Sunday, October 4, 2009

Robsten at Kings of Leon concert on August 15 2009


More pictures.

After the show:


  1. The second pic is most a kiss. I'm sure. The first one no.
    And even if it's not a kiss, they are totally together.. they are totally in love.. the pics speak aloud.. this is fact not speculation, only blind people does not see it. :)

  2. I see no kiss there.I miss Rob and Kristen like that.

  3. As much as i adore Rob and Kristen,sometimes i fear they won't last for long.Mainly,because of all the craziness around them.Last night's fans haunting at the elevator and Kristen being pissed off(i'd punch someone in the face)it's a big example.When you're in love,famous or not,you need space and privacy.And they don't have it.That worries me a lot.I hope i'll proved wrong.