Sunday, May 30, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: May 24 - May 30 2010

It's been a week full of wins for Rob, Kristen but also us.

First we had Kristen and her Elle UK spread and Interview on Tuesday.

In the interview Kristen compares the paparazzi and screaming photographers to being raped. Now, is this a poor choice of words or does she have a point?
First, anyone who remembers Vancouver 2009, where Rob and Kristen were chased into their hotel can certainly see some truth in her analogy. Secondly, "rape" is an act of violation and doesn't necessarily have an sexual context, so she is not wrong in her attempt to explain what happens to her when random people call her vile things to get her attention in order to take her picture.

That being said, this is Kristen and every now and then she leaves us with a quote that sparks controversy. She doesn't do it deliberately, it's actually that she is trying to get her point across and using such stong examples means it truly is a big deal to her. Maybe she could have explained differently instead of taking the brunt for something now, but at least she was honest. If anything we should all respect that even if we don't agree with th way she worded it.

In the same interview she also shows the interviewer a photo on her I-Pod, namely one of Jella, her cat and a "deliciously handsome young man" with his arms around her and Jella which can only be Rob. People who assume otherwise should really know better but are still entitled to believing it could be Taylor, Michael or any other guy.

On Tuesday Rob's mum and sister attended a Charity Event in Rob's name, but Rob did contribute wwith a self designed balloon.

Rob's mum Clare also designed a balloon for the charity

On Wednesday Rob won Performance of the Year at the National Movie Awards in London. Eclipse was the Most Anticipated Film this summer, while New Moon won Best Fantasy Film.

On Friday, Kristen travelled to Sydney Australia to start Eclipse promotion with Taylor Lautner on May 31. They'll also be in Seoul, South Korea on June 2, only to head back to the States for the MTV Movie Awards on June 6.

More on Sydney here

Speaking of the Movie Awards, Rob filmed a promo for the Awards with the infamous Les Grossman (Tom Cruose's character in Tropic Thunder)

You Tube version

In Other News

- New Flaunt Outtakes.

- Kristen and Taylor will be in Sweden for Eclipse promotion on June 21.
Their Eclipse co-stars Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel (Riley) will be taking some of the promotional 'burden' and head to Spain, Belgium and Germany.

- National press junket in the US will take place on June 12-13, when Rob, Kristen and Taylor will also attend the Official Twilight Convention in the same weekend.

Disclaimer: we own nothing. Check back for more Kristen (and Taylor) in Australia and South Korea later this week.

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