Friday, October 9, 2009

Investikudos Outtakes Part Three: Typically Kristen: The Best Kristen Stewart Interviews and Pictures.

We've got Robsten, but we also have Rob and Kristen. And sometimes they say the darnest things. Or simply look smoking hot ;)

Time for some Sizzling Stew.

Interview Magazine October 2009:

Behind the Scenes:

the Interview:

More Photos:


Allure Magazine November 2009 (magazine not out yet, no official photos yet but outtakes and BTS

Behind the Scenes:


Dazed and Confused Magazine September 2009:

More photos from Dazed and Confused


Nylon magazine March 2009:

BTS @ Nylon:

Photoshoot with Ellen Von Umwerth 2008

Kristen in GQ Magazine 2008:

Photoshoot For Elle Magazine in 2007:


Vanity Fair Magazine 2007

Twilight Promo Interviews

On Air with Ryan Seacrest:

Kristen on Jimmy Kimmel

We're a little low on Stew Interviews, though all her pictures are gorgeous. Please use the comments if you have material to add!

Note: We own nothing, but our girlcrush on Kristen Stewart. We simply adore her and feel no jealousy when looking at how gorgeous she is. Maybe that's her ultimate power. Also, removed the videos but left the links because it was giving the blog trouble


  1. Bronze, I agree. kristen is gorgeous and can pull off any style or look. I feel no jealousy at all only pure happiness for her. I love her interviews, she is intelligent and real not fake. Just saying.........
    Elle Scott

  2. Bronze,what do you think about the last two interviews of Rob and Kristen?They both deny their relaysh.Especially Rob,i thought back in Cannes he was already with Kristen.I'm I so wrong?What's the matter?I'm really getting sick with all these shit.

  3. I don't want them to say:Yes,we're a couple,but denying it,makes me wonder.

  4. The interviews are both not new. the Cannes interview is in there, but some of it = older. Plus, there are no recent R/K interviews except for the ones still coming out. It's an odd thing about timing. The media is just as eager as Summit to try and "out" or "doubt" them. I am patiently awaiting the Harper's feature. No interview about the r'ship (which I don't need anyway) but some darn gorgeous pictures.