Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eclipse promotion: Rob and Kristen on the Oprah show, May 13 2010

This was taped on May 5 2010.

Part 1

Part 2

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Part 5


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Rob surprising his biggest fans

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Rob's Passion for Reading

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Twilight Stars Imagine Different Lives

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Rob about playing Edward

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Eclipse clips:

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What got edited out of the Oprah Show

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  1. Wow, thank you! I'd love to hear your speculation on the show, if u got something to point or..? I thought there was (in certain questions) this weird awkwardness between k and r, did anyone else sense that? It was like Kristen was worried that Rob might blurt something out.. I dunno, anyone? :D

  2. There was a lot of editing. People who were at the taping of the show, said they edited out stuff and it shows in the videos. THE question, followed by THE answer (pregnant) was a little longer too, if I recall from what I read beforehand.

    I found it to be the Rob and Tay Show, since Oprah focused on them the most. She was nice to Kristen and Kristen is certainly not one to be spontaneous and steal the attention, but at times it seemed like Kristen wasn't even there.

    As for Rob and Kristen - I think Rob was a little more comfortable in the interview and showed an interesting possessiveness in the backstage video, especially when Kristen focused on Taylor, by touching him/ spooning comment. Rob would react to that.

    Now, I don't think she was trying to make Rob jealous, far from actually, I think Kristen looks for a 'familiar' face or a certain comfort when she is nervous.

    In the interview she remained more quiet, but would chime in and reading between the lines - she was honest about the r-ship. When talking about why it had to be Rob she said "this - pointing between her and R - had to be right" (paraphrase) and during the pregnancy comment she said she and Rob had talked about it, which would have been in an entirely innocent way, but friends would not talk about babies and pregnancy with their friends and costars who are food for tabloids would not either.

    She was less tense when Dakota was there, another familiar face, someone who makes her feel comfortable when she cannot turn to Rob because she knows that makes people analyze that stuff. Had she been all over Rob, Oprah would have noticed and asked about it.

    Bottom-line: backstage Kristen loosened up, but could not entirely turn to Rob and be open, because there is always a reminder in the back of her head that people are watching. Tay is no threat, he is like a brother so she doesn't have to watch her words when speaking about Tay. She did try and undress Rob (see .gif of that in the story) and overall I think they did well. Oprah was very much orbing around Rob and that made him feel comfortable, while Kristen was probably hoping he'd keep his cool ;)

  3. Check the link to the "What got edited out of the Oprah Show" >> definitely some stuff left out of the show that aired.

  4. Yeah, I really agree with the comfort thing, that she needs someone to turn to, and with rob she's nervous about the tabloids - and that leads to a certain nervousness.. :) thank you, i've never really thought it that way!