Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Runaways Premiere in New York on March 17 2010

On the red carpet

More photos

Plus some new clips

Interview with Kristen and Dakota

New Interview

We own nothing, but we heart this movie.


  1. I love this clip

    I love this music

    I love Kristen :P

    She looks so great, cant wait to watch the movie

  2. Bronze...thank you for putting all of tis together, I am absolutely addicted to your site after finding it about a month ago....I am definitely having to catch up here...a LOT of history! thank you!

  3. Bronze, great work as always. I can't wait to see TRA. Hope it comes to my theater. I'm hoping you can answer a question for me and I don't wanna be out of line but I'm pissed at Summit and somewhat at Rob, since he is executive producer of RM. Don't you think it's a slap and total insult to Kristen for Summit to stage RM's UK premiere on the same day as TRA's NY premiere? I heard it was all of a sudden on Summit's part. You'd think they would treat their leading lady to their biggest franchise a lot f.....g better than this!

  4. Rob has got nothing to do with the promotion schedule. An exec producer doesn't control that.

    Yes, the RM London Premiere was unexpected and could have been a week later. That's why I think Rob actually openly mentioned Kristen's premiere on the red carpet. Plus, he was supposed to be in NY with her, instead of in London at his own (last minute) premiere.

    From a commercial/bizz POV, it makes sense to have a European RM premiere, so you can't fault the event itself. The timing however....bad.

    And Scummit is absolutely not interested in Kristen. Rob is their cash-cow.

    The very fact they have Gossipcop as their personal spokesperson for every rumor concerning Rob (Scummit and GC's finder/owner are linked via Twi-promotion) says it all.

    Rob and Kristen would be better off without the Twi-franchise. And Scummit.

  5. Bronze, thanks for your insight. Don't get me still a big fan of Rob but a huge fan of Kristen. I agree, both would be better off without the Twi-franchise and especially Scummit but then I don't know if we would have ever heard about Rob Pattinson. Kristen, I'm sure of...she's just bursting with talent. It would have been a matter of time. I'm disgusted with the way that studio treats her.