Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Teen Choice Awards on August 9 2009

Rob and Kristen attended the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday August 9 2009. (The show aired the next day)

The story, a great fan report:

The videos

Rob assisting Kristen when walking up the stage:

The cast on stage:

Robsten moments and pictures at the Awards:

Some other great moments.

Rob and Kristen emerging from backstage at the show. Together.

Kristen and Rob chatting during the show:

Kristen talking about Rob's hair.

Rob and Kristen leaving together.

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  1. Yeah..Kristen comment about how Rob do the hair style every morning is the key!!! I got it when I hear Kristen!!! it's so obvious...WOW!!! :)

  2. You're right landera. She's absolutely adorable this night....and **glowing**.

    Loved semi-suave Rob accepting awards. Loved Stewie not being able to keep her eyes/hands off him on stage.

    Loved the return of adorkable Rob with his goofy wave to castmates/cameras as he's being whisked away (followed by K) to their datenight!!


  3. I wish I could link to these - alot of them have been removed from youtube now...