Sunday, October 18, 2009

Investikudos Weekly Update: Oct 12-18 2009

Since the blog has pretty much covered most past speculation and big events, we'll now actually switch to weekly updates on R/K news while also covering promotional events and the time on the Eclipse set soon.

Right now we'll start with rounding up the news of the week.

Kristen travelled to L.A. on the 17th, sans Rob, who - as far as we know- is still filming Eclipse in the Couv. Given what little luggage Miss Stew was carrying, we assume she won't be staying in L.A long. Plus, she had a little of Rob with her, in the form of his bag. The one he swapped with hers after Comicon 09. (Check back for that bag switch in the CC09-blog)

Kristen returned back to Vancouver on Sunday. And yes, it disgusts us the way the paparazzi are in her face and being rude. We want Agent Security Blanket and Momma Stew to c-t a b*tch. Or Stewie pierce them with her knitting needles.
Earlier in the week, we got some gorgeous shots of Mr. Ransom done by Stewart Shining:

We also got the amazing Vanity Fair outtakes, which entirely speak for themselves. We, like many Robstenites have been speculating for a long time that Rob smooched Kristens cheek (and her chest ;) and this week we got proof via the Vanity Fair outtakes:



Next, Kristen will be Seventeen Magazine's covergirl for November and they provided us with some outtakes on the interview they did with her, while also having other New Moon Cast members have their say about certain things:

Some of Robs quotes from Seventeen.

Finally, Spike TV's Scream Awards were held last night and Twilight won 4 awards: Best Fantasy Film, Best Fantasy Actor (Rob), Best Fantasy Actress (Kristen) and Breakthrough Male (Taylor). Taylor was in attendance, representing the cast.
The show will air on the 27th of October.

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  1. you know at what video time he kissed her chest? i understood it's at same time when he kiss her in cheek..*sigh*

  2. I love this couple!! Rob is a sneaky one, isn't he? In the kissing her chest video, it looks like he's taking a nip instead! Naughty! LOL!