Saturday, May 22, 2010

Investikudos Weekly Update: May 17 - May 23 2010

It's been a busy week for Rob, who has started filming Water for Elephants. Kristen is still flying mostly under the radar, though she did manage to spend some quality time with her fella to celebrate his birthday last weekend
This Saturday, Rob actually did some guitar shopping while Kristen went on a roadtrip to Ohio to see Rob Zombie in Concert. And no, that does not mean they don't love each other etc. They simply have a healthy relationship where they spend time apart as well. Also, Rob was spotted at Bob Saget's birthday party this weekend.

Luckily, we don't have to be without Stew-news completely this week, since we have some photos to fawn over.

- Kristen in Vogue

On why she may not have gotten the cover. We take this with a small grain of salt, though we do believe Kristen would stick to her guns and not have Anna Wintour coax her into a cover shoot, if Kristen would talk about her personal life in return since this is something we know Kristen doesn't particularly enjoy.

There were also new photos from Kristen's Flaunt spread.

- More Kristen in Flaunt

- Video of Flaunt shoot

- First look at Rob as Jacob in Water for Elephants, with a new haircut.

More here and here

Eclipse promotion

- Rob on Ellen

- Rob, Kristen and Taylor in USA Today

- Kristen and Taylor in Sydney Australia on May 31 2010

- Kristen and Taylor in Seoul, South Korea on June 2 2010

- Muse's Neutron Star Collison

- New Eclipse clips
*Bella and Rosalie

*New TV Spot

*Slight spoilers from the Eclipse Board Game

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