Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eclipse promotion: Kristen in Sydney, Australia on May 31 2010

Preview of Australian Reporter's Interview

Video of 10 News Kristen and Taylor

Sneak Peek

Radio Interview

Another Radio Interview with Labby (preview)

Interview with Kristen and Taylor

Radio Interview with Nova FM

** Rob also did a radio interview with NovaFM, where he mentions Kristen
Rob about meeting Kristen for the first time

Transcript of the KerriAnne Interview

Sunrise Interview

More about Luna Park

More photos of Luna Park

Q&A Luna Park

More Q&A Luna Park

Kristen and Taylor on MovieFix

Kristen and Taylor on the Hot Hits

Kristen and Taylor Interview with Campbell Live

Kristen: Team Edward or Jacob?
"Who do you think she [Bella] should be with? Kristen: "Edward" *ducks head and laughs*"

Channel 10 Interview

Kristen & Taylor Interview for 7pm Project

More Sydney stuff

Kristen about the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

#Interesting fact: "Kristen Gave a shout out to her mom's BFF and revealed her mom, Jules was adopted. "

#Comment of the Day: "That was my little brother" Kristen talking about herself in Panic Room

More Photos

From earlier this month at the LA junket for international press a few weeks ago

Kristen in Sydney on May 30

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  1. Thankyou for the links.We had so wanted to go to the interviews but the tickets were sold out before we knew our cinema was hosting it as well!Would be good if the paparazzi left her alone for a while....thats why they get photos like the double birdie....they deserved that!