a roadblock for R)

Shortly after this, we had phony pony and exit stage for MA.

We think this scene made Kristen realize she could lose the one person she actually truly loves. He could actually walk away from her. Preparing for the scene beforehand, the emotions and energy filming the scene took. The atmosphere and the meaning behind their words or rather, their intonation and looks. Having a melt down after (Kristen has mentioned it in interviews) tells us, this was not plain acting off incredible chemistry.

It was an important catalyst to breaking down the last barriers that kept them apart.

This week in Interviews and Specials:

A People Magazine New Moon Special:

One thing we loved:

More: http://www.robsessedpattinson.com/2009/10/people-magazine-new-moon-special-full.html

Kristen in Allure:

Rob in USA Weekend:


Rob in the Sunday Herald (Australia)


Finally, last night there was a (sort of) Eclipse Wrap party, director David Slade tweeted about it:

OK magazine claims Rob was there solo:

But Canadagraphs (VC paparazzi following around the Twi-cast) claims Kristen was spotted.

There are no pictures (yet)

Note: we actually - shocker - own some of these videos. Well, we hosted them. Most still belongs to others.

Soon, we'll do a round up of Eclipse filming, now that it's (almost) wrapped.

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