Sunday, May 16, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: May 10 - May 16 2010

It's been a mix of busy and quiet this week for Rob and Kristen. For one, we didn't get to see them out and about, which is always good because it means they can go about their way without (paparazzi/media) disturbances. But on the other hand, it was the week of the big O-show, so there was plenty of Rob and Kristen to entertain us.

We believe Rob spend most of his week in pre-production for Water for Elephants, while Kristen is probably making her own preparations getting ready for the filming of On the Road in August.

We last saw Rob out and about last weekend, when he was at a sound studio in Los Angeles to re-do some of his lines for Eclipse. No drama there, just something to enhance the sound in some parts of the film. Speaking of Eclipse, since Friday morning (midnight) tickets are available for presale.

Kristen spend last weekend partially with Taylor, doing some interviews for Eclipse promotion for the international media. This caused quite a rumble, since Rob wasn't there but we've learned he did those interviews back in London during Bel Ami filming. Since he was busy with Water for Elephants pre-production last weekend, it makes sense he was not there. We understand he will be doing Eclipse promotion for the American media, alongside Kristen and Taylor.

Once of those Eclipse promotion events took place on Thursday, which was also Rob's birthday, when we got a chance to see the Trifecta in action on the Oprah Show.

Now we don't want to dive into a very deep analysis of the Oprah show, though we're surprised to have found there were certain parts edited and cut out. The "infamous" 'are you dating' question played out a little differently than what we saw on the show. Oprah apparently told Kristen she would not ask her THE question, but she did ask Rob, who looked at Kristen for support/reassurance or maybe even approval to give the YES answer, when Kristen told Rob that Oprah asked him, not her. That's when he came up with the "Kristen is pregnant" answer. Nice save, Rob. Too bad the tabloids used that on their covers this week. WE find it interesting that Kristen's response to that gave away that she and Rob have in fact talked about the rumors, or maybe even a pregnancy. The latter is far too personal for us to dwell on, but it goes to show that these two, if anything, are very close and not in a "we're colleagues/buddies" kind of way.

Another edited moment was when Oprah asked Kristen about Rob's casting. Kristen actually said "Well look at him" pointing out his attraction, something that was also cut out of the final show.

Of course these edited or cut moments raise eye brows. It makes you wonder why that happened. After all, it sounds innocent enough. True, but it also sounds intimate, familiar. We won't go as far as claiming that it was Summit who demanded the edits, because we seriously doubt Oprah would completely agree to those kinds of demands, but in most of these events it is usually Summit whose involved. So it would not be a surprise if they requested the edits and Oprah's team agreed because in the eye of the beholder it can seem like non significant changes. Of course most of us...know better.

And since Rob and Kristen looked relatively comfortable in the backstage segment, we doubt they demanded the editing themselves. And it is not unusual for shows to edit some things due to time, commercials etc. But editing these two very 'typical' Robsten moments; let's just say we would not call it a coincidence.

In general the show was a good watch. Kristen's the thoughtful one, while Tay is a Summit-puppet. Rob was his witty charming self, but we believe he was just as nervous as Kristen, he just handles it by babbling. We don't think there were any hugely significant Robsten moments (since they got cut ;) ) but that's mostly because none of what we've seen was anything new. These two are together but cannot and won't be all over each other in public, therefore, to find some sort of comfort, Kristen leans on Taylor and Dakota, whereas Rob leans on his charm.

In other news:

- Kristen's (American) Elle spread is out, with an interview in which she discusses her life. You've seen some of the photos and read parts of the interview in a preview we did a few weeks back, but below you'll find scans of the spread.

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

More here and here

- All kinds of Rob photoshoot outtakes:

Source plus more here

- Meet Rosie, the elephant in Water for Elephants

- ECLIPSE Convention, LA June 11-13 with Rob, Kristen, Taylor. Go here for details

- Jimmy Kimmel will do an Eclipse Special with Rob, Kristen and other cast-members. The show will air June 23.

- Next week we can catch Rob on the Ellen show, make sure to tune in (or check Investikudos) on May 19.

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  1. well..i would disagree with you .. little...
    what was that Robert stare to Kristen when she was speaking about Rob's casting??
    that stare!!!! it says a lot...

  2. i mean..disagree with you in a good way..hehe
    robsten was in full force during the oprah show..the basckstage vid also showing A LOT!
    they both have such a confidence.

  3. one more question, do you know when they will initiate eclipse promotion, like go to France or Italy or Brasil or Spain????

  4. What I meant was....there was plenty to see between Rob and Kristen but it wasn't anything new. I mean...they do the googly-eyed thing and the inside jokes all the time. No extreme revelations for me. Cute stuff nonetheless. Quite the established relationship.

    I am not certain if there will be overseas promotion, I think there will be but given the fact Rob is filming WFE during that time, it's not certain if it'll happen and if it does, if he'll be there.

  5. Cutting Robsten moments is one of the favourite entarteinment of Summit Entateinment...and it's a shame...really!!!