Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards 2009: September 13

On Sunday September 13 2009 Rob, Kristen and Taylor made a (brief) appearance at the MTv Video Music Awards to present a new New Moon Clip.

The Story:




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A fan report from that night:

Well once I had the tickets in my hands all I could say was "I’m going to be in the same room as Robert Pattinson!!" I just kept on repeating that, I just couldn’t believe it. once I got into the building i started to look for my seats. I was super close to the stage. little by little I saw Diddy come in, kayo west came in (with a half empty Hennesy bottle) then I saw lady gaga, Magen fox, the cast of the hills, even the Jackson family. I spoke to some Celebes they were all very nice. excepted for kanye west he’s a jerk...but I really don’t think you want to noe about Kanye west lol. I’m pretty sure you care more about Robsten! ok while i was sitting down I was just so excited just looking around just amazed then I heard a guys that was in charge of putting everyone in there seats say "the Twilight cast sits here" and he pointed seats that were THREE rows away form me!.....I was dying by them and I let out a huge "OH MY GOD!!" I just couldn’t believe that they were ganna be so close. my heart was beating so hard I thought it was ganna come out my chest. so I just kept looking around but they were no where to be found. I was getting impatient looking around for it. Time passed and the show started and robsten was no where to be found. so I just tried to relax and watch the show...Madonna came on and spoke of M/J while she was talking I saw a light in the coner of my eyes and it was the back stage door opening...and there it was ROBSTEN in the flesh!! I was about to scream but i controlled myself cause the Madonna was still talking about Michael Jackson so it would be disrespectful or me to scream. but I was saying omg to myself and I tapped my cousins arm and pointed at them and he said HOLY **** lol but whispering lol. they went to there seats and stood up with every one else (everyone stood up for the Madonna speech) when she was done speaking and Janet came to dance everyone still stood up enjoying there performance. Kristen was adorable I think she knew one of the songs and she was lip singing to them rob was just standing there watching the show. when it was over everyone sat down and Russle brand came out Robert and Kristen were doing nothing special just sitting there. the show kept on going and nothing was going on. when there was commercials Kristen would just talk to Ashlee (in witch by them I was sick of lol I saw her like 10 times that night) and she was speaking to Taylor too Robert was sitting there and waiters for the Celebes came and gave him a drink. I wanted to go up to him and say hi but security was crazy strict I think they even counted how many times I blinked LOL. but yea when they Taylor swift and Kanye west thing happened. rob was just watching and Kristen was shaking her head and whispered something to rob that from her mouth motion sounded like ******* I could be wrong thou. Another commercial came and this time Kristen left with Ashlee I’m guessing to the bathroom. rob was just there and he was speaking to DIDDY! rob was drinking and so was Diddy and they were just talking and laughing it was a beautiful sight DIDDY AND ROBERT PATTINSON TALKING!! it was amazing to see. well Kris and Ashlee came back and Kristen sat down and this time what i saw was just too cute!...she sat down looked at rob looked like she was asking him and question. his cup was on the floor she took it and took a sip of what he was drinking she put it down again and then....she grabbed his hand! yes they were holding hands it was amazing I couldn’t believe it cuz there always so private but it was pretty dark in there you really couldn’t see much just ppl that were close to them....so I saw it. they were talking allot and laughing allot whispering into each others ear. it was really cute. when green day performed it seemed like Kristen was having a good time she was standing up and bobbing her head it was great to see her having a good time. when Beyonce performed they weren’t there they were back stage but when they came back they sat somewhere else that was far from me idk y...but yea that was my Robsten Encounter and it was the most amazing night of my life I will never forget it!. P.S Robert is hotter in person...his hair is soo HOT!, Kristen looks the same as what she does on TV except I thought she was shorter...Ashlee looks 100% the same and Taylor I thought he was some huge muscle man...umm NO he seems puny
Oh and one more thins while they were sitting there some girl screamed out ROBSTEN and kristen heard her and turned around and then laughed while telling rob what the girl said he laughed too. It was pretty funny. I’m guessing they know we call them that.

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  1. absolutely beautiful,thank you!!!!

  2. robert and kristen forever!!!